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Guy kills 12, reason: sexual frustration Eric
20 Reasons Why Women Are So Unstable Johnny1975
I would have never thought... Zambales
When is debating / discussing a waste of time or useful? Johnny1975
MARXISM hidden racial differences fschmidt
Positives About America? fschmidt
Asian Girls Explain Why They Prefer White Men Over Asian Men pete98146
Best International Dating Sites? Winston
Why is it that Europe is becoming more and more liberal? Adama
Suidlanders Reach Out To Americans To Stop... Mr S
HELP: Letter of Invitation Voyager1
The Copper Conspiracy: Mind Blowing... MUST READ *** droid
Poll: Does Winston give a damn about his own forum? momopi
Does she really exist? Kradmelder
Thailand Live-In Martial Arts Management Vocational Training starchild5
Want to do with my Filipina Girlfriend Panksie
Guys ought to go out with bullhorns and warn other guys! MrMan
Tim Allen Hollywood is like Nazi Germany. Adama
Why is Taiwan so unfriendly, antisocial, alienating, lonely? Yohan
Hydrogen Peroxide/Oxygen: The Miracle Cure For All Diseases? MrMan
Every country overcharges Americans? Tsar
New Disease Causing Zombie Like Symptoms jamesbond
% Born out of Wedlock for Specific Countries Jonny Law
Odd Situation nomadphilippines
Hi I'm Mojo from Germany starchild5
Good Majors for Jobs MrMan
Men in inter-racial marriages yick
Filipino tendency to cheat extra money from you Zambales
Momopi, puzzling questions about general history Winston
What Thais think of other Asians Falcon
Which County Should I Visit Next Panksie
6 Fitness Tips For Men rahulsaxena90
Report spammers here, please include profile link Winston
My Forum Post About SPAM #2 Winston
Are black men natural players and get all the girls Kradmelder
(American politics) Is the able-bodied adult the New Nigger? MatureDJ
A rough guide to single moms nomadphilippines
Gold digger asks her date what his credit score is nomadphilippines
Why The Medical Industry Won't Allow Cancer to Be Cured Winston
Sweet Faces of Hot Thai Girls! Wow! Jonny Law
What's up with theelements
American Woman Market Will Crash In 2017 Taco
Why are Filipinos so stupid? starchild5
Best option for busty women? publicduende
Customers are "randos" Nailer
Are Utah Mormon girls a good option? Taco
God hates the United States OutWest
Women debate fat acceptance Adama
The Reason Why Feminists Are Fat and Ugly jamesbond
Best Countries for Dentistry? Wolfeye
Was Ancient History a hoax invented during the Renaissance? starchild5
A few thoughts about Thai women and marriage. Taco
Happy St. Patrick's Day Adama
Myanmar and Northeast India Falcon
South Africa? Cornfed
Staying in Thailand or moving on? Falcon
Why Approaching Women in Public is Pointless Adama
Dealing with lawyers MrMan
Christian Crosses Banned In EU Taco
6 Great Tips For Building The Ultimate Legs rahulsaxena90
Great Movies worth checking out - Post your recommendations Winston
Foreign Women Are Not the Answer nomadphilippines
Las Vegas Hook Up Culture (ROK) Adama
Warning in Angeles City! kruggerhead
Russian Nuclear Mole Missiles Moretorque
College Degrees in the U.S. are Worthless HouseMD
Wow! Hot Foreign Women on A Foreign Affair You Can Contact! Boxman
Fate of Empires - The answer to all your questions woodwater
Holy Mackerel! Perfect Looking Russian Women Available! Winston
Poll: Should we migrate the forum to MyBB? (like Rooshv's) xiongmao
Countries you can bring your Filipina to without a visa Falcon
App Checks How Good-Lookin' You Are MrMan
Are Women of other Races Pretty? MrMan
The Number One Thing That Women Are Looking For In A Husband HouseMD
Yvonne Elliman ~ If I Can't Have You jamesbond
Korean killer says he hated women for ignoring him Cornfed
Recent history of the Jews Cornfed
White people saying we are sorry to Blacks Kradmelder
US culture is making me insane and suicidal Masculine&Proud
Back in America Wolfeye
Misdiagnosed Autism - Or Bad Anglosphere Environment? Eric
Will N. Dowd Meets PAL Flight Attendants in Canada Will N. Dowd
Thai and Chinese cultures vs. Filipino and American Falcon
Our WeChat Rants on China vs Western/NE Asian Modernism yick
Want to do with my Filipina Girlfriend Zambales
American women have an unnatural fear of men Mercury
Americans are totally unforgiving! Mercury
American women are a restraining order waiting to happen. Mercury
How in Hell's name can I make a Passive Income? Zambales
The Truth About Your Post-Workout Carbfest rahulsaxena90
Once Were Warriors Cornfed
“Positive thinking” has turned happiness into a duty and a.. rcthphappy
Hey everyone rcthphappy
Female NBC Reporter 'Traumatized By Trump' jamesbond
Americans Having Less Sex Today Than They Were 25 Years Ago Kradmelder
Documentary on the Amityville Horror jamesbond
Why anglo women are so terrible; PC brigade Cornfed
Do You Love Women or Hate Them? Masculine&Proud
Double standards against men in America - examples Adama
Digital Nomads - Make money online and travel the world starchild5 Asian Women Dating
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