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Mudsharks are disease ridden Adama
Trip Report - Philippines, Bali, and Malaysia hammanta
Racial pride: Ideology for losers? Contrarian Expatriate
US Issues Dire Travel Warning For Mexico Taco
US Markets Hit Record Highs Taco
UN Issues Warning For Conflict In America Taco
Would a million dollars be enough to retire early and live HouseMD
My amazing experience in the Philippines :D hammanta
??????? ??? ???? StaslKic
Someone sent me a link to this site Catfishman
Great request Praca_magisterska is a SCAM WEBSITE! Voyager1
Terrorist attack in Barcelona Jonny Law
Changing Money in Australia MrMan
Supposing Someone Killed a Terrorist in America? Wolfeye
When will Tucker name the Jew? Cornfed
???????????? ???? ?? ??????????????? ????????? ????????? TERenlEa
Does anyone care about the dead fatty? Cornfed
A Complete Dating Guide To Mainland Chinese Women droid
New Thai 4 Year Visa for Digital Nomads Yohan
Laos: some info? Yohan
I'm a woman and I'm starting to dislike other women too Zambales
Solutions for the angry Asian man momopi
The epidemic of Trauma in the United States Eric
USA obesity epidemic makes it harder to find healthy women E Irizarry R&B Singer
Why arenít tech employees on strike? WorldTraveler
There's Another WINSTON Promoting China and AFA xiongmao
Vietnam Motorcycle Show: Some Girls+bikes xiongmao
The Move Abroad Approaches Bao3niang
Who makes better wives? Bao3niang
Political Violence in Charlottesville droid
As if it wasn't clear enough (from FilpinoCupid) publicduende
How well do Chinese girls take breakups? Adama
The Truth about Wealth and Happiness Contrarian Expatriate
Have you or would you go meet women overseas? CannedHam
Misdiagnosed Autism - Or Bad Anglosphere Environment? BlueEverglades
Loving A Female Robot: Insanity Or Reality? droid
How to be perfectly unhappy mand38
An internet problem mand38
What is a Gold Digger? Zambales
Keeping alt-right sites up Jonny Law
POLL: Should Tsar Be Banned? droid
Flat earth model explained / Other interesting subjects droid
Debunking the 'they just want your green card / money' claim jamesbond
Jerry Lewis Dies At Age 91 jamesbond
An example of man-hating culture; at the bar jamesbond
Traveling to Russia in September johnexplo
Why are women bigger on political correctness than men? Yohan
American Women Are Not Hypergamous Wolfeye
A Woman Makes An Interesting Video Regarding MGTOW jamesbond
A Woman Explains How Women Manipulate Men jamesbond
American Woman - music video by the group 'Guess Who' jamesbond
London to ban "body-shaming" advertisements Wolfeye
Why is white pride a taboo but other racial prides are ok? jamesbond
Urine therapy Voyager1
UK dating coach tells men to avoid British women jamesbond
A youtube channel every anglo woman should pay attention to jamesbond
Accepting American Women for Who They Are jamesbond
How in Hell's name can I make a Passive Income? Contrarian Expatriate
The Feminist Lie that women can do anything men can ineedurbanism
I'm leaving Silicon Valley before it destroys me completely. ineedurbanism
Excellent independent Sci-Fi Short films droid
Strip clubs seemingly the only place for shy guys to mingle. perfect12345
European dating website mand38
Most attractive male MBTI type to American Women Contrarian Expatriate
I can't believe ignoring American women works... Alyssa_smythe1
Pussy Paradise Factor (PPF) Yohan
My honest observation is that people from poor countries are Yohan
What Is Your Favorite Name for a Foreign Woman? mand38
Attending an AFA Romance Tour Yohan
The Hollow Earth Theory - Is the Earth hollow? josephty1
Best evidence that proves the Holocaust occurred josephty1
F*ck That: An Honest Meditation droid
Longtime Lurker...Female...Finally Leaving the U.S... Contrarian Expatriate
Foreign Love Web blog - Check It Out saara
What Russian/Ukrainian Women Looked Like In the Soviet Era newbgold
The Earth is FLAT and Motionless, Not A Spinning Globe! droid
Mandela Effect - OMG This will FREAK you all out! Winston is not a good site to meet Foreign Girls... Voyager1
Banned from /r/Jewish droid
Unite the Right Rally, Aug 12 Cornfed
The truth about being a white guy in Asia publicduende
Has it Only Been Two Weeks? davewe
I Finally Moved to the Philippines davewe
Unstoppable White Running Back E Irizarry R&B Singer
My Views on Race Taco
Cleanse The Balance Sheet And Cull The Herd Taco
Walk away from bad company Jinmichigan75
Best free dating sites to meet foreign girls sain
Android and other technologies that SUCK, rants droid
Record Number of Adults in America are Unemployed Taco
Dream Connections and Mark Davis - Uncensored Discussion Jinmichigan75
Nicole here from the Philippines Yohan
Best way to move to Russia successfully (18 M) xhatox
Reporting Live from Colombia! zacb
Trump Brings Prestige to the Mail Order Bride Industry. atruelove201
Is the trans bathroom question an American only issue? Adama
Changing your thoughts vs. Changing your location? xhatox
Warning To Immigrants: America Sucks xhatox Asian Women Dating
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