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We are all brothers and it is best to think that way

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We are all brothers and it is best to think that way

Post by PeterAndrewNolan » September 5th, 2012, 4:08 pm

For those of you who do not know him Max Igan has finally agreed to show his face. Here is is. His little talk is very valuable for young men. He notes that the artificial scarcity that people experience is just that...artificial. It is created by getting men to compete for what they believe is scarce resources like "money". But the fact is that resources are in abundance and this scarcity is created by the Illuminati.

[youtube] [/youtube]

The mind set change that has to happen among men is that resources are NOT scarce....they are ABUNDANT and that you can tap into that ABUNDANCE only of you COOPERATE. The Illuminati have created a money based system so that as soon as someone comes along with a good idea that will produce abundance then they buy it out and kill it....if the man does not sell out they kill him or alienate him so that he becomes ineffective. Tesla being on the top of that list.

The ONLY way men are going to free themselves from the slavery system that you are currently in is to CO-OPERATE rather than to compete.

It is THAT simple.

And to co-operate you are going to have to ESTABLISH TRUST BETWEEN MEN. And betrayal of that trust will be a crime so as to be discouraged.

MRAs are a joke because they have not even yet hit upon the idea of co-operation in any large number...and men in general are a joke because they refuse to cooperate or contribute unless paid in money and that is made "scarce" by the Illuminati therefore choking the level of cooperation between men.

Men are WELL ADVISED to simply choose to cooperate and to operate in the best interests of their brothers in a loving and generous and caring way or they can have no complaint when other men do not act towards them like that.

I am a man with a 48 year track record of ALWAYS making sure I take care of those around me who are less able to take care of themselves.

On my first day at school a kid was bullying the other kids and I had a fight with him to put him in his place.

Despite the MASSIVE amount of evidence I have presented that I am an honest man of honour and integrity how do men react to me?

MANY of them hate on me and ban me and suppress what I am saying.

Why would they do that?

Because they can see in themselves how poorly they compare, they can see how unready they are to hear the truth, this drives them "crazy" and rather than deal with their own inner demons they attack me for putting them in a position where they can not ignore their own inner demons.

And I understand that perfectly well. Most people. 99.9%+ are not going to want to deal with their inner demons. And, quite frankly, I am sick and tired of trying to assist them do that.

Now...why say all that....well a member and I have been having a side conversation. He sent me this message.
"WOW that was super insightful. Thanks abunch my brother for the guidance."
I sent him this reply below......One thing that never ceases to amaze me is that I have HUNDREDS of messages from young men thanking me like this for taking the time to help them. One lad was engaged to be married and his fiancee was "acting strangley". I spent about 4 or 5 hours over the course of the month exchanging emails as to the nature of his fiancees behaviour and what it meant and the likely future for him.

All I did was offer my opinion and let him think about that. After about a month he wrote to me and told me he had called off the engagement because he could see for himself in his life what I was saying was true and the girl was going to be a problem.

I could very well have saved that young mans life...I certainly saved him a lot of heartache. I did it for the single and only reason that I have ALWAYS looked out for those who are less able to look out for themselves because that is what a "big" brother does. He helps his "smaller" brothers out so that they can live the best possible life for them. A good "big" brother does not use his superior strength or intelligence to victimise his smaller brother.

And yes, that is how both my bigger brothers dealt with me much of the time. They used their superior strength to injure me many times rather than to help me and protect me. I was disappointed in my brothers that they would do that and one of the reasons that I know that it is like to be victimised and abused by someone who is bigger and stronger than me is because both my brothers did that when I was small.

The problem both my brothers have now is that I am significantly bigger and stronger than both of them....and not only that...I am on FAR SUPERIOR MORAL GROUND than either of them. When I refused to attend my mothers funeral on the moral ground I would not dishonour her memory by burying her in the presence of those who abused her my oldest brother Christopher made a comment about "well, if you want to absent yourself from the love of your family that is up to you"

My return comment was "This would be the love of the same brother who, when I was talking about the kidnapping of my former children said to me "I do not want to discuss the kidnapping of your children", would it? Before you act so sanctimonious and try and take the high moral ground you should have made sure that you had some firm ground to stand on."

The fact that my father and my brothers buried their wife an mother in the presence of the people who abused her shows you just how far people can fall morally without knowing it and not even noticing what cowards and hypocrites they have become. I certainly never expect to speak with or be in the presence of my former father and former brothers again. I could not tolerate to be in the presence of such cowards and hypocrites...and they do not get a "pass" just because they are family.

Now...when I help out young lads and show them what a real man looks like and then I ask these lads who I helped "Well, will you say something in public about how I have helped you?" the answer is usually no. my first book one lad did and it is copied in my comment below.

