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Are there any stable multi racial societies? Kradmelder
It sucks for women too Kradmelder
Jared Kushner is the Anti-Christ Eric
Arrested For Swearing Taco
Ok, fuck it, dating in the USA is finished. Nailer
Isolation and lack of civil behaviour in society Eric
Tila Tequilla, Ling Anderson and other warped Asians Kradmelder
Progressives Are The New Puritans jamesbond
Check out these cool music videos from the 1970's jamesbond
Do I really have to beg a young Filipina? gsjackson
Why will the USA attack North Korea? onethousandknives
Why filipinas want men 36+ Jonny Law
Going to Bangkok Jonny Law
Seattle Freeze - Can America get any more antisocial? publicduende
Escort just wants a relationshit MrMan
Being a social retard Adama
The Lies Told About Apartheid Adama
Namibia: why there isn't any post? And yet it is tourist. Kradmelder
Whyare we raising a generation of entitled narcissist wimps? Kradmelder
Should Winston get US citizenship for his son Angelo? Falcon
How sexual and affectionate are Filipinas? Jonny Law
Best states in the US for dating/friendship E Irizarry R&B Singer
Sysadmin Wanted starchild5
Why Angeles City Sucks - 15 Reasons momopi
Has Hitler been overly demonized and misportrayed? Adama
It's almost too easy Adama
American police likely arresting guys for mingling. Teal Lantern
Friendships in America are a joke! Adama
article: Thai ‘Sin City’ finds abstaining from sex hard Jonny Law
PUA concepts, is there a balance? Kradmelder
Ukraine Granted Visa-Free to EU Wolfeye
HAers at the Battle of Berkeley drealm
Hydrogen Peroxide/Oxygen: The Miracle Cure For All Diseases? MrMan
Woman FLIPS OUT in Public When a Guy Kisses His Girlfriend E Irizarry R&B Singer
Situation In China MrMan
Questions About WWII Axis Powers Strategies xiongmao
Best destination for November bachelor party? xiongmao
Tinder, Ashley Madison, Tan Tan zboy1
Do you think United Airlines specifically targeted Chinamen? zboy1
The Truth Behind Islam Kradmelder
Duterte likens himself to Hitler, wants to kill millions Kradmelder
Aliens & Alien vs. Predator Movies Winston
This article made me physically ill Teal Lantern
MMS - A Miracle Cure-All Banned by the Government? Winston
Cancer Cures suppressed by the Medical Industry and Govt Winston
Does Chemo Actually Make Cancer Worse? Winston
US Presidents/Politicians admit Conspiracies run America Winston
Proof that Winston is attractive to some women jamesbond
Disturbing Message to Americans from Ex CA Defense Minister Winston
What Was the Point of Psychiatry? MrMan
Why are Jews hated so much? Why Anti-Semitism? Jonny Law
Why Jews are not human starchild5
Journey - Don't Stop Believing Voyager1
Winston, could you please upload the rest of your videos? musa
Should your gallbladder ever be removed? HouseMD
Biographical Documentaries of Great Admirable Figures Winston
Is Winston Jewish? Winston
American Girls don't want you if you're decent Man With a Plan
Video: MGTOW: Why White Men Have It The Worst in the Dating Yohan
Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi - Trailer Winston
Americans are totally unforgiving people. Eric
Are Two Girls Better than One? Winston
Why theres no real singles scene in America, only Abroad Mercury
Winston, I'm done with this! Jonny Law
Youtube videos not working Winston
How to embed YouTube videos in this forum Winston
Fast And Furious 8 Second Day Collection Is Awesome rahulsaxena90
Rethinking monogamy today Teal Lantern
Good Movie, "The Horrible Dr. Hichcock" jamesbond
Great Horror Movie Classics on YouTube! jamesbond
Jewish Weaknesses Jonny Law
Do Muslim men have it easy with women? Jonny Law
Decoding Filipina online dating photos mentor
6 Reasons Your Plans to Move Abroad Might Not Work Out traveller
Closed Cliquish Cultures vs. Open Social Mercury
The Copper Conspiracy: Mind Blowing... MUST READ *** droid
Tired of waiting in America Mercury
Weekend evening dilemma Nailer
Happy Easter CannedHam
Here are some cool music videos from the 80's jamesbond
Winston Wu - The Most Freethinking Asian of All-Time? jamesbond
Christian Genocide Cycle Adama
Do filipina girls have high standards concerning looks ? purplekush
Roosh: 10 Reasons Why Hetero Men Should Leave America Eric
7 Ways to Screen Out Loser Women jamesbond
Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens Winston
Worlds Oldest Person Dies at Age 117 Adama
It's how you spend your time Adama
ADVICE! Getting to Philippines from the USA with ext. visa? Cyrus
No Biscuits, mashed potatoes, green beans MrMan
A Woman Makes An Interesting Video Regarding MGTOW Contrarian Expatriate
American Woman Market Will Crash In 2017 Taco
Is the UK a Nation of Immigrants? Here are the Facts jamesbond
Curtis Stigers - Things Have Changed Voyager1
A Woman Has Her First Tinder Date And It's A Nightmare Adama
People who say 'don't go looking' should fuck themselves Adama
A great folk music channel mattyman Asian Women Dating
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