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Great news for female sports Cornfed
Is Dream Connections by Mark Davis worth the high price? Any experiences? (Uncensored Open Discussion) MarkEdwardDavis
Is Taiwan really one of the best countries in the world to find a wife? CannedHam
Meetup in the Philippines? Many HA members are there! fdiv
Marketing Gimmick by Bands or a Trend? williamworth
Captain Marvel - another feminist movie fail Cornfed
Chances are that isn’t the case . Jersey linchao
The persecution of Ryan Adams redfeather
Which area(s) of Europe are best? TD-40
A customer complaint victornguyen
US Customs are Getting Bad E Irizarry R&B Singer
The Nectar of The Gods: Testosterone and Hormone Replacement Therapy Contrarian Expatriate
Joe Donor - prolific sperm donor Cornfed
Air Force affirmative action bimbo fired mand38
Anyone know a Backpage alternative classified website? mand38
The folly of white natalism Cornfed
Trump's bizarre speech Cornfed
Documentary on the making of the movie, The Exorcist jamesbond
Holy Crap America is Awful Voice of Reason
Foreign women living here seem worse than american women jamesbond
False rape charges against guys are great reason for guys to flee from American women. jamesbond
America when feminized poster Contrarian Expatriate
What the hell do they put in American food? MattHanson1990
Is Human Growth Hormone available in the Philippines? anabolic
The first thing American women ask a man is "What do you do for a living?" flowerthief00
IQ is largely a pseudoscientific swindle Moretorque
I just came across the most depressing post/rant about women TD-40
Man falsely accused of rape gets out of jail after 5 years jamesbond
Men who spend money on women are fools jamesbond
Are Utah Mormon girls a good option? jamesbond
Indian Man Sues Parents for Giving Birth to Him ‘Without His Consent' jamesbond
Dress code for Remixx Lounge in Cape Coral; No shorts, no T-shirts. traveller
Diet plan for Winston - Any suggestions? xiongmao
Ever notice how Chinese chicks are always wearing a face mask? xiongmao
My encounter with a Hollywood star Cornfed
Were any of you traumatized by high school and have baggage from it? expat79
Should you take testosterone pills (like Progene)? Contrarian Expatriate
Patreon is going under Cornfed
A video teaching women to be traditional housewives... flowerthief00
The stupidity of white civil rights activism Contrarian Expatriate
What a difference 1,300 miles (and 20 years) can make! E Irizarry R&B Singer
John 3:16, Luke 11:1-4, 2 Timothy 3:1-7 Chad_from_Hawaii
William Holic blocked me in the facebook group for asking him why he took a photo of 14 year old girls in a park Cornfed
So, in America, you are either a Alpha Chad Thundercock or an Incel Loser. flowerthief00
Rock, don't I look vibrant and alive in these photos in Russia? momopi
article: The Ultimate Guide to Girls in the Philippines MatureDJ
Some good horror films Baldpacker
What's your best weight loss tip? Baldpacker
Meet Russian Women! Reputable Dating Sites Baldpacker
Parallel between child beggars and Western females Cornfed
Men's shave clubs? TruthSeeker
Inspiring story of Chinese man with beautiful Ukraine bride Cornfed
What's your opinion on parental control apps? poliq
Terrorist bombed a church in Mindanao Philippines... Zambales
Anyone thought about living in Singapore? expat79
These are my reasons for wanting to move abroad... expat79
Check out these cool music videos from the 1970's Ciancell
best forex brokers Taco
Myths about diet and exercise jamesbond
The Benefits of Biotin for Hair Growth, Skin & Nails TruthSeeker
Woman Admits To Falsely Accusing A Man Of Rape After He Spent 4 Yrs In Prison traveller
Does wheat bread or brown rice make you fat? Winston
Whites owe blacks reparations Contrarian Expatriate
Porn slut bullycided by faggots Winston
Suburban Life in America SUCKS CannedHam
Dysgenics, including Injuns, are stupid fdiv
Just back from Cebu and my trip report... redfeather
Prepare Your Resume to Work Abroad a4ali
Books I Recommend Reading Gazzio
So, Are You Really That Desperate for a Woman? fdiv
Toronto, Canada is a Hellhole for Straight White Men! BEWARE E Irizarry R&B Singer
Why Sugar is harzardous to your health CannedHam
Respect for the Jews exhamma
A fat woman is a 'real woman'? Haha...only in America!!! exhamma
South African Girls exhamma
Do you think a lot of white American men wish to be Asian? chanta76
Feminist in South Korea exhamma
Now Hiring! Travel Writing/Freelance Jobs You Can Apply For! exhamma
Why it's hell to be a woman, 48, alone and desperate... Zambales
Do foreign women accept introverts particularly in Thailand? Yohan
Indigo Room in Downtown Fort Myers, Fl is not a good place to bartend. Moretorque
Keto tone diet rileyharrhy22
What Russian/Ukrainian Women Looked Like In the Soviet Era exhamma
Best International Dating Sites? Vallone
Why so many sub-forums? exhamma
Why Monarchy is better than American Democracy in many ways, benefits and advantages exhamma
The Backlash Against the #Metoo Movement exhamma
Obongo’s birth certificate confirmed fake exhamma
Living the Minimalist Lifestyle jamesbond
We need to ban the user growup. Contrarian Expatriate
Man Punches Two Women in the Face Because They Start Argument With Him jamesbond
False Rape Accusations between 8 and 41%? jamesbond
Check out these intro's for TV shows from the 70's and 80's Moretorque
Reactions of German physicists to news of Hiroshima fdiv
Scientist Have Discovered There Are 10 Dimensions In The Universe fdiv
Did Japan win WWII? Moretorque
Thinking of going back to school Moretorque
Trump finally does something good PoopeePooPoo
Specific / skilled professions. In demand? Cornfed
Update on current members Cornfed

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