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A man wakes up with a jolt

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A man wakes up with a jolt

Post by PeterAndrewNolan » June 4th, 2012, 5:28 pm

So...a friend of mine I worked with for 2 years messages me on skype yesterday and breaks the good news that he is going to be a father. He is an indian guy living in the UK. Really nice guy.

So I congratulate him profusely and wish him well. And since he knows I have been up to this sort of stuff I ask him if I can give him a warning that concerns his baby to be. He says sure.

So I tell him. Because you live in the UK, when your baby is born the guvment is going to want to put poisons into it and they masquerade as "vaccines". We discussed how vaccines were very bad for babies and he was SHOCKED at what I told he finished with...well, I will just not allow then to vaccinate the baby.

I then told him that if he did that in the UK then there was about a 99 percent chance that he and his wife would be accused of "abuse" of the child and the child would be seized by CPS. I also pointed out that if he signed the berth cert that the guvment assumed that they had abandoned the baby and that the guvment now owned it.

I told him that if a nosy woman in his neighbourhood complained that she thought they had done something bad to the baby then CPS will force their way into his house and "interview" him and his wife and on the say so of the interviewer who will have no training at all their baby may be seized.

I put it all out there and the man was STUNNED. I showed him pictures of and how little Luke was BEATEN TO DEATH while in CPS. ... /1691/2081 ... /1691/2086 ... /1691/2101 ... /1691/2016 ... /1691/2166

I THEN landed the HAMMER BLOW.

I told him...even though I am your friend, if this happens, I will not be able to help you. And the reason I will not be able to help you is that even though I have spent 4 years and USD500,000 of my own money on this project I have not been able to convince enough OTHER men to join me. And I pointed out that he had not joined up either.

Suddenly he is VERY INTERESTED in how he can help in the UK so I gave him some contacts.

I said to him. "The world looks different when it is YOUR child at risk, doesn't it."

He signed off with a lot to think about.

What I told him was true. The only reason this happened was other fathers failed Adrian. The ONLY reason. Tanilla was brutally beaten to death last year...MUCH LATER that my first calls for new courts in Australia. Courts which would be able to remove children from criminal women.

I was on the blogtalk with Bill last Thursday and we had a long discussion about my feelings towards men who will not protect the children of their lands. Needless to say my opinion of such men is not very high. If you look at the pictures of Luke and listen to Adrian? You know why my opinion of men who refuse to protect children is not very high.

Now for the exercise....Discuss...what do you men think of actually getting FATHERS to protect children? Or should we all just flee and leave the kids to their fate?
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Post by boycottamericanwomen » June 4th, 2012, 7:59 pm

Yes, most men are so f***ing selfish, they won't even bother to try to protect children anymore.

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