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Women and careers

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Postby Cornfed » Thu Nov 29, 2012 2:29 am

One point to remember about so-called career women in the West is that many of them are essentially in-house corporate whores, it that they have no real job other than to wear tight clothing, give out blow jobs, f**k senior executives etc. Hence they should not be considered marriage material.
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Re: Women and careers

Postby terminator » Thu Nov 29, 2012 6:16 am

Cornfed wrote:
Tsar wrote:One of the things I look at when I consider a girl is what she has had and wants to have as a career.

In my book if she wants to be a policewoman, firefighter, member of the armed forces, construction worker, or anything related to hard/manual labor she's too masculine. I won't consider a masculine woman.

To be fair, while they may want to be seen as police, firefighters etc. they usually don't actually want to police stuff or fight fires. For example, of all the firefighters killed on 9-11, none of them were women. They generally take the easy peripheral jobs and leave the men to do the actual hard and dangerous work.

If a girl wants to have a career I believe it should be something where their femininity can show.
nurturing, gentle, and tender
to showcase their beauty
Something they can demonstrate feminine creativity

Yes if you wanted them not to be corrupted by their work and their work to be useful, then some generalization of their female role would be better. However, marrying any woman more attuned to status given to her by the system vs. status she earns as a wife and mother has the potential for disaster. BTW, as a rule women are not creative.

+1 - I've said this all along. Women want 50% of top Jobs in society e.g. Judges, but they don't want 50% of the crap jobs e.g. miners so women shouldn't get the top jobs because of their gender.
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Postby Dragon » Thu Nov 29, 2012 6:20 am

Guys, guys! I have a solution to all of this. Keep the girl locked in your basement. Problem solved.
I am a terrible person.
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