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GASC's Regis Delmontagne: Looking Forward and Looking Back P Edwinincex
July U.S. Commercial Printing Shipments Up +0.3% Edwinincex
Sexual pictures winnieqh11
To use Lube is to avoid addressing a dire issue... Quiet_observer
Are Prostitutes Better Than Normal Women? NorthAmericanguy
Why Angeles City validates and liberates men's sexual needs starchild5
Darryl Sloan - Deep Philosophical Rant Videos starchild5
Will N. Dowd Models at Philippines Fashion Show starchild5
Whats wrong with outsourcing US jobs overseas? starchild5
Trump vs. Hillary Live Debate Adama
90 percent of the human population SHOULD be exterminated Citizen
What is your attitude towards politics of Russia in general? Citizen
Why did Hitler hate Jews? pandabear
White women still prefer white men regarding online dating.. Adama
Man set up for home invasion robbery by live-in gf Adama
I've got my first blog up here on HA MattHanson1990
New member from South Africa Russian1860
Angelina Jolie Files for Divorce from Brad Pitt Teal Lantern
My issues with A Foreign Affair dating site Citizen
Would a gay shop owner refuse service to straights? pandabear
????? ???? ??????? ? ??????????? ???????? calvinaq69
I am Not Happy (Your Name) Blue Murder
Opinions on women going abroad? Russian1860
?????? ?????????? ?????? MarvinImmot
The Earth is FLAT and Motionless, Not A Spinning Globe! Adama
Filipinos are subhuman scum and they are all liars Russian1860
Career Astrology vedicgrace
Am I the Only One That Doesnt Hate Them? nomadphilippines
Pros and Cons of Living and Dating in the Philippines nomadphilippines
Moscow clubs capitalize on lonely women starved for affectio 1stworldview007
Moscow clubs capitalize on lonely women starved for affectio 1stworldview007
Assorted Rantings About "#HateWhitePeople" Wolfeye
Do you believe in racial superiority, if so of which race? Teal Lantern
Sneaky kids rob tourist in Thailand during this picture Ghost
Moscow clubs capitalize on lonely women starved for affectio 1stworldview
Updates In Mexico - Mexico City Trip Report MattHanson1990
Are women in foreign countries attracted to ugly men? desembarazarse
Moscow clubs capitalize on lonely women starved for affectio 1stworldview
Jim Marrs - The Trillion Dollar Conspiracy, Rule by Secrecy Citizen
What's the cheapest place to live in Eastern Europe? MatureDJ
Great Horror Movie Classics on YouTube! Moretorque
Problems At Deutsche Bank Taco
Why do Western men prefer uglier Asian women? pandabear
More a** backwards definitions in America (cont.) MattHanson1990
Somebody needs to put a A.P.B out for Cornfed Blue Murder
Winston's lightning fast punches and kicks davewe
Calais Jungle volunteers sexually exploiting refugees pandabear
If Hillary Clinton wins, it's over for America Moretorque
Power In Relationships Adama
Loud snoring/Sleep apnea problem - What to do? starchild5
I may quit my job after Labor Day jamesbond
Performers who have Hit the Wall... jamesbond
Is Trump's Wife a Mail Order Bride? 1st world view
My girlfriend I just met is pregnant in Philippines Jessicacreative
Why The Crash of 2016 Will Happen... Moretorque
Canadian Collapse About To Begin Taco
My first Thailand trip - A baptism of fire Englishjohn
Middle aged men are happier than women Ghost
Finally! Winston's Complete Russia Videos Uploaded and Free! CMagaya
Staying in Thailand or moving on? chanta76
Filipinos vs. Thais - A Cultural Comparison Raja
Songs of the Slut Culture Blue Murder
Carla Bruni on Television pandabear
Reactions of German physicists to news of Hiroshima OutWest
Woke up one of my female friends from the American Nightmare Kradmelder
Moscow clubs capitalize on lonely women starved for affectio Kradmelder
Star Trek Continues - New Fan Made Original Series! Moretorque
Big cities are not always artificial environments Blackierobinson
A friend wanted to get saved Adama
Ancient Aliens Created the Human Race, and Manage Us Today? Adama
anyone ready to leave it all behind? jiri057
The Latin music thread! pandabear
Calling House MD, new X22 Report Vaccines Moretorque
Ask Winston Q&A: Post questions for Winston here Novel
Countries That Love Black Men (Updated) Novel
Codeine not safe for kids, doctors warn Moretorque
TESOL question MrMan
Being thrown to your death from 6th floor - Thai vs Phils Yohan
Donald Hoffman: Do we see reality as it is? pandabear
Macro Evolution Debunked - No Transitional Fossils Adama
VIDEOS: IN-FIELD Evidence of Soulless American Women yick
Japanese women not so much into sex anymore? MrMan
Ron Paul: Financial Martial Law Moretorque
Is Living In The Philippines Good For Men? droid
Mail Order Wife movies and mockumentaries LOL Rock
SOS... Searching For My Happiness Abroad/Internationally. Novel
Dollar Crash September 30th Taco
Sweet Faces of Hot Thai Girls! Wow! Jeremy
Connection b/n Catholic, Buddhism & Gnosticism? Adama
10 Tips For Finding A Quality Filipina Online Zambales
I'm probably going to be a millionaire within a year colibri
America; Where saints finish last, and demons finish first! Quiet_observer
water fasting Adama
Lionel Shriver's full speech on "Cultural Appropriation" pandabear
Everdred's "16 Days in South Korea" Trip Report Everdred
What's your best weight loss tip? rahulsaxena90
Old Testament Derived from Plato Eric
Interracial Relationships in the United States Moretorque
Most dateless men won't consider going abroad? Why? Englishjohn
How do you get rid of a pot belly that won't go away?! droid Asian Women Dating
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