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WARNING: Hare Krishna, a sick child molesting cult

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WARNING: Hare Krishna, a sick child molesting cult

Postby Joelwilliams89 » Sun Jul 07, 2013 9:49 am

WARNING: Hare Krishna, a sick child molesting cult

The Hare Krishna cult is a very dangerous child-molesting cult. Over 2,000 children were molested in the Hare Krishna cult, and hundreds of those children have committed suicide as a result of the psychological trauma.

Here is a full list of the various tortures, as well as sexual molestation, that the children suffered:

Please keep your children far away from Hare Krishna temples, as they could be abducted and molested by Hare Krishna cult members. Here's a worldwide listing of Hare Krishna temples, check and see if they have a temple in your local hometown, and if so, please consider writing to your town council and requesting them to ban this criminal child molesting cult:

Worldwide Hare Krishna Temple Directory:

Please pass on this message to as many people as possible. By doing so, you just might be saving a child's life from being molested by this cult. Please post it on your Facebook wall, send it to your local newspapers, please just spread the word. Parents need to know to keep their children away from areas that have Hare Krishna temples in them.
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Re: WARNING: Hare Krishna, a sick child molesting cult

Postby Yohan » Sun Mar 01, 2015 8:37 am

Not sure, but what has this thread to do with this forum? What happens in India is one side, what is in Los Angeles is another story. If reported in USA, police will investigate such accusations.

Indian females are also not known to be violence free either, there are reports about mistreating of maids and children done by females, too.

The best is to stay away from religious cults of any faith. Why did you stay with them for 2 years?
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