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Why do white girls love Korea?

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Post by lavezzi » December 3rd, 2012, 4:48 pm

koreans are much better people than anglos, by a million miles. ive had a korean girlfriend, and ive observed, analyzed and compared her with anglo women. ive also had the experience of spending a few hours in a bar with 95% anglos, then walking 5 minutes down the road and spending a few more hours in a korean bar with 95% asians. the difference in behavior is inredible and undeniable. korean women's minds seem to be culturally implanted with overt superficiality, such as placing innate value on expensive material goods, but in terms of base level personality and values they are good as gold. its easy to see how one could get the impression looking from the outside that korean culture is no different to that of the west due to their recent media exports comprising of nonsensicle filth, but i highly suspect that is not an accurate representation at all of the culture as a whole.

the average anglo women is rotten to the core due to coming from a culture which has for so long now been devoid of values and entirely based on superficiality. i do think the east asian generations will catch up to their western counterparts in due time though. what will become of anglo women in 50 years? god knows. perhaps a financial meltdown will revert them to actually being females once again, but probably should that happen theyll still cling to the old delusions and even being poor will not revive them of humility.

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Post by sushiman » December 4th, 2012, 12:37 pm

I don't know guys, this topic seems a bit weird to me. Going to split it into two categories 1) Korean entertainment culture, and 2) chicks that actually live here.

1) Some chicks get obsessed with Asian things. Hello Killy for example! From Korea you have K-pop, K-dramas, and these things are sweeping the Earth!!! Big in China, Japan, and even North Korea. Chicks get into it cause it is novel, cute, and they get to act like they are cultured. Korean women are super cutesy and maybe white chicks want to work some of that into their style.

2) Regarding chicks that live here, you guys are hearing that white chicks want to live in Korea??? First off, most of the English teachers living here are guys (if there are white women they must be staying indoors all the time). On the KR english teacher forum it is 90% guys, at the foreign meet up parties it is 90% guys, on the streets it's 90% guys. It's a huge party, drinking, womanizing city. There is nothing for white women to do here, except shop.

I'm not an English teacher but I hear most of them get paid $3K USD per months, so $36K isn't exactly rich in my book. Although they do get some rent paid depending on their agreement.

And you certainly can't say the few that come here do so to "get away with their feminist bullshit". KR is a male dominated society, this is "good old boys club", "male chauvinism pig" land! :) They need to watch the way they dress, watch they way their address elders, and watch the way they address males. Also the law is not on the woman's side the way it is in the US and the law is certainly not on some foreigner's side. They have near zero power here over anything.

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