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Pro-rapefugee Swedish woman raped LFL
Can women actually write software? DanielLee5
Why You Should Not Date A Girl From Canada Taco
Are Prostitutes Better Than Normal Women? Cornfed
Toronto is the worst city for men traveller
DELETE (Mossad threatened me) Cornfed
British man on the horrors of dating American women, Funny! Justin R.
Dream Connections by Mark Davis - Is it Legit or a Scam? (Uncensored Open Discussion) MrLee4u
Incel uses Truck of Peace in Toronto Ashford_Jaquinn
John Lennon - Watching The Wheels TruthSeeker
How to fix the World! Get rid of all the mentally ill and shut down internet sites like this... JohnDoeBigBaller
Why women go on dating sites... mand38
Las Vegas: City of Sin (Trip Report) thighlander
Just left Chiang Mai after four years.... thighlander
hello, i'm seeking advice Kostanta
Shemale JohnDoeBigBaller
In America, everyone is expected, even required, to be fat! AkitaMan
Jehovah's Witnesses Don't know their religion is a cult? Adama
33% Of Americans Have No Money Saved For Retirement Natalen
How the Middle Class In America Got Screwed Adama
Can genies help us solve the energy crisis? masonmiller
Toronto, Ontario, Canada Ashford_Jaquinn
Toronto women suck---Leaving Toronto tomorrow! Ashford_Jaquinn
Paying for dates Zambales
Pros And Cons Of Puerto Rican Women. Blitz Krieg
Yay! I hit my 500 POST! Master
Is Asia or Latin America better for an African American? mamluke13
Are you ever in the friend zone on purpose? Master
I'm curious, are black men here going after women in Africa? mamluke13
Strangers, friends once were, and to strangers they return. mamluke13
Genuinely horny women? Master
One reason for arranged marrages Cornfed
Brutal Job Search Reality for Older Americans Who Are Out of Work CannedHam
51% Of All Americans Make Less Than $30,000 A Year Adama
Coast To Coast AM - Opening Theme Song jamesbond
The Illusion of the 40 Hour Work Week publicduende
The Advantages Of Opening Up A Roth IRA jamesbond
Why does NO ONE else advocate leaving America except us?! jamesbond
Why is work a religion in America and you aren't given a choice about it?! It's stupid and forced! jamesbond
Art Bell Dies At Age 72 jamesbond
Living The Dream In Thailand publicduende
Kiev Ukraine 2018 - trip report Ashford_Jaquinn
Toronto, Canada is a Hellhole for Straight White Men! BEWARE Ashford_Jaquinn
Report spammers here, please include profile link Yohan
How long does it take to process US tourist visa Master
I want to live in the Philippines but how do I earn money? publicduende
Bridal Tours to Ukraine for Chinese guys Adama
Why is DHL Express charging me extra on top of my shipping fee? I feel ripped off! WTF?!! SteveUKR
Self-Proclaimed ‘Super Laowai’ Accused of Spreading AIDS in China Bao3niang
Need your guys' advice/opinions - my mom currently does not want me to marry my Filipino girlfriend who lives abroad Zambales
Lindsay Graham allegedly blackmailed for being gay Cornfed
iPair: Dating App SCAM from Taiwan. Warning! George Chao
Adopted an orphan baby monkey Adama
Big Article on "Race" Science in alt-right chanta76
Whats new? zacb
Google the next Enron tom
Latin Wife Material Ranking By Country DatingArbitrage
Being a sensitive man in America is absolute Hell! Master
How do you fix non-Emperisism? Cornfed
The Sugar Baby Culture - A Revelation Master
Lee Ermey Dies At Age 74 GuadalupePenn
Questions about the Federal Reserve, Central Banks and Fiat Currency TheLight954
OK, so Trump is a traitor Cornfed
Black males in ROMANIA - Share experiences! MrLee4u
Sheboon said to be a General Cornfed
Pacificoceanasia would be a good poster here jamesbond
The end of the Hawksian Woman Master
Indian programmers suck CannedHam
Black buying power to reach $1.5 trillion by 2019 Jonny Law
Best International Dating Sites? Zanzabara
Looking for information on Zanzabara
DatingTalks Zanzabara
Three Taboo Truths in America no one dares to talk about Mercury
In America we don't talk to strangers! Mercury
The Downfall of Roosh V (Daryush Valizadeh) DaMac
Poor Catholics Don't Know... Adama
Who here likes Asian ladyboys? OutWest
Sudanese girls? TheHunter
Everdred's "All About Japan" Living Report Master
How to Spot Fake, Fraud, and Scam Profiles in Online Dating Zanzabara
Dating foreign women and not having a car Master
For those in China who need a VPN Master
Hello Everyone josephadams
China Ready To Crush The US Dollar Taco
Before you rush to live in Thailand... xiongmao
Techie from New Zealand xiongmao
How to download YouTube videos to watch offline in video or audio formats Master
Picking up "Western" women in Thailand Bao3niang
Another Thai love story ending in tears... publicduende
Are American cops one of the worst cops in the world Master
What is the point of getting married if you don't want kids? Master
Why would anyone want to be a doctor or nurse? Too much overtime and schooling required. Mercury
What makes a dollar strong? Master
Women prefer friends over husbands Master
How the Mediterranean "race" was made Master
Ukraine lady cops Master
Help!! Which woman do I choose!?!? Master
Three sheboon hoodrats in South korea attacking koreans Traveler
Planning to propose to my Filipina girlfriend. Should I ask her parents first??? abms1219

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