Now?...I am so sick and tired of lads HATING on me that I am no longer interested in putting in any more time helping lads. I have done that for more than 4 years now and I have saved many young mens lives. I have saved thousands upon thousands of men the trouble of being married. I have created the remedy for any married man in the english speaking world.

For some reason men do not appreciate such efforts. Indeed they hate on men for putting in such efforts. I have published massive amounts of information as well as summarising that information in to two books so that lads can get the benefit of my experience like water through a fire hose. That is how compact and valuable the two books are. 220 or so pages so packed with knowledge and experience gleaned over a lifetime as well as all the study I have done recently that is EASILY worth EUR50,000 to any lad under 30 who reads it who has any significant intelligence and skills at all.

If someone had presented me with the information in those two books 5 years ago I would have been inclined to pay him EUR5,000 or more. I KNOW what is in these books and what the value is....apparently lads refuse to acknowledge or accept that.

Further..when I ask lads for the slightest of help like pass my books along to other lads so as to help them learn who they really are and help them learn about how the legal system is a scam lads betray their brothers and refuse to do so...they create "scarcity of knowledge" merely out of indifference to their fellow is really quite disgusting.

A lot of lads tell me that at first they do not trust me and do not believe me because they have never met anyone else like me....they think I must be "after something" in helping them out and advising them. And I am. I am after them having the best possible life they can have...THAT is what I am after. And lads are so distrusting and so suspicious of men that they distrust even me.

Lads now have no idea how to judge the character of a man because they have so little character themselves.

It is time lads learned some of these lessons...but they are going to have to learn it from the legacy I am leaving because I am sick and tired of helping people who are ungrateful. And the five most ungrateful people in my life are my former wife and four former children.

And I will tell lads about how ungrateful wives and children are today so as to allow lads a choice of going down that path knowing full well that in divorce even your OWN SONS will take the position it was ok for you to be criminally victimised for a womans benefit.

Having said all that? This is what I replied to this young man who just thanked me for giving him advice. about you do me the favour of going onto the site and letting people know that I am actually a really good guy who has a genuine interest in educating young men for THEIR benefit.

Here is an example...I met a lad on line when he was 21.....He spent about 2 years asking me questions etc getting things sorted in his own head.....when I wrote my first book I asked him to make comment and this is what he said.....

Yet....most young men HATE ME for putting into the public the best of advice that might just save their lives because they do not want to face the truth....if young men do not want to face the truth then they are well advised to just shut up and let those who do want to know the truth have a quiet space to learn in....but what happens in most places is young men who hate the truth disturb the learning place for those who want to know the truth....spoiling it for all like brattish spiteful little children.

And if what I tell you really IS of value to you then You would pay for a beer or for food to nourish your body but you do not pay for knowledge to nourish your mind, soul or might want to think about why that is so. ... fault.aspx

And this is what is in the first book.
Just want to take a moment to say thank you for all your dedication to this cause and to saving men's lives. Based on your actions I can tell you actually have a heart and are genuinely looking out for the well-being of young men such as myself. In particular I have found your information regarding women to be VERY enlightening, this same crucial and vital information about women for young men is so ruthlessly suppressed by the media.

I can now clearly see who my friends are and who they are not. To give you an example, a few weeks back my aunt (mid-50's) came to visit me. While she was here she kept going on and on about "You're so tall my baby, we need to get you married" and "When you get out of school the girls are gonna love you, we need to find you a good girl who knows how to cook".

Now, had I still been in the dark about women I would've thought what she said was a good idea and mostly benign, but now that I know the truth, I can CLEARLY see she does not have my best interests in mind, she is merely trying to get "babies" in the form of grandchildren so SHE can talk and brag about with her female friends.

In another incident recently at work, an new woman (mid-30's) who just started was chatting up people during lunch and she asked me "You're pretty tall, are you married? You need a girlfriend ".

You were 100% right!!! They're ALL in on the marriage scam!!! It's CRAZY to see this stuff proven to be true in real life scenarios!

Keep doing what you're doing man, DONT EVER STOP
Now..I met that lad in about 2009. We talked all through 2009, 10, and less in 11. He was at college in the US and was a "poor starving student" so obviously had no money.

Now...he is a good lad and I like him. What happened next? This year 2012.

Now he has a good job making good money. He is well prepared to defend himself against women. He has learned all about the legal system. He has NEVER had to reveal to those around him that he knows all this stuff so he can "fit in" to society and seem "normal" while being able to properly defend himself. He is FAR better prepared to live his life because I took the time to talk to him.

After taking up MANY hours of my time and having said himself how valuable my assistance was to him and saying "DONT EVER STOP" is HE willing to give me a hand?

You lads know the answer....No. He is now "too busy" and has "no time to help".

