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My gf has a female friend and she wants me to find her a guy Contrarian Expatriate
The "normal" process to meet/date women in America - Is it worth it? mattyman
What percentage of females deserve execution? Cornfed
Polish lady here to expose stalkers I know on HA Darrell_Johnston
Was there a historical Jesus Christ? If so, who was he? Neo
Do find "Khazar Milker" Jewesses attractive? gsjackson
Soulless People: Are most people just programs in the Matrix? Hive Mind, Group Soul, AI Organic Portal, Pre-Adamic Race HouseMD
Questions about laptops and cell phones lasspery
How to be Free/Conscious in a Society of Enslavement/Fear Winston
Why We Live in a Global Enslavement Machine and Parasitic System Run by Psychopaths Winston
Wow! Hot Foreign Women on HA Personals You Can Meet! Winston
Why do Americans always say they are "doing great" 24/7 everyday, all the time? Winston
What's the point of daily life and making a living in America if all you do is "make a living" everyday?! Winston
Article on females and marriage Cornfed
Do you think Asian woman want a white husband to get cute children? MatureDJ
Why are black guys so down-to-earth and open/passionate about red pill truths? MatureDJ
Is our Official History a Hoax? Russian mathematician says yes! Winston
5 Reasons Being A Lawyer Sucks anngrant
Going abroad; don't chicken out! mattyman
Grego - anyone watch? TruthSeeker
Crypto Currencies Exploding Higher anngrant
Do you hate modern Western culture? FastMaster
The danger of vaccines that is being covered up anngrant
How to prove yourself in front of a foreign girl? MrMan
Mail Order Bride beats herself up to claim domestic abuse to avoid deportation! MrMan
France set for nationalist revolution? tom
Laptop login issue after Win10 October Update mwzcfoo
Moly talks to a doctor Cornfed
Obongo’s birth certificate confirmed fake Moretorque
Beautiful Chinese women in their 40's! No way! Winston
Share your interesting dreams here Neo
word choice and psychological effect Contrarian Expatriate
Parents file lawsuit against 5 girls for false sexual assault MrMan
Obnoxious Western children vs Asian children MrMan
The judicial lynching of James Fields HouseMD
Does anyone here think Americans are the only ones that use toxic language? josephty2
Starting Our Own Clique/Town/Neighborhood: Where women are women and men are men growup
Is Dream Connections by Mark Davis worth the high price? Any experiences? (Uncensored Open Discussion) RTF0928
Do you need game or social skills to get foreign women? Bahtiyar
Poor Catholics Don't Know... redfeather
Parents sue false complainers Cornfed
Best International Dating Sites? snede
Awesome article on females and relationships Neo
First Time Going to Philippines MatureDJ
Do you think Chinawomen get more motivated as per certain years of the Chinese zodiac? MatureDJ
Valuing Women as Fellow Human Beings Cornfed
Japanese women not so much into sex anymore? Jonny Law
I dont want to hate Thai women anymore Jonny Law
Respect for the Jews Jonny Law
Your typical modern relationship Moretorque
Reasons people don't go abroad (motivational factors that need discussing) Guevara
The Great Oath of MGTOW! Contrarian Expatriate
Why I want to go abroad Bahtiyar
This woman wrote up this list and made her bf sign it... Neo
Anyone thought about living in Singapore? MrMan
In America, everyone is expected, even required, to be fat! tom
Intelligent People Have Fewer Friends, Here's Why Neo
Just back from Cebu and my trip report... redfeather
Because the night Cornfed
Should I buy it? DanielLee5
How does everyone drive so fast and dangerously without anxiety or fear?! traveller
In-person MAGA Neighborhood Starting fschmidt
Oil Trading Academy, aka David Kuvelas, has escaped the US Satanic Prison Matrix! Winston
Books I Recommend Reading markwood007788
America has the highest rates of mental illness in the world, WHO says waylon mercy
Is it true that most of you are uneducated/mentally ill social rejects? waylon mercy
Joni Mitchell ensemble Cornfed
Reporting camwhores to the IRS Cornfed
For GrownUP@HA...ContrarianExpat come join the chat! Contrarian Expatriate
How did the way things are in the US go from the 70s to now? fdiv
Cat lady bemoans her wasted life Teal Lantern
Wow how did these Asian guys get such hot white girls? winstonrules101
Most dateless men won't consider going abroad? Why? MrMan
Las Vegas Sucks! The most antisocial unfriendly toxic place! Mercury
Info on - Joseph Rickards ErnieMagic
Romance Tours to Russia and Ukraine! ErnieMagic
Winston scammed $1500 at Moonlite Bunny Ranch Brothel! ErnieMagic
Wow! Hot Foreign Women on A Foreign Affair You Can Contact! ErnieMagic
John McAfee tells it like it is Moretorque
A gift idea anngrant
Why do we only hear negatives about women? yick
Good videos for people who want to teach English AleksanderLon
Report spammers here, please include profile link Winston
Why Men Still Defend Marriage MrMan
The Sugar Baby Culture - A Revelation Contrarian Expatriate
What's the logic behind gambling and casinos? Winston
Wow! Sweet innocent wholesome-looking foreign women! Winston
Stayin Alive by the Bee Gees Cornfed
Bush the father finally dies Moretorque
Investing in sexbots tom
Dating sites, again mand38
Toddler savaged by Somalis Cornfed
Re-visited GF in Philippines to get engaged....she got mad and wanted to break crying to take her back..?? Cxx
How long does it take to process US tourist visa Cxx
Wheat and Whole Grains Toxicity Taco
Do you think young Caucasoids delight in learning they are part Negroid? Cornfed
CNN Does a Story on the MGTOW Movement MrMan
Father breaks down crying over felony for child support... MrMan
No wonder America is one of the least free countries on Earth! Mercury
The Sinner's Prayer and Biblical Inerrancy are American Inventions, NOT from Traditional Christianity! Aron

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