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Why get married?

Discuss and talk about any general topic.

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Re: Why get married?

Post by gsjackson » October 3rd, 2017, 4:05 pm

Man With a Plan wrote:
droid wrote:
gsjackson wrote:
droid wrote:You guys don't know your arse from your elbow, MWAP is BlueMurder, not 'Yick' by a mile.
BM has been banned a few times, not exactly my cup of tea but sometimes makes reasonable posts. At least he stays somewhat civil.
No. Too articulate for Blue Murder, who is an American. The recurring self-improvement trope is a dead giveaway. He showed up right after Yick disappeared. Precisely the same degree of contentiousness, in precisely the same tone. It's your old pal Yick. And so much for my hopes of convincing Rock and Ghost to come back
I think you're way off the mark here gs. No instant ad-hominems, personal attacks or faggy itemized responses by MWAP. He can 'let go' of an argument as well lol.
Also BM likes these icon type of avatars, that's pretty obvious, unless that's being feigned of course.
An IP check would be nice here Lmao.
Pretty sure I said I'm not either of the two. I know I just wrote two paragraphs explaining that.

Why did Yick leave anyway? He was banned a few times and still engaged in his doxing habit. I'm guessing someone finally got the drop on him the same way he pushed Ghost to leave.
Methinks he doth protest the yickiness too much. No biggie if he wants to shed the Yick skin and post in another persona, perhaps less contentiously. Yick wasn't without his redeeming viewpoints.

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Man With a Plan
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Re: Why get married?

Post by Man With a Plan » October 3rd, 2017, 4:21 pm

Yick had like, one redeeming viewpoint. Hardly puts him in the positive category with HouseMD and Marcos. Not to mention his doxing. Who does that?
The Grey Menace.

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