As I said..I really like the lad. I do wish him well. But it would have been nice if he repaid my many thousands of hours effort with just maybe 15 or 20 minutes a day helping me by posting links or talking to other young men about how I have helped him.

It would have been nice if he would go into places like the spearhead or here and say
"Hey, dont put shit on Peter, he has helped me consistently over a period of two years and I really appreciated it. If you put shit on him he will quite rightly get pissed off at how ungrateful young men are and he will quit. And I am one lad who asked him never to stop. So treat him with the respect he has earned."
But no...he is "too busy" to bother saying such things and to provide a character testimonial.

Here are a couple of testimonials that people I have worked with have been willing to publish in their own names. ... fault.aspx

I suggest you read these ones. ... fault.aspx ... fault.aspx

This one is particularly relevant. ... fault.aspx

Adrian Nagy was a young (28) year old DBA in Bucharest when I met him in 2004. He was a very likable lad and didnt know squat about Business Intelligence because he never had the chance. I told him that if he worked hard and did his best I would teach him as much as I could.

Young Adrian worked his arse off and he listened like a cave. Any time I offered him advice he would ask questions and try and understand better. He is a bright young lad but he is the first to tell you that he is not einstein and is doing his best.

In 2010 he was successful in gaining a job in IBM in London. He did this through sheer hard work on remote projects for IBM to PROVE his mettle. He is now one of the top people in IBM in London in his speciality. He is now very, very good at what he does. He could dance rings about me in some areas. I am very, very proud of his achievements from his very humble beginnings. There has been no lad that my helping hand along the way has done more for...and I have helped MANY lads along the way. His success story is the BEST of many. His success is ALL HIS WORK. I take no credit for HIS SUCCESS. But as he says in his testimonial...I most certainly helped him on his way and I am so proud of his success.

Adrian has a little boy....and that little boy won the lottery in the "father" stakes....few little boys will ever have a father like Adrian in his life. And for my helping hand his father is now a senior consultant at IBM rather than a DBA in a small consulting firm in Bucharest....and both Adrian and his wife understand that this gives their son a better chance.

Young Adrian has done very well for himself though his own hard work, dedication, commitment to excellence and desire to be the best that he can be.

It was MY PRIVILEGE to have helped such a young man along.

So in 2010 when his wife and he were over to london to find a place to live I invited them to dinner. His wife spoke no english at all at the time....but she had practiced with Adrian something she wanted to very broken english that she had tried hard to learn she said...and I can quote this exactly.
Thank you for what you have done for our family.
I was so delighted she had done that I even shed a was one of the most touching "thank yous" I have ever had.

Can a man expect such a "thank you" from his own wife today in the west? From his own children? From the thousands and thousands of lads that he helps out?

Not...he can't...and men in places like this would do very well to ask themselves why they do not thank those of us who have lived our entire lives in such fashion helping along those who are less able or less skilled in some way shape or form so that they can have a better life?

After doing this unbroken for 40 years and STILL being hated on? I will be FAR more selective now about the people I help and provide support for.

Why? Because experience has shown that the VAST majority of people in the west are so full of HATRED for their fellow man that when they see someone who has lived and exemplary life of contribution to others they HATE ON HIM for showing them up rather than choose to emulate that sort of behaviour and character so as to create abundance for all.

There is only artificial scarcity because men refuse to co-operate.....and MBA is the answer to men co-operating.

While men ALWAYS compete? There will be artificial scarcity and that is what you deserve. You will live a life of scarcity.

Me? I live a life of abundance. I have since 95 when I first realised I was creating artificial scarcity in my life. I recommend this way of living but most seem not to want it....they prefer scarcity and to just complain about it.
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Post by terminator » September 5th, 2012, 11:00 pm

Wow! I finally see Max Igan! I like how he traces the problems back to the Vatican.

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Post by PeterAndrewNolan » September 6th, 2012, 6:31 pm

terminator wrote:Wow! I finally see Max Igan! I like how he traces the problems back to the Vatican.
Yes..I have been wondering what he is going to look like when he finally shows his face. I wonder how he manages to make all those high quality movies though.

I also wonder why he NEVER talks about women committing crimes. I have sent him along enough information.

I think the bottom line is that men are such manginas in the west now that if any man criticises a woman then the women incites the manginas to attack the man and they do and so any many who speaks out against women is attacked.

In which case the manginas deserve to be culled for being so stupid as to support women just because the women do not like the truth.

As far as the Vatican.

The vatican is the religious arm of the Illuminati....there is religion, money, war...these are the three major control doctrines with law being part of religion really....

They are centered in the vatican, london and pentagon. I mean to say.....the pentagram is a satanic symbol and they build the PENTAGON in washington to control all the wars out of? And people say this conspiracy is HIDDEN? LOL!!
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