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Dang, so hot and humid here in the Philippines right now! rainy/thunderstorms Taco
Dream Connections by Mark Davis - Is it Legit or a Scam? (Uncensored Open Discussion) snede
Donald Trump the 9-11 truther Moretorque
It was and with me. Alexeyendut
Anyone know Backpage alternative classified website? mand38
Pesticides (glyphosate) May Be Why America is So Sick Contrarian Expatriate
Angeles City and Manila Trip report (First timer) Guhji
Shemale GuyAbroad8293
Would you stay in the US if you found a good American woman? Yohan
Sex with bar girls damaged my energy and health and gave me nightmares? GuyAbroad8293
Winston's Dilemma - White/Asian & Inner/Outer Mismatch - Any Solutions? momopi
Question about the "Capacity to Marry" paperwork for US citizens marrying a Filipina in the Philippines Horahngee
How long does it take to process US tourist visa Horahngee
Do black kids ever shoot up schools? Contrarian Expatriate
Were Tsar's V Posts Wrong? Winston
Banning and Warning Announcements Winston
What are your favorite scary movies? Winston
8 Alternatives to Working a Regular Job You Don't Like Winston
"Bachelors Abroad" - New AFA Reality Show on Nat Geo! WorldTraveler
Anyone here went to high school in the mid/late 1990s? Guhji
Virginity never existed mand38
Women have far lower consciousness than men and no inner life, hence their materialism Zambales
The Supreme Gentleman GuyAbroad8293
Here's why I don't feel sorry for a majority of HAers Teal Lantern
America in the 1950's - What a time! Look! Adama
Could the Earth be FLAT and Motionless, Not A Spinning Globe? Winston
Should I get my mercury dental fillings removed? Winston
Inspiring story of Chinese man with beautiful Ukraine bride Winston
Satanic Ritual Child Sacrifice Stories - Truth or Fantasy? Winston
How America's 'Culture of Hustling' Is Dark and Empty Winston
Can anyone give me advice or suggestions? snede
Why many Christians are not TRUE Christians Michaelbot
Romania warning gsjackson
Are Southern women (belles) in the US really better? WorldTraveler
If you ever suffered in high school, this is a MUST READ! Mercury
More Chinese men marrying Russian/Ukrainian women momopi
In what ways is the Philippines a poor country? Zambales
Why can't Winston ... simply be happy, banging hoes? Winston
Countries you can bring your Filipina to without a visa Winston
How is the process to acquire "Capacity to marry" paperwork for marriage in Philippines? Horahngee
Source of Singapore school's success in math: The USSR? MatureDJ
Is it common for Jewish women to get this ugly? Cornfed
Estonian Girls? Winston
How to date with Russian women? Gabilan33
Obnoxious Western children vs Asian children GuyAbroad8293
Bucharest, Romania Trip Report by Johnny1975 Johnny1975
The hottest girl Winston scored in Russia! Passionately too! Winston
Romanian women - A counterpoint to HA Winston
How do you get rid of a pot belly that won't go away?! TruthSeeker
Has Donald Trump done anything good so far? Has he kept his promises? Moretorque
Is International Dating For Losers? LFL
Why are bars and clubs considered places to meet people? mand38
Donald Trump has good taste in women Greetercb
Looking for information on SteveUKR
Will Prostitution Ever Be Legalized in America? MrMan
Check Out Thailand (Chiang Mai) Winston
Just left Chiang Mai after four years.... Winston
The JFK Assassination Conspiracy and Cover Up gsjackson
Do you think a white guy could simply buy a hot China woman? Winston
Why do many guys think women are all about money, power and economics? Winston
Pros and Cons of Living and Dating in the Philippines Winston
Why are Jews hated so much? Why Anti-Semitism? Winston
Why are Israeli women selling Dead Sea salts/lotion at mall kiosks? Cornfed
The Truth About Communism, the Bolshevik Holocaust, and its Jewish Zionist Financiers Winston
Let's be real, isn't banging hoes the only meaningful advice? Winston
Is Capitalism the problem? Cornfed
Question for Winston - What countries are the trolls coming from? Winston
Question for Winston - Instinctual actions vs actions Winston
Question about entering Indonesia - laws, customs, requirements Winston
Aren't Thais the least friendly people in SE Asia? Winston
Poll: Why did big brother give us the internet? Winston
Question about prostitution laws in the Philippines Winston
Can a non-white westerner be called a westerner? Winston
Is there a Russian/Ukrainian equivalent of Winston
Relativity simply debunked Winston
What ended the American dream? GuyAbroad8293
Dan Cilley is going to be famous Winston
Wise and Witty Quotes Winston
Guys, don't underestimate Paloatoguy - he's a threat! Winston
TOP happier abroad FORUM member makes NEWS! publicduende
Looks like the HA website is in a complete free-fall! Winston
Share your interesting dreams here fdiv
Wow! Hot Foreign Women on HA Personals You Can Meet! Winston
Reasons to not date or marry Vietnamese women in America Winston
George Carlin making fun of bullshit in America Winston
David Icke - Mind Blowing Videos, Lectures, Interviews Moretorque
10 Reasons Not To Marry - Why Men Should Avoid The Trap Light
Feminism is a Terrorist Organization - Erin Pizzey Winston
Were the 1950's as wholesome and prosperous as we think? gsjackson
Why Polytheism makes more sense than Monotheism Winston
Rock, is this is your type? lol :) Winston
Wow! Hot Foreign Women on A Foreign Affair You Can Contact! Winston
My Shenyang girlfriend wants me to carry her bag. Winston
Are Chongqing women worth marrying? Winston
Neo Here, Just Got Unplugged Winston
Katie Freiling - Hot chick & motivational, MLM guru?! LOL GuyAbroad8293
One of the Worst Movie Torture Scenes GuyAbroad8293
Maybe Going to Bangkok in July 2018 xiongmao
Can You Be Happier Abroad? Maybe You'd Be Happier Back Home? xiongmao
Pro-daters active in Ukraine Strykr

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