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Idiot Forbes reporter equates Dubai rape case to East Asia?

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Idiot Forbes reporter equates Dubai rape case to East Asia?

Postby zboy1 » July 22nd, 2013, 5:14 am

What A Wonderful World! Get Raped In Dubai And You'll Serve 16 Months In Prison ... r=yahootix


Typical racist White scumbag tries to equate the situation of the women raped in Dubai (being held in jail) to the rest of Asia and Asian people? WTF? This coward doesn't even mention the word "Islam" in any of his post, yet rants about how horrible Asian society is? Why does this scumbag somehow paint Islamic society as somehow being the same as the rest of East Asia? And why does he totally believe the women--without first getting all the facts about the case? Smells like manginism and captain-save-a-ho to me. What bullcrap...and this was written by a Forbes reporter, LOL.
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Postby zboy1 » July 22nd, 2013, 5:47 am

Some of the comments are scathing of this article:

"Notice how the author attributes the savage way this poor girl has been treated to the fact of Dubai being an “Asianâ€￾ country. As if something this brutal would happen to a European in Japan. The author is a typical cowardly liberal who will never have the courage to state the obvious, that Islam is a genocidal cult which has no place in a civilized world."

"They’re not Asians! And they’re not from East Asia! Asians are way more civilized. They’re ARABS and they’re from MIDDLE EAST! STUPID MORON….!!!!"

"Why is everyone so afraid to call a spade a spade? It’s as if everyone is terrified of the word ISLAM. In fact, we have to go all the way down to the sixth paragraph to see the word printed, and then it’s never mentioned again. Fact is, that’s what this article is all about, the wretched treatment of women under Sharia law. The best Mr. Fingleton can seem to come up with is, “welcome to the Asian experience.â€￾ Well, Mr. Fingleton, that does a grave disservice to all of the Asian countries that do treat women with a modicum of respect. I’m sure the Japanese, Filipinos, Laotians, et. al. are particularly pleased that you are lumping them in with the Islamo-crazies to the west. It’s Islam that’s putting this poor woman in the situation she is in, not “Asianâ€￾ culture. Until you realize that and stop p***y footing around the issue, then you are just as much a contributor to the problem as the Muslims themselves."

"Kill a Black child and get away with murder in America. George Zimmerman is proof of that."

"I say THIS writer is prejudiced lumping PEOPLE in 1 category and calling them have same mind and same values. FirST look in mirror before throwing stones at others."

"Selective enforcement? Check out america the last 50… 100 years, the cops on the take, good cops thinking they can judge. Selective enforcement and those who can operated above the law, this country has been just like politics, slime slime slime, lucky any working person getting a fair shake and not be taken."

"Kinda insulting to have East Asia (China, SK, and Japan) grouped in with Muslim countries. Our world views are totally different. This stupid East vs West mentality, the “anyone who looks different is the ‘other’â€￾ stuff is outdated. I guess they let any monkey with a word processor submit to and get published on Forbes."

"Lady are you ranting or writing an article. You are all over the place. Get yourself educated first. Dubai is not in Asia but in middle east. Even a 5th grader knows this. I cannot believe it that you are painting both asia and middle east with one wide and ignorant brush. I used to respect Forbes. Not anymore."

"Totally one sided article. There is no hard evidence supporting the authors â€￾ convinced â€￾ belief that this woman’s story is accurate. And if there had never been false rape accusations id be more partial to side with the author. But we all know women never, never , never lie about stuff like this and make false claims. they never do……………."

"Forbes headline read “Get raped in Dubai and you’ll serve 16 months in prisonâ€￾. Where is the reliable source here that shows you she was INDEED raped. Forbes just came to the conclusion that she was raped. Is it because Forbes is American(which means zionist) propaganda network? And because American mainstream don’t like Arabs?"

"ANON! SO TRUE!!! America has a HUGE problem with FALSE allegations of rape. The country does NOTHING about it even after it’s been proven that someone lied about being raped. This happened to my friend James from a woman by the name of JungAn Choi. She’s done this MORE than once and she continues to get away with it!!! It’s disgusting that nothing happens to her! I’m so glad I moved out of America and live Japan! I would never want to deal with such BS."

"THANK YOU! This article is boasting like the women is 100% telling the truth and was raped. But it could of been completely mutual, she just regretted it afterwards and decided to make false claims and charges. America is to willing to give women the benefit of the doubt & be pro-feminine simply because women were treated unequally decades ago. This is 2013, not 1940. Obviously rape cases are legit most of the time, but not always."

