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Do you think marriage is good or bad?

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Re: Do you think marriage is good or bad?

Post by chanta76 » September 19th, 2016, 12:40 am


Aren't you married?

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Re: Do you think marriage is good or bad?

Post by The_Adventurer » September 19th, 2016, 8:12 am

chanta76 wrote:adventurer,

Aren't you married?
I am.
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Re: Do you think marriage is good or bad?

Post by Kradmelder » September 19th, 2016, 10:40 am

The_Adventurer wrote:
chanta76 wrote:But at the end of the day if you have a partner that understand you and cares for you regardless if you have money or not there is value there. But I know in reality that's hard to find.
That's the biggest problem that these marriage pushers tend to ignore. It's damn near impossible to find, not just hard. That's in this modern world and culture anyway. That's why one of the videos, I think in this very thread, has the divorce rate in all western countries above 50% and one of them (Sweden or Norway or something) was at 71%!! And should we assume the other 30% are all happy and having great sex? Not likely.

I think one of the videos above mentions how in the old days, marriage was never about love. It seems the elites still do that to some degree. Marriage for love, regardless for whether or not the two would make good lifetime partners, came from romance novels and never had any basis in reality. Also, marriage was necessary for society, even just 60 years ago.

It's been said that in Japan, married couples really are like roommates, often not even sleeping together in the same bed, or room, and they focus solely family. They do their "love" and "sex" things on the side with others, or P4P. Sounds not unlike the French king in the video who married to get an heir, and consolidate lands, but had mistresses for "love". Rich Chinese men often marry for family and take a "mistress", whom they support with a nice apartment, allowance etc. for love and excitement.

Trying to get everything one needs from one person may not be the best road to take. It's cheaper to hire a maid, hire a nanny and do serial dating, or P4P.
I think marriage is good, but the modern concept is marriage based on 'true love' which is a load of kak. It doesn't exist. The hormone imbalance wears off and you are left with reality. If you had married for a partner that has the same values, will help raise the kids and make them the best they can be, will support you etc., it wears off to mutual respect and appreciation. It was a partnership based not on equality and equal contribution. Marriage created strong families. It worked for 1000s of years.

Marriage doesn't work now because people have bought into the true love fantasy and the entitlement mindset makes women think he must support me yet I don't have to put anything back in. If he expects me to fill either a domestic or financial contribution function he is a chauvinist. If he doesn't give me what i feel entitled to, I can divorce him and take all his stuff anyway. Women want equality and don't want their gender role or equal contribution. That is what has gone wrong with marriage. Under the present system, I have no desire to be married. Under the old system I would probably have respected and appreciated my wife. I still respect old school Tannies, but they are far too old to consider. Modern women, I have little respect for their outlook and behaviour. Frankly, you just don't meet women that are marriage material anymore. They are just worth a good time, and best kept at an emotional distance. Women themselves have created the typical man, who doesn't want commitment, just wants sex and no ties. Men were never like that and are still not. Women have made us like that.

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