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American Society treats young people like shit!

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Re: American Society treats young people like shit!

Postby Moretorque » Fri Feb 17, 2017 5:17 pm

This is the thing James, the socialist Ponzi counterfeiting con job has allocated resources where they do not belong and created this whole gig for the most part. Our rulers pumped America up since WW 2 because it was a good bet because you had a small percentage of the masses who brought us here technologically speaking.

In the process the whole entire economy has become so efficient these jobs are no longer needed so the youth are chit out of luck, The college bubble is just another part of the Ponzi scheme to prop the debt bubble up till they are ready to let it collapse again then do more war and depopulate in the process.

You cannot blame our rulers totally, everybody for the most part signed up for planet Ponzi not really ?ing where it was going, what it was, and what it meant for future generations.

Yes we all allowed a system to be set up to where we are managed by spread sheet in a house of cards and now it's ready to collapse practically everywhere. The baton has been planned to be passed to China as the next world reserve currency and the US has been slated from the very top to loose the next great conflict and be arranged into mega cities as laid out in UN 21 after the majority of us are DEAD.

The youth has been dumped on hard by previous generations signing up for a infinite growth paradigm in a finite world of resources by monetary policy. Plain and simple the money completely runs this system! Just ask House MD " who cares as long as I get mine " as spoken by the good doctor.......... :roll:
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