"If only the U.S. and other westernized nations would prosecute false allegations of rape like they do in non-westernized nations, men might begin to get a crumb of justice thrown at them. False allegations of rape are just as bad as rape itself. Our rape farming culture and laws have imprisoned more innocent men than any other crime in history."

"Mr Fingleton, there’s no doubt in my mind about the culture (and legal system)differences between any western democratic society and those of Other cultures, whether in Dubai or Saudi Arabia or… However, you mentioned “the world is NOT converging to American valuesâ€￾ (thank God for that !) and “Justice in an American sense does not existâ€￾… With all due respect sir, who are you kidding?? Have you been on Mars for the past two weeks while the whole world is looking at “justice in Americaâ€￾ through the acquittal of Mr Zimmerman?? And how many rape victims in Amercia just go unnoticed, and how many cases where the wrong person have been convicted of rape when it wasn’t the case? And did you, did you really cover the full facts of this case in Dubai before you decide as judge and jury that if you get raped in Dubai you will go to jail for it… How very inappropriate for a magazine of this caliber, to publish such disturbing heads just to attract readers…"

"Here is a real and true story…while living in Bahrain my girlfriend and i had a dog, he was an 8 month old Rot wailer. One day while I was at work my girl friend arrived home to find the dog gone. A local Bahraini saw my girl friend walking up and down the area we lived in checking out other compounds and offered to help her, saying he knew a place close by were lost dogs are taken. Now mind you, She was a 6ft tall blonde fairly fit American woman in the US military and for the most part Bahrain was one of the safest places I personally have ever lived(of course I am guy). Accepting his assistance she climbed into his SUV(Toyota Land Cruiser) and after pulling away from the side of the road this man locked the doors and then took his penis out and started masturbating and telling her he would give her big money for sex…..She broke her elbow on the passenger side window and climbed out of the moving car…

It is largely known and documented that women are deemed as possessions throughout the middle east much like a car, house, dog, or cat and they are treated as such."

"In the western world because women are “made goddesses and actually worshipedâ€￾ by Jesuit Catholicism … and the popes of Rome…women are therefore considered free from guilt! [even in 1626 in America because of the Jesuit Fathers they stopped persecuting lesbians but still hung Anglo Saxon white male homosexuals]…

So NOW Asia does NOT yet worship women [but is soon coming with Jesuit Episcopalian-Catholicism] and allow them every abuse possible against Anglo Saxon white Protestant men! Asia still allows that men can have jobs but a White Anglo Saxon Male in America can NOT!"

"Justice is elusive even in the USA, remember Trayvon? In Florida, the decision makers understood the shooter Zimmerman, but forgot the 17 year old teen who had no gun and felt threatened–in hindsight, that court verdict is a lesson to all to carry a gun and shot when threatened–Taryvon did not have a gun. The same is true of Dubai, because the laws are written and interpreted by the local indigenous men. The world is always like that, because justice in its purest form is just like a random act of kindness, and how often does that occur? The danger of this “truthâ€￾ getting out is frightening potential visitors to Dubai. However, Who ever said Dubai was like Kansas?"


Absurdly hypocritical is the fact that Dubai is a cozy USA/EU ally whom we coddle, and protect against democratic revolutions, while we attack nations like Iran and Pakistan whose laws are no different from Saudi Arabia, or UAE, or other allies of ours we call ‘progressive’ and ‘democratic.’

Also absurd is the statement that they have “nothing like American justice.â€￾ What sort of justice do we have in America? A Black college student was raped by a bunch of White football players, and botht he media and the college blamed the Black girl for getting raped, and called her a liar. A White Latino adult just got let off scott-free for stalking, confronting, then murdering a Black teenager outside the kid’s stepdad’s home. What justice? Over 65% of murdered Native Americans are denied any investigation by US law enforcement. Justice is a travesty in the USA for anyone who is Black, Native American, or who is not rich. You are shameless with your finger wagging while women’s rights are utterly under attack right here in the USA, and France will not allow Muslim women to dress properly according to their own choices. Shameless hypocrisy."

"Are you kidding, America is a CESSPOOL, you’ve got a guy who held 3 girls captive for 10 years and repeatedly raped them and your reporting on this? You’ve got black on black crime at a 90% rate and your reporting on this? You’ve got a corrupt US Administration (NSA / IRS /etc) and your reporting this? We can’t do anything about third world problems. Grow a back bone and report on problems in the US, or are you afraid?"

"You are a bigot who uses news and events to proliferate your racist viewpoints. By bigot, I will expound. ‘Asians’ cover a vast region, many cultures, countries and sub-cultures. Your use of the word ‘They’ implies generalization and grouping as you have referenced it to ‘Asians’ in the previous sentence. Additionally, as you have grouped ‘Asians’ together by use of the word ‘They’, you have further added what you understand to be a specific cultural behavior, namely “‘They’ expect people to read between the lines.â€￾ I will not bother expounding on the sentence that precedes, because I am unsure if your grasp of the written English language is sufficient to even understand what is written here."

