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Why Women Lose The Dating Game

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Post by Andrewww » January 9th, 2013, 12:03 am

jboy wrote:
Andrewww wrote:The comments are hilarious :lol: The funnier ones are those who say that being single is wonderful...yeah, I'm sure living by yourself with 10 cats is sooo nice.

What can a 30 year old hag possibly offer me ? The sex will never be as good as with a 20 year old, the attitude doesn't help her one bit, she reminds me of my mother (in terms of looks, not that my mother is unattractive but she doesn't turn me on if you know what I mean), I don't care about her career, I don't care about her money and she's used up, probably carries a few STDs too.

This is just common sense, women are in their prime from 16-25. If they're not married by then there is clearly something wrong with them.

Not to sound like disagreeing but in middle class asian families, the girls are still in school at age 16-25, and only start looking to settle down after that. I should know because my cousins on my dad's side only started dating after graduating from advance studies. One cousin looked like a nerd on ages 16-25 and quite not yet 'ripe' looking body-wise when she was that age, also she was busy studying robotics and applied mechanics. However when she was through studying (26), she went from looking like a nerd teenager to a vamp. Not to sound pervy coz she's my cousin and all but she is hot hot hot! She got married at age 29 (she did look like 21-23 that time, asians age differently) and now is a full time housewife to her equally brilliant robotics engineer husband. Frankly I believe most of his breakthroughs are really from her brains lol. She's now 38 (looks like 25) with 3 kids...

So what I am saying is some girls who are smart likes to study or make something out of themselves before settling down, just because a girl is past the age of 25 and unattached means something is wrong with her. I believe if you are after an asian middle class girl (with education and social graces), they are at their best mid 20s to early 30s. If they do reach mid 30s and still unattached then maybe something is wrong with her or she could be a career woman type.
Your cousin wasn't whoring around in university, she was actually studying. I was referring more to the typical Western women brainwashed by feminism and sleeping with a few dozen men before they finish university. Studying is the last thing on their minds. Guess who are the most easy to pick-up women in Canada ? University students by a large margin...By age 25 they're psychologically f***ed up and physically used up as opposed to your cousin who was much more innocent.

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Post by ladislav » January 9th, 2013, 4:32 am

I am now 52 ( and I think I appear younger). Generally even here in Costa Rica I talk to girls who are in their late teens early twenties and I can feel that there is a spark of interest in their eyes and I can take it further. In the Philippines, age of a man is not even an issue at all. So, we are blessed to be men. The problem is, it is a pity that it has to be that way because we have so much love to give when we are young and they don't want it.

The modern Asian study-first-and-get-established-later-thing is something borrowed from the West. A 100 years ago I am sure nothing like this existed. The good thing you can do in Asia is actually find a girl who has no money to study and send her to school to get yourself an educated wife and she will love you for it. Asians are also very patient, less horny /romantic and can think long term.

But I have always maintained that love can and should support career and study and not distract one from it.

I like the E. European model- they actually multitask and for the life of me I can't understand why women in other places can't do the same:

You go to college or even before college you find a guy you love and even have sex with him and then you help and support each other through your studies and get married while in college all the while still poor and jobless. You then have a baby while at school and deal with things as they come. It is so natural to do while at the same time you get hit by life from the left and the right and that makes you both stronger. Then both of you help each other build a career.

My parents did that and I was born while both of them were studying and they sent me to my grandparents to take care of me for a while then they found work and got me back. They had a strong marriage and never even thought of a divorce or anything of the sorts.

Love and career/study can and should be pursued simultaneously.
A brain is a terrible thing to wash!

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Post by Andrewww » January 9th, 2013, 5:39 am

@ladislav, my parent's did exactly the same (back in Romania). I was actually raised by my grandparents for a couple of years while they were starting their careers.

The difference between my parents and typical AW is that they studied and worked very hard, helped each other through some rough times, had no expectations or entitlement issues. AW have no value of such things, they grow up with princess mentality.

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Post by Jacaré » January 9th, 2013, 5:40 am

great post and I agree with you that the EE model is probably the best. I'm also from a similar background as you as far as family model (parents working together through everything from a young age and I've been blessed to have both parents with me until not long ago. Divorce was not an option at any point in time.

I also like your idea of finding a poor but good girl in Asia and put her through school and then keep her. The challenge is finding one that is motivated enough to keep on going to school and using the funds for school and nothing else. Needless to say that for this to work, the guy has to either live there in Asia with the girl or have an iron fist control over her and make sure she does indeed not only go to schoool but actually does good. I might do that with a girl in the Phils...

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Post by Banano » January 9th, 2013, 6:20 am

school is a broad term, you mean you want her to be a doctor, lawyer, dentist or nurse, office admin

she needs to be somewhat bright and like studing

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Post by ladislav » January 9th, 2013, 11:37 am

The introduction of a 4 year degree to the Philippine culture from the US combined with the peasant help-your-family thing was not a good development and actually created a lot of pressure in society. This was weighted further by the demand for virginity- a perfect storm. So, in many cases you have a 4-5 year window in which many good girls push guys away- I need to study first and help my family first.

As a result there is demand for prostitutes to help guys satisfy their urges as well as all this sugar daddying going on to help those girls with their school obsession. While some guys rejoice at the opportunity to partake in these, it is really not good for society ( yeah, I know and I am the hypocrite here)

The Philippines would have been so much better if they could incorporate marriage inside of this 4-5 year formula but that does not seem to be the popular solution.
A brain is a terrible thing to wash!

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Post by Billy » January 9th, 2013, 10:53 pm

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