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Cambodia Torturer told me wild stuff !!!

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Cambodia Torturer told me wild stuff !!!

Post by ssjparris » June 21st, 2011, 4:26 am

Hey guys i just talked to a real Torturer from Cambodia. he gave me the details of what they do. i will share it with you here.

1. he said in cambodia if you steal, rape or something extreme. they will pour your hand in a cup of Bacteria. then take it out. and put a sharp bamboo stick underneath your fingernail. he said he would put ear plugs on the prisoner. this way the prisoner could not hear himself screaming in agonizing pain.

under the finger nails produce the sharpest pain in the body.

he also sad this works extremely well for people to tell you private things they never would otherwise spoken.

he told me he loves doing this to the prisoners. kind of sounds pyscho if you ask me !!!.

2. He also told me in singapore if you spit on the ground they will give you three lashes with a not so pleasant bamboo stick. One time a white american graffiti some cars. and he was caught. President bush Jr. told them to not do it. to at least give him one lash. so they agreed but they gave him an extremely nasty slash that one time. just for good measure. ouch !!! :shock:

the guy told me he thinks the white american prisoner in singapore should have gotten 100 slashes with that thing. who in their life time mets a tortuerer in real life.

3. he also told me american prisons actually make the prisoners worst. they feed them, give them beds, give them sex and stuff like that. In cambodia and singapore he said they break you instead of making you worst.

maybe i should say hi to this guy the next time around huh !!!.

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Post by manly5000 » June 21st, 2011, 5:50 am

Ummmm... what exactly is the point of this thread? To get us to avoid Cambodia at all costs???

I'm going to have nightmares now.
Out in the world living the dream!

The Arab
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Post by The Arab » June 21st, 2011, 11:13 am

You seem to keep company with odd characters ... a "handsome, muscular, charismatic black man" as you described yourself, and every thread and post you just strengthens my opinion about you.

Do you live in Skid Row and are you a bum of some sort with a decade old laptop patched up with duct tape ? I already blasted you on your 6-year old writing skills, but what exactly is the point of this?

You sound like a gleeful child, and I don't get it. Do you have some kind of learning disability or something that renders your mental capacity at a level far below your natural age?

That would be my best guess ...

Also, please explain this "they will pour your hand in a cup of Bacteria."

What THE HELL does that even mean ? That is an idiotic sentence and makes no sense. I am literally shaking in fury at the idiocy of that sentence. How does one pour one's hand ? Is this the Terminator and hands can now melt into liquid form into a cup ?

What the hell is a a 'cup of bacteria." What the hell is that ? You loony man !

Post a picture of yourself with a sign saying ssjparris.

No lies, no bullshit.

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Post by Fenix » June 21st, 2011, 4:41 pm

Isn't bacteria microscopic?? I am sure you need a microscope to see them. Maybe he meant acid...

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Post by ssjparris » June 21st, 2011, 8:57 pm

yeah he told me the person get's an infection once their finger is put into some kind of bacteria. He says when the prisoner see's the bacteria they know their gonna lose their whole hand. sound's painful and pretty frighten

i don't know about getting an infection with acid. not unless your talking about the kind that burns a hole through your hand. :shock:

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