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Awesome Filipina I Met! MrMan
Western women influence in Asia (Japan in this case) Jonny Law
For the guys that have daughter. Do you believe in wmen righ Jonny Law
?????? ???? ???????? rentdreswei
YYdscvafZTgajkdfv ArymxurPr
Donald Trump Becomes Our 45th President Adama
We are social refugees in the Philippines - Ladislav starchild5
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No Beta Bucks for Old Spinsters? Adama
Tranny feminist thinks that your sex is not biological... Wut
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Anyone else not care about the Superbowl like me? Cornfed
Some Questions About Women Cornfed
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women march in america and the world zboy1
direct payday loans no third party 355 mg RobertNer
How do you get rid of a pot belly that won't go away?! Voyager1
Updates on Mark Davis and Dream Connections Romance Tours chanta76
Which US states are friendly or unfriendly? fightforlove
Dating Filipina Scammers - It's a "You Problem" AlexJ
Winston is now famous, check out these pictures! jamesbond
HA man dating your daughter or sister? Adama
Philippines' killjoy truth Zambales
My Post Forum About SPAM #2 Winston
China's two-child policy: Single mothers left out Winston
Introduction kenvin jack
Should I read a Roosh V or some other PUA book? algernonsidney
The Earth is FLAT and Motionless, Not A Spinning Globe! starchild5
Putin just said Russian prostitutes are best in the world! starchild5
Why The Medical Industry Won't Allow Cancer to Be Cured starchild5
Ethan_sg's Deep Insights on China vs Western Cultures/Women Adama
How To Get A Girlfriend - 8 step IDIOT PROOF guide Adama
Hologram Ghost Prank jamesbond
Asian women becoming pickier due to semi slayers? yick
Is Moscow really the most unfriendly city? yick
Is it acceptable to hit a woman? droid
Rich/Poor countries - Which has more gold diggers? droid
El Chapo drealm
Teaching English Abroad Cornfed
New member introduction verbosityincarnate
What Winston Would Look Like If He Was A Black Woman Teal Lantern
Heightism vs. Weightism; Which one is worse? Teal Lantern
Reasons Why Simple, Kind, and Family-Oriented Men Are Best Cornfed
Winston's lightning fast punches and kicks jamesbond
Winston Wu Impersonator Invades Japan jamesbond
Davao (Philippines): Where Can I Go With My Gf To Have Fun? publicduende
Someone got hitched and didn't tell us? jamesbond
Have you ever noticed that autism seems to be a US thing? Citizen
Proof that Winston is attractive to some women jamesbond
Stop Unnecessary Stretching Before Starting A Workout rahulsaxena90
The Ice Wall that surrounds the edge of the flat earth droid
MBTI Types In this Forum? El_Caudillo
Hydrogen Peroxide - "The One Minute Cure" For All Diseases? droid
Attn: $10 Offer to you all to help upload my videos to YT! Winston
I'm moving to Sweden, Need advice about finding work. gsjackson
The danger of vaccines that is being covered up Winston
AFA Seminar - Review from attendee Winston
Migrating our HA Blog from Blogger to Wordpress Winston
Muslim/Jewish marriage experiment drealm
Condom use in the Philippines? drealm
Valuing Women as Fellow Human Beings Kradmelder
Another success story in the Philippines Spell of mastery
Dan Cilley is going to be famous MarlonBrando
Steve Harvey disses Asian men droid
Reasons why women are still single Kradmelder
My Acid Reflux / Heartburn Problem - What to do? Kradmelder
Reasons Why Simple, Kind, and Family-Oriented Men Are Best Bao3niang
Kradmelder's latest bike trip Kradmelder
Rooshv Exposed as a Perfect Sociopath - Proof books
Retro TV Movie Introductions from the 70's and 80's jamesbond
New Photos of Winston, Dianne and Angelo Mr S
Banning and Warning Announcements Kradmelder
Tony Robbins Exposed - I Am Not Your Guru Mr S
Do Away With Concern Over Injured Shoulders At The Gym rahulsaxena90
Cloud based software talkless
The reason why liberals tend to be violent ChinaFan
I am Alessio! spanishreydelsol
The Downfall of Roosh V (Daryush Valizadeh) drealm
We need to stop females etc. from voting Eric
An Attractive Woman Makes an Anti-Feminist YouTube Video jamesbond
Man liable for drunk driving woman's crash? Teal Lantern
Visas for Ukraine citizen scrambled
Countries you can bring your Filipina to without a visa Winston
Behind the scenes of the TV show, 'I Dream of Jeannie' jamesbond
Even Eddie Murphy Knows Not to bring Foreign Wives Back Home Slick
The Traumatic Foundation of Male Homosexuality starchild5
Female dwarf vs. bull MrMan
Philippines Fail Blog Mr S
Belize. zacb
Before Happier Abroad, I knew they were worthless starchild5
What Use is Lingerie? starchild5
Updates from Winston's Return to the Philippines! Winston Asian Women Dating
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