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My rap I made about american women its a diss

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My rap I made about american women its a diss

Post by TheLilAbs » April 21st, 2012, 7:49 pm

please dont get offend on what i song says okay

American Women Diss Part 1

Verse 1
You done brong out the beast in me
Imma expose truth in american women
So they dont f**k me
Filthy disgusting f***ing whore
Rather have my face crush by a door
Look down at fitlhy trash
Going abroad f**k you kiss my ass
Triflin dirty bitter materialistic gold diggers lookin for a rich mans cash
Say too busy fuckin jailbirds and crooks
Once you hit 30 youll lose your looks
Think your p***y have power
Rotten like an egg now you starten to sour
Matter a fact take a shower
Smells like fish
Miss baby mama has many kids out of wedlock
Now she wants me to be her shiney amor clean the mess?
Got 2 words f**k you hoe i aint cleanin that dish
f**k the quote im a stong a business woman
Woman actig like a man
Cant handle the truth
Pretend not to understand
Going In like babe ruth
Ever been hit so hard by my hand
Flow ill like hilter hate aw got will power
Give me a gun kill everyone of yall death wish
girl power with your little femist degree success
tellin herself this i shouldnt not been selfish
so called butterfly stage has lost its stalk
American men got other choices now do your walk
Now I know why love dont exist
Cause U.S. women act like men dont exist
High since of entitlement
Break their bitch shields up like a motherfucken exorcist
Act stuck up knock you out with the shovel
Hear the crack of my kunkle
Throw you in the street boom hit by a trunk
anwers my qestion who got f***ed up
Get ready for my 2nd verse
Respond back all you want ill make it worse
They dont care about their children

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Post by Billy » April 21st, 2012, 8:26 pm

wtf, lilabs is a angry rhymer, who disses aw woman,
don´t know what´s it´s all about,
but I´ll wait for the second part :)

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Post by john_cool » April 26th, 2012, 10:36 am

Hey, I was just searching for some dirty rappers online. I think here I got a rap. Well, Share a list of dirty rappers here.

Dirty Rappers

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