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Polish holohoax law Adama
America; A nation of transients and drifters? S_Parc
Reselling Thrift Store Items, A Profitable Hobby Mr Natural
How Political Correctness Killed Comedy jamesbond
Illinois Careens Into Financial Meltdown jamesbond
Winston is now famous, check out these pictures! jamesbond
Pacificoceanasia would be a good poster here jamesbond
For those who live in the Philippines, what do you think of Duterte? publicduende
Dream Connections by Mark Davis - Is it Legit or a Scam? (Uncensored Open Discussion) LFL
WW3 its coming tom
American Renaissance suing Twitter gsjackson
My New Blog About Teaching English Overseas chanta76
Why We’re Underestimating American Collapse Adama
What percent of American women are marriage material? Yohan
Xiongmao in Zhejiang (China) Seeker
Is Philippines the easiest country to get laid? publicduende
Korean students forced to date AkitaMan
Las Vegas Massacre - The Great American Reset MrLee4u
The forum has been upgraded to phpbb 3.2! Report any issues here. MrLee4u
Hello Everyone! Glad to meet you all. NicoleBigler
Wow these 1970's women look so wholesome, feminine, genuine! mattyman
The #MeToo Scourge is Taking Over the World -- Any Thoughts? flowerthief00
The Truth Behind Islam Misko_Varesanovic
Crypto Currencies Exploding Higher DanielLee5
Marrying a Woman Who Looks Good at 40 fursttamendmint881
Updates from Winston's Return to the Philippines! fursttamendmint881
Are girls from rural America still more wholesome? publicduende
Freemasons/Illuminati/Secret Societies: What's their agenda? Taco
Living Abroad Can Give You More Freedom Taco
Adopted an orphan baby monkey BillysBadFurDay
What's the voltage in Kiev compared to the US? snede
Why multiculturalism sucks ladislav
Why Pearl Harbor was planned & provoked by FDR Winston
The Red Pill - must see documentary Yohan
Everdred's "7 Days in Yangon, Myanmar" Trip Report Jonny Law
Poor Catholics Don't Know... Jonny Law
Help!! Which woman do I choose!?!? sisirsaon
Why MGTOW can be potentially dangerous to young men Yohan
Roughly 98 percent of mental illnesses are caused by America's toxic culture. Mercury
Latin women not wife material? Misko_Varesanovic
Why don't western women see foreign women as role-models? Misko_Varesanovic
Aren't blacks insulted by this Kangz nonsense? Cornfed
Opinions on South East Asian Women Bao3niang
Why are Hong Kong people so rude, cold, rushed, grouchy, unpleasant, soulless? What's their purpose for living? Lol publicduende
Can You Be Happier Abroad? Maybe You'd Be Happier Back Home? yick
Anyone tried Ayahuasca, DMT or Peyote? DateArbitrageJustin
Why are AW so easy to offend and act so insecure? Adama
US Markets Hit Record Highs Adama
I just completed a 7 day water fast Moretorque
Why You Should Not Date A Girl From Canada Taco
UK dating coach criticises the modern western dating scene Johnny1975
Why is this site so offensive to many people? Johnny1975
Formula 1 to stop using grid girls Misko_Varesanovic
Best case scenario for cat ladies Cornfed
HYPERGAMY - Why You Should Never Marry A Filipina OutWest
Ethiopian men :Biggest racist cockblocks on earth? willymonfrete
Why you're wrong about Communism Winston
Why does God keep TRAPPING me in Taiwan for months?! momopi
Online Dating and Female Hypergamy flowerthief00
Dan Cilley is going to be famous dancilley
Here in Ethiopia Adama
addis ababa, ethiopia willymonfrete should be called chanta76
Cuckold Nation jamesbond
The danger of vaccines that is being covered up Moretorque
Is DHL Taiwan scamming/extorting me with fees and customs duties I never agreed to?! Winston
American digital nomad taxes Man With a Plan
Want a child bride? You don't need no Yemen! Man With a Plan
Great Horror Movie Classics on YouTube! jamesbond
Robots Grabbing Your Job jamesbond
Intersectional Feminism Wages War On White Women jamesbond
Why are whites creative/innovative but Asians can only repeat/memorize/copy? Rebel
Solution is eye for an eye Rebel
The Backlash Against the #Metoo Movement jamesbond
U.K. Appoints a Minister for Loneliness HenryGeorge
Questions about Real Estate and Buying Properties DanielLee5
Medellin Colombia publicduende
The Common SWCM Enemy Cornfed
Madagascar is insanely cheap,great landscapes and hot women willymonfrete
My brother is now happier abroad mattyman
The Philippines is a shithole, perhaps even for women... kairosan117
The Truth About 'Shithole Countries' kairosan117
The MeToo Movement just keeps on giving Adama
SM Mall Filipinas willymonfrete
facebook asking for your ID TruthSeeker
Do American women really get like this in their late 30's? Tamingstrange
American society only rewards charisma and "coolness", not competence. Cornfed
Learning Spanish mattyman
Best free dating sites to meet foreign girls mand38
Why Women (and Cucks, Simps, and Blue Pill Trads) Hate MGTOW BORG CONTROL
Why Modern Women Are So Unstable BORG CONTROL
How Society works. BORG CONTROL
There is no such thing as an education system that promotes 'intellectual freedom.' Bao3niang
My Thoughts On Different Women From Southeast Asia Bao3niang
Did Jesus Rise From The Dead? Resurrection Arguments Adama
Does Anyone Enjoy Local Dating in US? JesseL26
I have a relationship with a Vietnamese woman now JesseL26
How MANY of you are truly happier abroad? Bao3niang
Other sites & forums that are talking about HA, Winston Wu, and you guys Mr Natural
Why has feminism made women less happy? Jonny Law

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