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They still say it's the man's job to ask a woman out, even in America. Contrarian Expatriate
Winston's high blood pressure/hypertension problem Winston
My Filipino girlfriend is cheating on me with some guinea wop in a wig!! SteveUKR
Could the Earth be FLAT and Motionless, Not A Spinning Globe? Aron
Were Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee murdered? Cornfed
Which countries would I have the best chance in as a Latino? JesseL26
To Publicduende: Photos of my dates/female companions in Washington to prove you WRONG! publicduende
Happier Abroad is DEAD. My horrible Kyiv dating experience and how I was almost killed. MrMan
Feminist in South Korea chanta76
Poll: Should Darrell Johnston Be Banned From The HA Facebook Group? Darrell_Johnston
Return of Ghost Moretorque
To Americans, the entire outdoors is the 'hood.' Moretorque
Broke and Unemployed Men Should Not Be Dating chanta76
For the AFA website, how come there are no Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese women listed? chanta76
White women can hold deep meaningful intellectual conversations and connection growup
What a difference 1,300 miles (and 20 years) can make! growup
Is Capitalism the problem? Moretorque
Alex Jones banned from all internet platforms in one swoop! Moretorque
Archons/Demons - Mind Parasites & Entities that Feed on Us and Manipulate Us Winston
???????? ????? ???? ? ??????? ???????? ????????? Cameronlop
Has anyone here ever taught English in Eastern Europe? IvanMNG
Expatriation Ragnarok - My Newest Guide to Expatriation in These Dark Times whitewilly
Do magicians use demonic powers to do their tricks? Winston
Why do most people dislike Winston for no apparent reason? Especially in First World Countries? Guhji
Madagascar is insanely cheap with great landscapes and hot women! Winston
Strykr Strikes Again LFL
Porn slut bullycided by faggots DanielLee5
A fat woman is a 'real woman'? Haha...only in America!!! Mercury
Anyone know Backpage alternative classified website? alleas23
Romance Tours to Russia and Ukraine! eurobrat
Anybody chase Uighur gals in China? Ghost
Expatriation Apocalypse - My New Guide Ghost
How To Travel The World Cheaply on a Shoestring Budget Ghost
Are Chinese Women Heartless? Bao3niang
Was 9/11 an Inside Job? Conspiracy and Cover up? TheLight954
Terms that Media/Government Flip to Mean Their Opposite TheLight954
Battle in America for individual indentity Winston
Why Must the Individual Be Part of the Collective? Winston
The end of monarchies worldwide - A century long conspiracy Winston
Skyscraper TruthSeeker
American women are gold diggers! redfeather
Winston on James Fetzer Radio Show talking about Conspiracies Winston
Why do American women only want to date bad boys and thugs? Winston
1st Anniversary in the Philippines Report davewe
Holy Mackerel! Perfect Looking Foreign Women Available! (Russian/Ukrainian) eurobrat
Would Winston be happier abroad in Europe? Winston
Teaching in China without Degree still available. xiongmao
An interesting section of an article about men who chase foreign gals Zambales
For those who live in the Philippines, what do you think of Duterte? Zambales
75% Of American Women Would Not Date An Unemployed Man growup
The Problems With Atheists and Atheism Moretorque
Why are Whites creative/innovative/thinking but Asians can only memorize/repeat/copy? Moretorque
Is it possible to reverse/stop aging? Aron
Polish lady here to expose stalkers I know on HA Winston
??? ?????????? ????? Contrarian Expatriate
Race and IQ correlation - Racial differences in intelligence Winston
Should racial differences be acknowledged or ignored? Winston
Questions about the Federal Reserve, Central Banks and Fiat Currency Winston
Video: Taiwanese racist harassing white guy on subway zboy1
Is Alex Jones a fraud, shill and controlled opposition? zboy1
Digital Nomads - Those with portable income and travel the world perpetually! Winston
Has Hitler been wrongly demonized and not as bad as we were told? Winston
Evidence/Quotes That The Allies/Jews Started WWI & II, Not Germany Winston
How Travel Benefits You - Time Slowing Down, Meditation Detachment, etc Winston
Great Books on How to Move Abroad and Expat Overseas Winston
New Thai 4 Year Visa for Digital Nomads Winston
Favorite Books on Going Abroad? Winston
Ancient White/Aryan Races and Europeans (not from Africa) Winston
Benefits Of Walking manisthajain
Weight loss at home ? manisthajain
Do spells and magick work? Will they help us? Winston
Wow! Hot Foreign Women on A Foreign Affair You Can Contact! Winston
Chances of tourist women becoming corrupted/Westernized? HappyGuy
Biggest age gap between you and your girlfriend? HappyGuy
New to the community! Johndanial
Matt Hanson/HA FB group does not support free speech Darrell_Johnston
Best and worst airlines you've flown on MattHanson1990
What is the most important thing you've learned being abroad? CannedHam
Beautiful 40+ yr old Chinese women! No way! Winston
Was Paul McCartney was replaced by a double in 1966? Winston
Alpha Male Bullshit Contrarian Expatriate
Options and possibilities how to incentivize the return of 6yrs long relationship gf? HappyGuy
What is this movie? MrMan
Why does anyone watch sportsball? HappyGuy
hair transplant surgeon manisthajain
2 glass warm water & 1 Lemon manisthajain
American cities are cesspools HappyGuy
Fast food as a weapon for neocolonialism Cornfed
Thank you and Goodbye HappyGuy
I'm done with this forum, goodbye. HappyGuy
How do you explain Murphy's Law? Its definitely REAL. Ghost
Why does America have the highest prison population? Moretorque
Why do American Girls like Bad Boys? luis_vi
Improving Winston's image Zambales
My Shenyang girlfriend wants me to carry her bag. growup
New York Times hires racist Korean-American Traveler
Lithuanian lady says Americans lack sincerity, warmth and closeness. So true! Winston
The best diet for humans manisthajain
10 Great Exercises to Improve Your Eyesight manisthajain
Thinning Hair Restoration Solution? manisthajain

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