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I had a chat with a young man the other day...

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I had a chat with a young man the other day...

Post by The_Hero_of_Men » May 6th, 2012, 12:52 am

At work the other day (I work as a work-study in the student recreation department), for fun, I was watching this show called "Cheaters". These two guys came in and started playing ping-pong. One of the guys said something about the show: there was an episode in which the host allegedly got stabbed.* He said that the guy got what he deserved, and I said that if people wouldn't lie, then those shows wouldn't be necessary. I forgot how we ended up talking about the dating scene, but he told me that if I knew if my friend's girl was cheating on him, I shouldn't say anything. I said that if he ever found out that not only his girl was cheating, but I knew about it as well, then things would be much worse. He told me that he knew American women were attitudinal-problemed devils. He cited an incident that happened to him, he became jaded when it comes to American women and marriage. I told him that if he does marry, then marry foreign, AND DON'T BRING HER BACK HERE. he said he was going to Amsterdam one day, and he told his girl if she wanted to follow him, then fine, but he was going, AND THAT'S FINAL.

That's my litlle part I have done to spread the word about dating abroad.

*There was an episode of Cheaters, where the host (J. Greco), with this lady who hired them to see if her boyfriend was cheating on her. They went after him, and the guy allegedly stabbed Mr. Greco. After that "incident", I started wondering if this show is fake. After all, something like that should have made the news. I don't remember ever seeing that on the news or in the newspapers.
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Post by dreamingawake09 » May 6th, 2012, 1:57 am

You would be amazed, I'm a college student and there are a good amount of my male friends who are looking abroad once they earn their degrees. Besides the better job market, there is a better social scene that is gear more toward intelligence and fun as well. Plus the women are just genuinely better as well, us young guns are getting the message early while we're still able to make these moves!

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Post by sushiman » May 12th, 2012, 5:03 am

I wish I knew that when I was in college!

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