"What a load of bigotry and hatred – taking one issue and crapping on entire continents & cultures! This guy writes for Forbes? Forbes should be ashamed to be employing such bigots! These things don’t happen in the west? Thousands of military women in the US are raped & harassed every year and if they dare complain, they get kicked out!
The days were when westerners saw blacks & thought they were more animals, did not feel pain etc – i see the days have not yet gone – a lot of bigotry & racism still exists. What happened to this poor woman is wrong, but every tiime a white woman suffers an injustice these bigots come out of the woodwork. Hey jerk, how about writing about the poor indian woman who died waiting for an abortion in Ireland? Are the irish racists? Why not write about that?

These jerks still think they can write whatever abuse they want & sites like Forbes indulge these jerks"

"Thank you for making your views on this topic so public. It is indeed a rare treat to see your blatant racism and inability to see your own broken “Western Judicial Systemâ€￾ on such display and by extension the West’s racism on such beautiful display. I am an attorney and practice in the United States where I was born and raised. However, I have had the privilege of not only growing up as being a minority in America, thus acquiring an allergy to Western BS but also to travel the world and experience the cultures you so easily dismiss as uncivilized. I became a lawyer only after being stripped of everything I cherished by the Western Judicial System including my two sons based on lies from my ex-wife nearly 15 years ago. I also had the pleasure of being convicted of assault and battery in Abu Dhabi last year and experiencing their Judicial System. I have to say that I prefer their injustice to the Western Justice.

What injustice you say? 10,000 people in the US are wrongfully convicted every year of major crimes. Black students in the US are only 18% of the population but are 46% of those that are suspended more than once from school. A 2009 study found that 1.7 million children in the US have at least one parent in jail, 70% of those 1.7 million are minority children in a white man’s world. Do you know why so many people in the US still cannot forget the O.J. Simpson trial and why so many minorities celebrated his acquittal? It was the first time in the US that White Americans knew what it felt like to NOT receive justice from the system, a system that continually fails minorities. Minorities in the US wanted the white man to know what exactly if felt like to be them. And to this I thank God that the world is NOT converging on American values.

Your arrogance to proclaim yourself Judge is astounding when all you heard was one weepy women’s third hand testimony. Now you know better than a Judge who heard the entire case in Dubai? What you are probably really mad about is that she didn’t get special white person treatment in the UAE. It astounds me every time the American President gets on the phone or the US State Department gets involved when an American gets in trouble overseas for breaking the law and yet you have the self entitled arrogance to demand his release from one end of your mouth while you extoll the virtues of “the rule of lawâ€￾ from the other end of your mouth.

The fact is, under Islamic law the burden of proof is EXTREMELY high, basically you need a confession or numerous RELIABLE witnesses. In American you just need a feeling that he did it, much like your feeling that this women is a victim thus explaining the countless victims of the American judicial system. In the process of making her unsubstantiated accusations she confessed to her own crimes triggering her own conviction. Deal with it!!!

Do you know why so many people in the US still cannot forget the O.J. Simpson trial and why so many minorities celebrated his acquittal? It was the first time in the US that White Americans knew what it felt like to NOT receive justice from the system, a system that continually fails minorities. Minorities in the US wanted the white man to know what exactly if felt like to be them.

Warmest regards,

Not Buying Your BS"

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Postby Maverick » July 22nd, 2013, 7:27 am

I wouldn't sweat it, man. This guy is a moron. As many of the comments said, Dubai is nowhere near East Asia. I'm sure he doesn't know that because he stays in his western cocoon. He's probably never even been overseas.
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Postby Renata » July 24th, 2013, 2:07 am

In the youtube video I posted in the Ladies forum, the victim admitted that she went willingly to his room & drank a bottle of water there, even after he was a bit agressive with her ... she was there on buisness & was having alcoholic drinks with the guy .... either she's careless & stupid or I think they're not disclosing everything. I suspect he hired her & they had some business deal & then he got this bright idea to try to sleep with her. Generally Arab men think All foreign women are easy pickings & they will try their best to bed you. I've experienced that here, I tend to blend in until I speak & then all their eyes light up & their demeaner changes.
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Postby aozora13 » July 24th, 2013, 2:34 am

I guess it is many stereotypes about foreign women. Still I agree with zboy. That is a bad comparison sinsce Dubai (UAE) is in Southwest Asia which politically is the middle east. It is not east Asia.
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