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Father isn't long for this world droid
Updates on Mark Davis and Dream Connections Voyager1
Conjo = Marco Zeitola droid
The Great White Suicide starchild5
Duterte: "Time To Say Goodbye To The US" starchild5
Pictures from social networks jerrymj60
I'm reconsidering ANY type of serious relationship yick
White women still prefer white men regarding online dating.. yick
Being thrown to your death from 6th floor - Thai vs Phils Voyager1
Staying in Thailand or moving on? Jonny Law
Questions About Zionists Russian1860
???????????? ???????? ?????? ????? Patriottas
Winston's Chinese dream girl! Is she attainable? Winston
Hot Chinese Women! Wow! Winston
The Uniqueness of the European Mind/Soul Explained Winston
If children were given the vote retiredfrank
Trump vs. Hillary Live Debate Cornfed
What can a divorced 54 yo man expect to get in Phils Raja
If Hillary Clinton wins, it's over for America Taco
WW III About To Begin In Europe Taco
Secret Societies and Freemasons: What are they about? Cornfed
Are women in foreign countries attracted to ugly men? Citizen
World War 3 Could Start This Month - USA vs Russia Wolfeye
question for Kradmelder (and cornfed) Johnny1975
Proofs/Quotes that the Illuminati/NWO Cabal DOES EXIST! Moretorque
Women becoming more superficial and looks-driven than ever Moretorque
The origins of white skin Moretorque
Why is Winston so fat? retiredfrank
Books on Polyamory and Open Relationships HouseMD
The Holocaust is a load of bull Cornfed
Poll: Is pandabear a troll? retiredfrank
Do you have video footage approaching girls abroad? dancilley
How many Americans plan on leaving before november? Hero
NY Daily News Editorial: Bury Trump in a Landslide pandabear
Are most Filipinas gold diggers / scammers? J_master
Illuminati symbolism in movies and TV shows Imran520
Stephan Molynjeux, the deceiver Taco
Poll: Does Winston give a damn about his own forum? droid
Social connection essential to happiness/health, US studies IraqVet2003
Dating Beyond Borders Videos pandabear
Is the white race superior? Consider the historical facts... Wolfeye
I wish I was a nigger pandabear
Donald Trump Rapes a 13-year old girl pandabear
Do Chinese lives matter? pandabear
Are Prostitutes Better Than Normal Women? JohnDoeBigBaller
Why do Dianne and Filipinos NEVER share any costs?! dancilley
Filipinos are subhuman scum and they are all liars Zambales
How to Temper Ambition + Perfectionism Russian1860
Protester Was Paid $3,500 To Protest Trumpís Rally pandabear
Angelina Jolie Files for Divorce from Brad Pitt Voyager1
rumored that Assange is dead w.p.o.
Winston's interview on AFA webcast video! Robertdox
Advertising to Get Women to Line Up to Date or Marry You Zambales
Obama Signs Executive Order Banning The Pledge Of Allegiance pandabear
Who pays for the girl when YOU ask her out? anngrant
The best diet for humans rahulsaxena90
Zero hope of relationship for disabled American guys. Mercury
Passport and Visa?? Rock
Netflix true crime series Narcos spurs huge demand for Colom 1stworldview
Michael Moore: 5 Reasons Trump will Win pandabear
Winston Wu debunks Stefan Molyneux's fallacies and flaws starchild5
Netflix true crime series Narcos spurs huge demand for Colom 1stworldview
OMG This will FREAK you all out! INEXPLICABLE Mandela Effect Winston
The Myth of Equality Between Genders, Races and Peoples Winston
Was the Holocaust a Hoax? pandabear
Why The Crash of 2016 Will Happen... Devil Dog
How many partners have you had? Kradmelder
I'm in Pattaya Now...Feels good around White Culture Kradmelder
Great Horror Movie Classics on YouTube! jamesbond
STEVE HOCA joined MGTOW-new videos jamesbond
The Downfall of Roosh V (Daryush Valizadeh) steve55
It's (no) more fun in the Philippines. Johnny1975
Girls I admire keep flaking on me, advice needed Zambales
Largest Black Slave Owner And Breeder: William Ellison pandabear
Hillary engaged in political terrorism Moretorque
Indian men very jealous and sexist? starchild5
Did Jesus Christ Exist? Questioning his historicity. retiredfrank
Employment: Extroverts vs. Introverts nomadphilippines
Middle aged men are happier than women nomadphilippines
I'm in Pattaya Now...Feels good around White Culture Mr S
Hillary's VP to his daughter Teal Lantern
Anyone tried Ayahuasca, DMT or Peyote? justin92melvin
Historical Populations pandabear
Demographic Transition Models pandabear
Best International Dating Sites? Garry_Brokeland
Darryl Sloan vs. Winston Wu: Video Debates about Stuff Winston
Even bar girls have 1000+ Problems starchild5
Wow! Hot Foreign Women on A Foreign Affair You Can Contact! Winston
I struggle with contradictions of Christianity Winston
Conspiracy Theorist Dies Vomiting Black Liquid pandabear
Happier Abroad related movies? Winston
Greyhound vs. Mexican bus companies MattHanson1990
Philippines - What did the cities look like before the war? Johnny1975
Do Ladyboys Pay for Sex? davewe
Matt's updates in Mexico - I'm dating someone Blue Murder
Warning: The True Consequences of Having Children! Must Read Winston
8 Alternatives to Working a Regular Job You Don't Like Winston
The Problem With Atheists and Atheism Winston Asian Women Dating
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