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My thoughts on the Indian Race

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My thoughts on the Indian Race

Postby AmericanEvil » Sat Sep 22, 2012 10:16 am

I see the root cause of the problem as overpopulation. 90 percent of people in India are animals and have no right to be reproducing. They are simply cockroaches that are sucking up resources and creating so many social problems due to overpopulation. Because of the overpopulation, there is mass poverty, and because of the mass poverty, indians develop a cheating mentality. In India, people do not even understand the concept of morality, "doing what is right", character or integrity.

One indian man was telling me many times "What benefit are you getting from fighting feminism, are you getting any money for this?" I can see that actually, he does not even understand the concept of character, or doing what is right, or helping others.

All the modern indian cares about is money. They are actually extremely selfish people. For example, when I was a Hindu monk selling Vedic books, white people and mexican people would usually give me some donation for books about Vedic philosophy that I was selling. But indians? Almost never. You would think that they would appreciate a white person promoting their own culture and religion and would stop and give at least a f***ing 1 dollar donation or 5 dollars, but no. Indians are actually far more evil than western people. Why? Because they are KNOWINGLY doing the wrong thing. They KNOW that the modern lifestyle, western culture, is wrong, and yet they follow it anyway. And where are the indians who are protesting against the moral breakdown of society in India? Less than 1 percent are protesting or speaking out against it. Indians have become an extremely degraded race of people. I would suggest that they are the most fallen people on this planet. 250 years ago, even the idea of theft was unthinkable in India, people would leave their homes unlocked. It has gone from that elevated culture, to this modern literal shit-hole that we see today.

So now you can perhaps understand why I am so vocal to support the depopulation agenda for India. I actually see it as the only hope. It's pretty clear that indians are not going to turn from their sinful ways and go back to their moral, spiritual culture. So the only other option then is that at least 80 percent are exterminated, and then all of the problems of overpopulation will be solved immediately. No more power grid failures, no more food shortages, and so on.

You can be sure that if WW3 starts, India and Pakistan will go into hot-war mode, and maybe it will turn nuclear. Either way, I think karma is coming soon and the world is about to balance itself out again, and get rid of all of the evil elements on the planet.
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