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Plenty Of Fish - Fake Profile Experiment

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Post by Jester » March 7th, 2013, 7:15 am

eurobrat wrote:People probably do lose interest, there just too lazy to delete there profile so he keeps the data.

Disgusting but true.

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Re: Plenty Of Fish - Fake Profile Experiment

Post by MJay1978 » March 7th, 2013, 11:32 pm

lavezzi wrote:As an experiment, I set up a fake profile on POF using a picture of a relatively attractive girl:

From the moment I registered, my inbox was being flooded with pages and pages and pages of messages from men of all ages. It's now clear to me why I never got many responses when using my legitimate profile, and in a sense you have to cut these women a little bit of slack for being so picky; the blame can only really be put on p***y-begging men as a whole. Well, in actuality the blame lies with the hypersexualized culture these men have been exposed to. In the West, women are being influenced on a cultural level to sleep with men within a month (often on the first night), this instills in men the drive to give women an inflated amount of attention in the hopes of getting sex. In Asia for example, where sex-culture is not as prevalent and many girls are chaste (although I sense this is very rapidly changing) men don't expect nor desire sex to nearly the same extent and therefore dating is much more so about the actual relationship, which is in part why Western men's experiences on Asian dating sites are so vastly different to what they are used to on their local ones.

I also did another experiment, in which I set up a profile where the picture was of a 'hot' guy:

The results were equally as staggering. My inbox again was flooded with messages, which proves that women are highly susceptible to looks, despite what is often claimed by them and society as a whole. I was able to set up dates within two or three short messages, with some women even basically agreeing to one night stands outright. What could be taken as a little bit unsettling, was that some of the women showing high levels of interest were Eastern European (Czech, Slovakian, Polish) which shows it's not just a case of Western women being shallow.

Any thoughts?
I SO agree 100%! I myself did this test on POF, which sparked the beginning for me to become an anti-feminist. I did a test similar to what you have done. The results just pissed me off, realizing why I wasn't getting anywhere with dating sites for over 15 years. Western girls are the most shallowest c**t bags I've ever dated! I'm so glad I'm not dating them anymore. ...And I'm never going back to these dating sites ever again! :D

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Post by fightforlove » March 8th, 2013, 7:34 pm

Duh, of course looks are EVERYTHING on the internet. Despite having witty/creative profiles and writing great messages, I completely sucked at online dating for months, including POF and Match. My profile pics were usually vacation photos taken by myself or friends with standard portable cameras. So, after months of rejections, I took a brake from dating for a few months and went into a cocoon. I am a good-looking guy, but I changed my hair-style, clothes and went into the gym to build muscle. Went and saw a professional photographer to get some decent headshots. Then I went back online and wrote a rather simple, direct profile and put up my quality photos and -- jackpot!! I was getting winks from girls on Match, I had a drastically improved response rate (and I kept my messages fairly short, simple and uncreative, lol!), within 3 months I had been on at least one date with over a dozen women--that's 1 new date per week; had to turn off my matches on eharmony I was getting so much attention, lol!

I didn't really bother with POF at that point, but it does seem like the girls on there are less interested in actually dating and more into internet penpals than other websites. Although, I know of another guy who consistently pulls women off of POF for sexual hook-ups. It's all in the photos, don't believe the feminist propanda, women are HIGHLY visual, especially on the internet.

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Post by MrJowee » March 10th, 2013, 6:06 am

I conducted a similar informal experiment just last week. I posted the results on a different forum. Here's a copy of the shocking results.

---"Well, not that shocking, I guess. For some reason, I've been fascinated with online dating recently. I've done it before, and met some really cool people, but it's been weighing heavily on my mind after a discussion with a co-worker. He thought he wasn't getting any responses simply because there is too much competition. I was inclined to think that may just be a part of it, so I did an informal experiment to see how many men tried to contact a woman given only basic information about her.

With the permission of a female friend, I made a fake account using her pictures. It's against the PoF rules, but I figure it's not harmful since I won't be conversing with anyone, or leading anyone on, or doing any kind of sociopathic nonsense of the sort. I set the age at 24, 5' 7" tall, average body type, brown hair, blue eyes, non-smoker, looking for LTR. I uploaded three pictures that I would rank as 7/10. Not bad looking, but not extremely attractive either. I left the "About Me" section purposely ambiguous and pretty much empty ("It's making me wright something in this space" is all it says).

I so far have come away with two results from this experiment, the first being the massive number of messages I have received. The profile went public at 8pm on Thursday. It's now 4pm on Saturday, and as of writing this the profile has received a total of 70 messages. So 1.6 messages per hour, or very roughly one message every 45 minutes. I've been checking it regularly (hey, you have something better I can do while home sick?), and the number of messages has yet to slow down. It could be that PoF places some kind of priority on new accounts, perhaps bumping them to the top of a search result, increasing the likelihood of connecting with someone.

All of the men are local, and for the most part the profile pictures look to be in the appropriate age range (early 20's up to 30). I haven;t taken the time to check everyone's profile. The race of the men is what is to be expected for this area; mixed, mostly White. The content of the messages is downright embarrassing. Barely anyone has made any attempt at standing out from the crowd, the exception being two. One was an ill attempt at humor, joking about running away to elope. The other was someone who mentioned that they too didn't like filling out the profile info. The vast majority where simply "hey" or "whats up", a handful introduced themselves, and another handful complimented the pictures. Besides the two noted exceptions, none of the messages are over 10 words long. So far none have been sexual, which is in and of itself a shock."---

BTW, it has now been 9 days since creating that profile, and the frequency of messages has slowed to about 1 pre hour. Still, that is a staggering number of messages. I think the experiment offered more than just a glimpse into the quantity of messages women receive. It really opened my eyes into the quality of those messages.

