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Latest Fed Rate Hike Taco
Illinois Careens Into Financial Meltdown Taco
Clint Eastwood dies Voyager1
Sweden the definition of a feminist hell hole Nailer
Seattle Freeze - Can America get any more antisocial? Nailer
Why Most Men Stay Single or Marry Foreign Women Nailer
Evaluating policy toward blacks Cornfed
A sausage fest photo of a New York City park Nailer
Curing Depression with Psychedelics Taco
Are Prostitutes Better Than Normal Women? MatureDJ
Winston's 5'3'' cousin just got married to a hot bride! MatureDJ
Crimea Before the Occupation MatureDJ
Is the criminal justice system in the USA sexist? MatureDJ
Foreign born women in America Adama
You seriously need a job to get out of America. JohnDoeBigBaller
You seriously need a job to get out of America. Mercury
Fred Reed wakes up about blacks Traveler
Mubarakan team: Anil Kapoor, Ileana, Athiya Shetty, and Arju rahulsaxena90
Settlement reached in Michael Brown case Cornfed
Prodigy of Mobb Deep, 42, succumbed to sickle-cell disease E Irizarry R&B Singer
Typical foreign-Thai couples in Chiang Mai pete98146
Ageism in America Cornfed
This Is What's Happening Eric
Amanda Knox - Is she innocent or guilty of murder abroad? gsjackson
Aussie women are the worst Adama
The Truth Behind Islam Russian1860
Selling Gold In The Philippines Taco
Does this girl look more Thai or Filipina? pete98146
Resident Evil Movies with Milla Jovovich Winston
Great Movies worth checking out - Post your recommendations Winston
Great Psychedelic Films that'll mindfuck you like acid trip! Winston
Out of Africa: Race, IQ, Geography, Climate Mr S
Thailand - Retirement Paradise For Western Men Mr S
massage lyon spa XPKCharl
Sex on Trains Johnny1975
It's a generation thing. MrMan
Has anyone considered North Korea? MrMan
Anti-Feminism satire images, comics and jokes! Winston
American men are not allowed to hate women! Mercury
Here are some cool music videos from the 80's rusters
The Left & Islam: An Unholy Alliance jamesbond
Russian Culture compared with American Culture? Adama
Pros and Cons of Living in America jamesbond
online dating replacing natural channels; causes jamesbond
Some more bashing of platitudes for single people jamesbond
Men Are Getting A Raw Deal jamesbond
US Markets Hit Record Highs Taco
Israel shows us the way with rapefugees ChinaFan
Johnny Montoya on Youtube! Johnny1975
Is Venezuela expensive for mongering? TheHunter
Achilles Heels Cornfed
Essential Goods/Services in America Wolfeye
Need help with virus on my computer momopi
The "friend zone" and never having dated in college momopi
Toilet Ek Prem Katha Trailer Review rahulsaxena90
It's been a while RedMenace
The Downfall of Roosh V (Daryush Valizadeh) gsjackson
America's Hidden Sadism Eric
Why Shouldn't I Kill Myself? Eric
Best International Dating Sites? west9999
Should you take testosterone pills like Progene? HouseMD
Is Winston Batman? HouseMD
Feminists Now Say Chivalry Behavior By Men Is Sexist Teal Lantern
Why living in Canada sucks prinsoveetch
Why does Astrology work and reveal patterns above chance? Eric
Meeting women nomadphilippines
Audrey Hepburn - One of the most graceful stars ever! Winston
How do you get rid of a pot belly that won't go away?! Winston
How to make Winston more famous? Carnio
Is every filipina a whore / slut? Eric
Why are Jews hated so much? Why Anti-Semitism? Eric
Amanda Knox found not guilty Winston
Salman Khan To Join Hands With Prabhudeva For Dabangg3 rahulsaxena90
Evidence/Quotes That Allies/Jews Started WWII, Not Hitler! Winston
Western Women Are Lousy In Bed MrMan
The phrase "He's off his meds" is totally American. Mercury
The Anglobitch Thesis Wolfeye
Adam West, TV’s ‘Batman,’ Dies at Age 88 Moretorque
The Collapse of Feminism jamesbond
Winston Wu - The Most Freethinking Asian of All-Time? jamesbond
Medellin or Bogota: I look for info and suggestions TheHunter
Is Thailand still like this? Falcon
Carrying forward&backward Foreign Tax on US returns Contrarian Expatriate
My Views on Race Traveler
How Should Men Handle Sex? Johnny1975
RamZpaul caves to Youtube for shekels fschmidt
Declaring Value of Items Purchased Overseas to US Customs xtravel
Long time lurker, first time poster xtravel
Winston's Satire Tales of Monkro, the Indian Terror. LOL Winston
Why did Hitler hate Jews? Winston
DIVERSITY Face Recognition Site Cornfed
Jewish Culture? Wolfeye
Lee Ann Mcadoo gsjackson
Scenes from the movie, "The Natural" jamesbond
Check out these intro's for TV shows from the 70's and 80's jamesbond
Anyone tried to commit suicide ? HouseMD
Alex Jones and Lee Ann McAdoo get into a fight jamesbond
Megyn Kelly Interviews Alex Jones For Her New Show on NBC jamesbond
Australian Woman Sells Her Virginity Online for $250K jamesbond
Crypto Currencies Exploding Higher Taco Asian Women Dating
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