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Why do people get offended by international dating? Adama
Prostitution in America is Illegal by Design Cornfed
I'm curious, are black men here going after women in Africa? tom
How Neanderthal Predation Created Modern Humans tom
Mass Hysteria tom
Coming Soon! Winston on Russia National TV News! Winston
NEW Video Clips of Winston with Girls in Russia & E. Europe! Winston
The Holocaust - No questioning allowed Winston
Did Marina and I look compatible? Should I try to find her? Winston
Poll: Do you want a live chatroom in the forum? Winston
Living off the grid is now apparently illegal in America Yohan
Why would anyone want to be a doctor or nurse? Too much overtime and schooling required. HouseMD
Why Women (and Cucks, Simps, and Blue Pill Trads) Hate MGTOW Jonny Law
The Earth is FLAT and Motionless, Not A Spinning Globe! HouseMD
Self-hating Black women rejoice in the first "Black" Duchess of England soon-to-be MrMan
American women attacked me for dating an older man Contrarian Expatriate
The not-yet-abroad effect publicduende
Actually, going out alone makes you look like a rapist/sex predator. Contrarian Expatriate
Are Black Americans NOT from Africa? A racial hoax? Contrarian Expatriate
Crypto Currencies Exploding Higher Taco
Some problems with AWs from my POV Adama
Dating Guru: Avoid British women mattyman
UK dating coach tells men to avoid British women Zambales
Is it worth it to play the lottery? Zambales
Why are AW so easy to offend and act so insecure? Mercury
Satanic Ritual Child Abuse & Child Sacrifices - Truth or Fantasy? gsjackson
Why Fat Girls Don't Deserve To Be Loved MrMan
Porn slut bullycided by faggots The_Penguin
Did Jesus Christ Exist? The issue of his historicity. MrPeabody
Why do PUAs exist in eastern Europe? mand38
Sweden the definition of a feminist hell hole mand38
Illuminati/Satanic control of Hollywood MrMan
Why is this site so offensive to many people? Winston
Caesar's Messiah - The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus Winston
Why MGTOW can be potentially dangerous to young men Yohan
Escape Corporate USA or Get Falsely Accused of Sexual Harassment! MrMan
The Sugar Baby Culture - A Revelation MrMan
Why aren't the ingredients listed on Beer? DanielLee5
America is Behind (Soviet metal song.) onethousandknives
WW3 its coming tom
"Patterns" -- analysis of trends Mark_in_Bangkok
The Case Against Female Self-Esteem MrMan
Dating Filipina Scammers - It's a "You Problem" Zambales
A problem with my Filipina.... Zambales
The Truth Behind Islam Yohan
Any problems with lagging/hanging in this forum? Yohan
Our server keeps going offline mysteriously! TruthSeeker
RamZpaul promotes feminism Cornfed
US Markets Hit Record Highs Taco
How honest should alt-righters be? Cornfed
Taiwan massage parlors and brothels - scouting report momopi
Good Luggage? Mark_in_Bangkok
Expats making expat friends by email. Mark_in_Bangkok
Before you rush to live in Thailand... publicduende
I hate Christmas songs Zambales
Do not share with other expats in Thailand, Philippines, etc Zambales
Thailand Expats Discussion Mark_in_Bangkok
Complain publicly about isolation, and Americans slam you really hard. Master
Holy Mackerel! Perfect Looking Russian Women Available! mattyman
Why do people believe narrow stereotypes about foreign women? Adama
Wow! Hot Foreign Women on A Foreign Affair You Can Contact! Winston
Russia & Ukraine's Age of Consent Laws for Dating? Master
Russian Neighbor( Milf Hunt) Master
Mandela Effect - OMG This will FREAK you all out! MrMan
Are you a Flatuatory Rapist? MrMan
Carnism - The Immorality of Eating Meat Adama
Why are bars and clubs considered places to meet people? Adama
Computer Help Wanted: Mac + Digital Ocean ($$) Mark_in_Bangkok
The Importance of Iodine Mark_in_Bangkok
The Linguistic Self-hate of Colonized Peoples Mark_in_Bangkok
Poll: Does Winston give a damn about his own forum? Mark_in_Bangkok
Cebu is Less of a S*ithole - More Tips and Nonsensical BS Winston
List of common movie cliches/tropes that are impossible and nonsensical Winston
Social Atmosphere in London vs Nottingham vs Netherlands NottinghamOutlaw
Great Movies worth checking out - Post your recommendations xiongmao
Why are whites creative/innovative but Asians can only repeat/memorize/copy? xiongmao
Unmentioned Dangers in the Philippines Mark_in_Bangkok
Why Approaching Women in Public is Pointless Master
Why do American women behave like lesbians at clubs and bars Mercury
In Defense of Patriarchy: Why men have EARNED the RIGHT to rule/lead/govern ssjparris
Who knew South Korean Women were so hot! Cornfed
Why do so many men feel ashamed about wanting to meet girls? Master
The goal of white nationalism is inaction and hopelessness survivingIncelMan
American Women Jokes LOL Master
Wall Of Voodoo - 'Mexican Radio' Master
The Feminist Lie that women can do anything men can Master
Would you recommend Vegas or Amsterdam for the virgin American male? Master
Anybody know anything about Thongsook College in Thailand? Winston
How to embed YouTube videos in this forum Winston
Are New Age Western Women Any Better? Winston
Why Polytheism makes more sense than Monotheism Adama
I am very disappointed at the obesity in Southwest Florida. Mercury
The forum has been upgraded to phpbb 3.2! Report any issues here. Winston
New forum themes to choose from! Here's a demo Winston
New Mobile theme of the forum installed Winston
Attractive 26 Yr. Old Woman Complains About Her Dating Life xtravel
40 Things College Girls Say Master
Best free dating sites to meet foreign girls Master
Feminist Countries Master

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