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Be the ruler of your domain.

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Be the ruler of your domain.

Postby zacb » September 22nd, 2013, 3:03 pm


You men were designed by God to benevolently rule the Creation. You were designed to first; rule yourselves, your lust, your covetousness and your behavior; then, having properly ruled your own lust, you were designed to benevolently rule over that which God has placed under you. However, your lust has enslaved you. Your unwillingness to abstain from your sexual desires has made you into a lower animal, a mere beast, rather than a man. Your beastly behavior has robbed you of your birthright, your honor, your power and your authority. You cannot stand on your own two feet because you have become a dog and not a man. I speak to you as a dog because you have become a dog. No dog is fit to rule God’s creation, and neither will any dog inherit the Kingdom designed for redeemed men from the foundation of the world. Your life is miserable and your culture is fallen because YOU cannot control yourself. Just once let God’s servants take control over their sexual behavior, and they will also once again be seated properly on the throne that God has provided for them. If you are a Christian, God has called you a King and a Priest of the Most High God, but you are only a King if you have properly ruled yourself. You are only a King if your subjects do not rule over you. You are only a King if you have not bought the “50-50â€￾ power-sharing lie. You are a King when you benevolently and Biblically rule over that which God has given you. Until such time as you rise up and put off your beastly behavior, you will be nothing but a slave, and the worst kind of slave at that, a slave to a woman who evidently has no respect for you… only disdain.


I hate to use offensive verbiage, but it is necessary and no worse than that vocabulary that spills forward from the modern culture… that same culture that has used the sexuality of a woman to enslave men. The wicked and ungodly worship of women, of sex, of harlotry has turned the man into an animal, and it is to these men that I address this rebuke. Your father, Adam, put a woman before God and lost everything he was given and brought death upon all men. Can you not see that this is the same wickedness that prevails in your culture, in your worldview and even in your homes? Ask yourself why God uses the shadow-picture of the woman as the fulfillment of all that entraps and seduces man? Why, you have become a dog and you don’t even know it! Let me speak plainly to you for awhile; maybe I can talk some sense into you.

You men out there who call yourselves “christianâ€￾, I’m speaking to you. Why do you learn the ways of male/female relationships from the world? Why do you partake of ungodly and unbiblical mating rituals like “datingâ€￾ and “going outâ€￾, when the Bible knows nothing of these concoctions? Why do you put your hands on Canaanite women? Why do you take them to yourselves as wives? Why do you look on them with lust instead of scorn and derision? Is not the Holy Spirit of God within you? Has God not asked you to come out from among HER and be ye separate? Isn’t the admonition to abstain from ungodly women throughout all of scripture? I don’t have to scold and rebuke women to ask them to quit dressing like whores and seducers; why, if you men would refuse to play their game, if you would refuse to look upon them except with sadness and pity… they would soon have to change their tune AND their clothing. Yes, it is true that women even dress inappropriately and immodestly in churches and in home groups. Yes, it is true that they often dress like the Canaanite women and unbelievers. Why should you be shocked? Where are their leaders? Where is their head? You will not lead them because you are too busy sniffing around them as if you were a dog in heat. You follow them wherever they go. Is there any doubt that they will lead you around by the nose if you act like a base beast? Stand up on your feet man! You’ve been enslaved by a silly chemical release in your brain. You’ve been enslaved by a physical act that has no eternal benefit to you. You look down in disdain at crack addicts and coke-heads, while you slither around in the dust of the earth for a chemical release that isn’t any different. You think you have to have sex? You think you have to have a woman’s attention in order to function? You are under a curse, man! I will tell you this… The day you stand up on your feet and act like a Godly man, you will find that God will lift that part of the curse off of you.

I found it on here

This is very relevant.
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Postby ScarletRedLips » September 22nd, 2013, 4:53 pm

This is beautiful and completely true. Women know that men put them on a pedestal, and that's what gives them power. I especially loved this:

"You look down in disdain at crack addicts and coke-heads, while you slither around in the dust of the earth for a chemical release that isn’t any different."

That's why it's so silly to chase after a girl out of lust. I love reading this forum because you guys are on to something with your awakened disapproval of female hypocracy, and I think you great men should be looking for a girl that will be above the whole power-controlling-men-with looks/makeup/sexy clothes thing. Sadly many foreign women are like this too. They are just sweeter on the outside because they are not taught to be 'snobby' like American women. That doesn't mean they are sweet on the inside, though. Many of them are the female version of that really 'great, happy' guy friend who is always willing to take advantage of you.

Don't settle for a girl and put her on a pedestal just because she smiled at you instead of calling you a "creeper", you are selling yourself short. Especially if she spends so much time doing makeup/hair/clothes. Because that stuff she spends hours doing to herself (and trust me it's a lot more than you guys know-- it's not visible to the eye and that's the point, girls want to look 'naturally' beautiful) isn't for you, it's for all men, thus making you replaceable. By telling her she is beautiful you are just repeating the words of numerous other men, you are not special to her, you are just inflating her ego more. Girls who spend so much time on their appearance do it because they know the power it gives and they choose to utilize it. If a girl chooses to benefit from this power, then she is very egoistic and she is not sweet or modest on the inside, despite how she may look and act. Often it's the plain-janes who are the sweetest.

So instead of spending time fighting for hot girls and calling non-perfect girls lazy and ugly, look for a girl who makes you feel at home, and is your best friend. That's the girl you should cherish and call beautiful. Then maybe one day your plain-jane will get prettied up for you and only you and she will look so beautiful and you'll have the pleasure of knowing it's not something she normally does, therefore it's for you and you are special and irreplaceable to her.

Just my 2cents, take it or leave it.
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