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Post by Sportsnutim » March 12th, 2013, 7:48 am

eurobrat wrote:
Winston wrote:I don't understand why Plenty of Fish is successful and has millions of visitors everyday. I mean, girls never write back on that site. So why is it so successful? Why would anyone bother with it? I don't understand the logic of that.

I did a similar experiment back in the 90's, using my Asian female friend's pic. She got responses everyday. It was incredible.
Content, content, content! They have millions of people signed up!
I tried both POF and and had a few dates on POF but ended up going south. uses baits to get 99% men to join. I refuse to get conned into their game anymore all emails are spammed.

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Post by aozora13 » March 12th, 2013, 3:49 pm

I had a few dates on a American website too and it ended going badly for most of the situations. I am glad that I stopped dating American women. I sometimes lapse and try to find a girl who seems 'different' but most lose interest after one message and do not talk to you.

The same crap happens in Okcupid.

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Post by theprimebait » March 14th, 2013, 3:38 am

I did the same thing with supermodel chad white's pictures.I look exactely like him,I could be his Twin(according to 3 random people).so I was testing if I could pull girls via online consistently.he got alot of messages,and the girls were easy to get their numbers.

However,Online isn't Real life.its good for Sex and dumping .pump and dump.nothing else.

unless youre a Validation junkie/Megalomaniac,the pay is not worth the effort.even as chad White,it took alot of time.My profile didn't have nearly the same success as other people that have Tried this Experiment.

But yeah it is an awakening.If Women had nearly as much sex Drives as men,and I had the choice of only banging 9 + women,the 7s and below would become invisable for me.

Women live in that reality.they can have Alpha Stud cock on demand.

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Post by theprimebait » March 14th, 2013, 4:28 am

lavezzi wrote:
Banano wrote:Picking up chik via Online dating in anglosphere is probably harder than going to a bar or pub and approach them old fashioned way
Thats been my experience anyway

It pisses me off that chick in profile is just a normal girl and n she can get 100s of interested guys daily and of course she will respond only to a few top top looking make things worse the next woman will do the same and so on...that f***s up everythhing coz these chosen guys turn to players just bc they can and they end up going through all the chicks...and then women will turn around and say 'looks are not important its personality'

The dont even read your profile, its all looks and nothing cld put on that you are convicted felon they wouldnt even see that and wouldnt matter if they do.

When they meet these hot guys sex is usually happening on the 1st date..they filirt for a few days prior to meeting up and its all done by 1st or 2nd date ..they both move on...when woman finds you attractive sex follows in no time
And of course ALL men will be judged by women for the predictable behavior of the selected few. Average guys get none of the play these guys get, but an equal share of the blame for their actions.

Anglo-men's standards are so low, that not fat is basically considered hot. As for women's standards, I can guarantee that if this girl had a brother that looked precisely like her but in male form he would get little to no responses.


I see this all the time,any skinny girl thats not deformed is considered Idea what a woman looks like.Beta men like Beta women.its mutual attraction.

a hot woman has long hair,she has a feminine hip to waiste ratio,Bubble butts etc

Low Testosterone(aka Beta) men are attracted to skinny girls with no sexual dimorphic features.

low estrogen females (average)are attracted to gay looking pretty boys(pretty like a Painting or a sculpture,doesn't mean its attractive in a Raw sexual way)

Studs like real women,Thick,long hair,Bubble butts/Booties,and vice Versa.

thats why any girl considered''hot''by the media is always with a masculine dude.Who makes Megan Fox moan?Who makes angelina Jolie moan in her prime?what about victoria secret models,why is Jason statham always dating supermodels?why do they never date fag looking pretty boys?

this friends,is how a woman looks like(*No Nudity ):

real woman have Curves,atleast C cup breasts and long hair: ... ord-15.jpg ... -pants.gif ... /09/mm.jpg ... o1_500.gif ... tido-3.jpg

this is how a man looks like,pussies get wet on site for real men,He can pimp out the most radical of feminists,and intimidate any Beta courters to his woman: ... 723366.jpg

Look at that voice and demeanor:

his voice is deep and intimidating.he is calm at all times ,because testosterone makes you cool and calmed.

A little well proven Test:if you can't get hard just THINKING(not Watching but thinking) about CURVY hot women ,youre Testosterone is too low,and you should really get on some Estrogen inhibitors.

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Post by jamesbond » March 14th, 2013, 12:24 pm

OzGuy wrote:Online dating is simply a waste of time for the average man.

1. Depending on the age bracket, there are normally about 4 - 5 times as many men as women.

2. Western women rarely approach men.

3. These women have even higher artificially inflated egos, because suddenly average Jane gets hundreds of messages. Average Jane who is a 6 will now only date a hot, rich man who is at least an 8.

4. Even if you do message a woman, chances are she won't even have time to read it as she is swamped with hundreds of messages. I have known some women to delete their profile, simply because they were so overwhelmed with messages.
All those things stated above are true. In English speaking countries, usually there are 4 or 5 more men than women using dating sites. The women's ego has been inflated because she is getting messages every day from desperate guys.

Usually a woman will get about 100 messages a week from guys. Now, if the woman is really good looking, she will get about 100 messages A DAY from guys! Because of this, she will not settle and only want's to meet men who make a six figure income and have movie star looks.

Even if you do message a bunch of women, most likely none of them will respond back to you. Most don't have the time to read all the messages they are getting from guys. You will actually have more success 'cold approaching' women than you will using online dating websites.
"When I think about the idea of getting involved with an American woman, I don't know if I should laugh .............. or vomit!"

"Trying to meet women in America is like trying to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics."

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