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Should Winston date or experiment with Ladyboys?

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Should Winston date or experiment with Ladyboys?

Yes, Winston should date ladyboys exclusively.
No, Winston should stick with his hand.
Total votes : 23

Postby All_That_Is_Man » Sun Jun 24, 2012 5:25 am

eurobrat wrote:Who wouldn't take a BJ from something like this, as long as I'm not repaying the favor :lol:


Good god. If THAT is a male, then I may seriously have to ask all my future dates for a copy of their birth certificate. :lol:
"Manginas grovel. Men travel." - me (04/17/2012)

"I used to be one of those men who believed that men are better than women at everything. Then I stood corrected!
Women are better than men at... getting fat." - me (02/24/2013)

Black women suck at life.
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Postby xiongmao » Sun Jun 24, 2012 7:47 am

Here's another example:


The great news is that ladyboys have 0 popularity with the local men, so you can set your standards very high indeed.

More photos here.
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Postby Repatriate » Sun Jun 24, 2012 1:07 pm

Winston wrote:Davewe,
Yes I did get fooled by a ladyboy. I've never seen one that convincing before. I have no problem admitting that.

But Repatriate has a problem admitting that he was wrong, when he argued that she was a real girl.

What are you even talking about? I said that it's uncertain and I gave you a list of things to look out for and told you to meet her yourself to be sure. Actually, you still didn't meet this person and instead you're relying on the advice from some anonymous facebook guy. You are incredibly lazy Winston.
My point was, if other guys told me that they could see that she was obviously a ladyboy, then how come Repatriate couldn't? Even Ann, that Taiwanese lady that Repatriate said was wrong, could tell.

Once again..I said it was uncertain and that there was a possibility but only based on the criteria I listed before.
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Re: Should Winston date or experiment with Ladyboys?

Postby Rock » Sun Jun 24, 2012 4:27 pm

Repatriate wrote:I'm totally serious here.

Winston is only interested in the things i'm about to list below and it seems Ladyboys fulfill all his criteria for an intimate partner:

1) Emotional fulfillment. Winston wants someone who constantly showers approval and attention on him. Ladyboys are similarly starved for attention and a lot of them want a real male boyfriend who will overlook their issues.

2) Illusion. Some ladyboys are quite attractive by any metric. Winston wants the ideal woman.

3) Lifestyle. Winston does not want to get married and views long term attachment as a burden. Many ladyboys will fulfill his sexual needs while giving him adequate space. Pregnancy is not a concern.

Why not if he can find one who blows him away. And having some idea about his taste, I reckon that could easily happen in Thailand. For example, there's one go-go on the first level of Nana Plaza in Bangkok that specializes in Japanese/Korean spec petite, cute, and dolled-up LBs. On any night, it tends to be packed with lots of E. Asians who seem pretty wild about them. Thing is, its a pre-op bar. But I've been told that many clients prefer them that way.

I know Patpong area has a couple post-op go-gos on the main soi (Patpong 1). Many of the dancers are very attractive and light skinned but tend to be a bit bigger.

Personally, I find the top 10% or so of LBs I see in Thailand to really stand-out and the very best are truly stunning. But for me, one of their biggest drawbacks relative to certain real women is their body proportions. One of my favorite body styles is the wide-hip, narrow shoulder, round ass combo on a taller frame. Its still very rare on LBs who tend to have wider shoulders and narrower hips. At best, you usually see a few with those ambiguous thin bodies with no curves (hips and shoulders same), similar to a fair number of real Asian girls who are on the slimmer side. Once in a blue moon, you might see one with a body that sort of approximates some Brazilian style curves. But if they use liquid silicon to achieve that look artificially, its gonna mess them up within a few years. The best specimens probably start out as very feminine looking boys, get treated like girls by their mums, and start aggressive but correct hormone treatments at an early age. Horemone treatments can arguably influence the way the bones grow too.

I have seen a marked increase in more subtle femine traits amoung some LBs over the last few years. Clearly, the doctors, techniques, surgical procedures, etc. keep improving. In a few more years, the 'counterfeits' might become better than the real thing, at least when they are young.

Some of the Thai LBs in P4P can be dangerous. You often read about druggings, muggings, and stabbings perpetrated by them in the Thai hotspots. I believe most who do this stuff are the more masculine and rougher looking ones who have a harder time getting clients. The ones heavily into drugs are risky as well. The decent and better ones really seem to do fine these days. I remember last time I hit Khaosan Rd. backpacker district, I noticed a few gap-year European guys all taking some mediocre looking LBs for quickie short-times. In the 60 minutes it took me to get my outdoor foot massage, I saw one LB go and come back twice and as I was leaving, she/he got taken a third time!

At the end of the day, you should probably appreciate the Thai katoey phenomenon if you ever find yourself there. After all, it clearly neutralizes a percentage of the young men and arguably increases the supply of 'women' depending on how strictly you define that word.
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Postby NorthAmericanguy » Sun Jun 24, 2012 10:51 pm

All_That_Is_Man wrote:Good god. If THAT is a male, then I may seriously have to ask all my future dates for a copy of their birth certificate. :lol:

That "girl" is Emma... She's one of the more famous LB. I hear "she" makes crazy money and has "her" own condo and so forth.

Anyhow, no need to ask for a birth certificate, just ask for their drivers licence because by Thai law, people are not able to change their sex on their drivers licence.
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Postby targetguy » Sun Jun 24, 2012 11:16 pm

8) most normal human males would be horrified at a ladyboy and would want to kill the person for not being female. This forum is for the hetro normal male fed up with usa and a better life elsewhere. No joke normal males blood will boil at one of these impersonators and nto ok at all.
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Postby All_That_Is_Man » Sat Jul 07, 2012 8:59 pm

Well, the poll results have spoken. What have you decided on, Winston?
"Manginas grovel. Men travel." - me (04/17/2012)

"I used to be one of those men who believed that men are better than women at everything. Then I stood corrected!
Women are better than men at... getting fat." - me (02/24/2013)

Black women suck at life.
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