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Namibia: why there isn't any post? And yet it is tourist. Yohan
I just checked the HA stats against another site... justanotherhanut
China Ebay seller bill981101 ??? is a SCAMMER and CHEAT! droid
Thailand Updates from Winston and Rock! celery2010
Ebay SCAM seller: 'watercestbon' Item never arrived droid
Social Media Has Destroyed Women nomadphilippines
Taiwan massage parlors and brothels - scouting report momopi
Thong jeans, yuppers: more Western societal decadence E Irizarry R&B Singer
Which city has the lowest class expats? Contrarian Expatriate
Do Muslim men have it easy with women? Yohan
The Truth Behind Islam Yohan
renault scenic key Experiencing Difficulties Along With Your SandyRex
Funny Foreign Product Names droid
WW III About To Begin Taco
How the American dream ended JohnDoeBigBaller
Flap Barrier marycrawley
Are sports part of white genocide? Cornfed
NEW movie about Internet creep Roosh V justanotherhanut
Great Movies worth checking out - Post your recommendations Winston
Why do American women only want to date thugs and bad boys? Adama
30-something American Women and their Warped Standards tom
Who wants to be my guinea pig? Johnny1975
Next step for the alt-right justanotherhanut
Books I Recommend Reading Mr S
What's the logic behind gambling and casinos? Adama
US Imperialism: 1898 to Present. Why the need? Winston
The Ultimate Expat Primer on China and Chinese Women Contrarian Expatriate
East Asian Women Vs South East Asian xiongmao
NASA never landed on the Moon - Apollo Hoax Winston
Why Religion Attacks Sexuality... Wolfeye
Is this what most Ukrainian girls look like? justanotherhanut
European Trip Report justanotherhanut
Apple sucks - Why do iPhone/iPad have such limitations? Winston
Guadalajara, Mexico and their women Tapatio89
Do latin women go for skinny guys? Tapatio89
Are skinny guys the equivalent of fat women? Tapatio89
Player - Baby Come Back jamesbond
You Should Date An Illiterate Girl, short essay Jonny Law
An article for anglo youngsters; how to be friendly mattyman
Cheap & Low Tuition Countries for College MrMan
Hoping to be an expat again xiongmao
Turd Flinging Monkey Buys A Sex Doll droid
Animotion - Obsession jamesbond
Should I get my mercury dental fillings removed? Winston
Poll: Was the Moon Landing a Hoax? Winston
Audrey Hepburn - One of the most graceful stars ever! Winston
Did Jesus Christ Exist? Questioning his historicity. Winston - Is this for real or a scam? xtravel
Faber states the obvious Cornfed
Matt in Mexico with new girls! justanotherhanut
America provides NO OUTLET for sexually starving men Nailer
Aussie women are the worst JamesMcJim
Curing Depression with Psychedelics Taco
North Korea EMP Threat Taco
Freemasons/Illuminati/Secret Societies: What's their agenda? Taco
Why MGTOW is gaining Adama
The sea hag... droid
Anyone been to Burning Man or Rainbow Gatherings? Winston
Is it possible to reverse/stop aging? Winston
Disapproving Parents JohnDoeBigBaller
Culinary Preferences you Pick Up Living Abroad MrMan
What's the best SE Asian or LA country for massages? JohnDoeBigBaller
Does TV Fuels Demand For Foreign Brides? WorldTraveler
My first trip to Poland NorthAmericanguy
Are we just friends or what? Contrarian Expatriate
Are we Old Souls accustomed to authentic traditional ways? Winston
Why do White American families lack closeness, bond, feeling Winston
Google the next Enron tom
Is Islam an Answer? Jonny Law
Harvey Weinstein and hollywood Jonny Law
What's the best non-Western country to live in? Jonny Law
Duran Duran - Girls On Film jamesbond
American women are a restraining order waiting to happen. Jonny Law
America is a Flight culture. Cornfed
The Judaist Problem Contrarian Expatriate
Strange Dating Site Profile Pics Zambales
Crypto Currencies Exploding Higher Jonny Law
Woman has been on 77 first dates but hasn't met Mr. Right Master
US Markets Hit Record Highs Taco
The Future of Whites Taco
More Chinese men marrying Russian/Ukrainian women chanta76
In America, there is No forgiveness. Wolfeye
The History of Feminism and Women's Suffrage Winston
Anti-Feminism satire, memes and jokes! Winston
Why America is so messed up Adama
Nordic Raiding Jonny Law
Is Puerto Rican Mayor speech against Trump slander? Adama
Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi - Trailer Bonavita
A Flock Of Seagulls - Space Age Love Song jamesbond
Unmentioned Dangers in the Philippines MrMan
Anyone else have sleep problems in America but not abroad? MrMan
Are Prostitutes Better Than Normal Women? JohnDoeBigBaller
The Earth is FLAT and Motionless, Not A Spinning Globe! Adama
Attractive 26 Yr. Old Woman Complains About Her Dating Life jamesbond
Proof that 9/11 was an Inside Job and Government Conspiracy! Taco
Long distance moves will easily kill a friendship dead. MrMan
The authentic pagans of Russia MrPeabody
The racial founding of America Contrarian Expatriate
Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens Winston
Why Anarchy can't work in the real world Winston Asian Women Dating
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