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Hard to make friends in America?

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Post by skateboardstephen » April 13th, 2012, 7:00 am

Someone wrote:
dusk99 wrote:Sometimes I just feel so pissed off and angry at this society. I mean I'm only 21 and decent to good looking, I can hold a conversation and be funny, yet I have to put in ALL the effort if I want social experiences in a place where I hardly know anyone. If I stopped trying I would live a life of complete isolation, since no one every approaches me and tries to be my friend, I have to do it myself. And then when people don't reciprocate I feel more frustrated.

Everyone on my college campus is part of some small clique, the same people they've been hanging out with for years and years.
Welcome to America. Unfortunately, that's the way it is around here. People are very cliquish but also, I think, a little isolated from the rest of the world. If you're a foreigner who comes from overseas, the United States has a far different culture than the rest of the world in terms of sports, entertainment, interpersonal communication, laws, etc.

English-speaking countries tend to have a reserved, guarded population. They also tend to be diverse and multiethnic, which decreases trust between people because the people are very different from each other racially or culturally and can't relate to each other. The whole gun culture in America also makes people further isolated and paranoid. A religious, Puritan streak runs through the whole country and creates conflicts despite the fact that America is usually perceived as a "free" and liberal place. In sexual matters, it's not as free as you might think.

You also need to keep in mind that several types of people are not received well in America. People who are introverted, intelligent and interesting, but perhaps not model-looking, have a difficult time here. Looks and, particularly, an outgoing personality, matter a lot more here than anything else. In other countries, I know it's the opposite. In Germany, for example, people aren't outgoing and don't have "bright" personalities, but they value intelligence, talent, or other things.

I would sum it up like this: life in the US is one big soap opera. If you're looking for genuine, real things and people, they're very hard to get here.
The part that pisses me off the most is how Americans try to make introverts feel as if something is wrong with them for being who they are.Some people just need more time to themselves this does not mean they are not social they just don't socialize as much and thrive on time spent to themselves studying ,painting ,building things ex language learning ex. it what they find fun and it would be unhealthy and counter productive for them to force them selves to be extroverted.

Think about people you know who are really good at things like ........doctors,musicians,polyglots,scientist,poets,philosophers,mathematicians they tend to be introverted people and it is perfectly fine and we need people like this. Society would fail over night for sure if every one were extroverted smashing beer cans over they're heads every night.But Americans want to make people who are like this feel as though something is wrong with them but at the same time they are clicky as hell.
se eu soubesse o que eu sei hoje, teria mando mulheres americanas para foder-se há muitos anos.que deus abençoe o brasil!

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