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The pressure to perform: American women vs Foreign women

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Post by ssjparris » March 6th, 2012, 2:15 am

eurobrat wrote:@OTB

See thats the thing I try not to come off that way as hard as I can but they continue to think that in there head.
yeah its because they WANT to see danger in front of them. they dont want to see men in a good light at all. they just want to see someone that is a potential threat.

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Post by ssjparris » March 6th, 2012, 2:22 am

Falcon wrote:
odbo wrote:
Winston wrote:Lots of girls viewed me negatively when I showed them pics of me with attractive girls. It didn't create any desire in them.
You idiot! :lol: Winston only you could be so clueless. You're not supposed to show women a slideshow or a photo collage of all the girls you've slept with. That makes you look like a complete dirtbag. A photo of a pretty ex (or current girlfriend in some cases) might however get her interested. Although sometimes women get insecure from the beauty of other women and will get mad at you for it, they're stupid like that. But once the jealousy subsides you might be golden. Whereas if you show her your whoring portfolio she'll never get over it because that's a horrible impression to make. Also flirting with other women in the same room might inflate your worth and make the stingy one you're interested in jealous (in a good way this time).
odbo is right. In Mexico, when I showed pictures of me with my girlfriend, many girls would get more flirty and interested. Now, I also showed those pictures to some Chinese girls too, and they said, "Wow! She's so cute!" The Chinese girls would ask me lots of questions about her, and how my relationship with her is going. They'd also want to talk to me more. Unlike the Latinas, they would not get more flirty, but it's easy to sense that inside, they are definitely feeling much more interested. Why? Because they see me as a very dedicated guy who takes good care of that one special girl, and not as a scumbag playboy.

But I'm sure if I showed pictures of girls dressed less modestly, or more than one girl, most women would be repelled. For example, DO NOT use these pictures: viewtopic.php?t=4703

Use the pictures of you with ONLY one other girl who is dressed modestly, and don't overdo it (as in, keep away from the narcissism). The best ones would be the pictures of you with Dianne (whether you like her or not, haha). ... ivate2.htm

Here's a good one.

women are very very jealous. they get more interested in you when they see a girl with you. it happens to me ALL the time. including with american women and foreign women of all types. its not because the girls are dressed modestly either.

i was with japanese girls just yesterday. and the american women would but in around me because i was with them. one of the japanese girls actually kept trying to pull me away from her friend. haha.

another time i was buying flowers for a friend. and these latinas got really interested in me. jeeze they are so so jealous.

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