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You want to COME TO AMERICA - Do You REALLY Know America?

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You want to COME TO AMERICA - Do You REALLY Know America?

Post by Johnny » October 29th, 2013, 11:53 am ... eally-know

Somebody say the truth about coming to America to immigrants planning to move to the us. Read all the comments.

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Post by zboy1 » October 29th, 2013, 11:50 pm

Hah! Even African immigrants see the truth about America and how 'shitty' the country really is....

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Post by NorthAmericanguy » October 30th, 2013, 11:52 pm

Dam, this post is the truth!

"OP, God bless you for this thread. You see, America had been my residence for almost 14 years. I remember when I was coming to America in the late 90s, friends in Europe warned me not to go but I stubbornly did not listen because I was carried away by what I saw on MTV and BET. When I arrived in the USA, my eye come clear. America is nothing like what she portrays herself to be. Infact, America brings out the worst in people oftentimes. You see people asking their family relatives to pay rent even though said family relative(s) is/are unemployed. You see some Nigerians calling immigration on their fellow Nigerians who have not yet sorted out their immigration palaver. You see some Nigerians spending the whole paycheck of their fellow family member who had just migrated to America and had just started working.

Most Americans live from paycheck to paycheck. Debt is a huge issue. Most Americans have mortgage loans, car loans, student loans, credit card debts, infact, 'gbese' all the way. Without credit cards, most Americans cannot survive. The American society is largely a debt-driven society. They encourage you to get into debt so that you can have a credit history. Without a credit history, you can't do much in America.

The racism is something else in America as well. You walk into a store and the whites think you want to steal. Sometimes they stalk you. The average american will harass you because of your accent, your African name, and threat you like crap once they find out that you come from a 3rd world country or from Africa. In America, you have nice neighborhoods and then you have the run down, crime-ridden neighborhoods which you find mostly in the inner cities. Many neighborhoods that have mostly black people and Latino residents in them are poverty-stricken but not all of course. Many neighborhoods are racially segregated especially in New York city.

Overall, America is just there. I truly believe that there are other more tolerant advanced societies an African immigrant can live a good life in. One just has to search. However, as for me, USA just ain't it. Yes, you have constant electricity, water, fast internet access, good universities and the likes. But, the average American will always remind you that you are not part of them no matter how long you reside in the USA and that is the gospel truth. I know some Nigerians will come on this thread and start defending America like their roots lie in that country or like that lives depended on it. However, I believe in telling it as it is. Many Nigerians love lying anyway so that they can keep boosting to their relatives in Nigeria and making themselves feel relevant. The truth however must be told so that people who wish to migrate to USA can make an informed decision. Shalom!"

"I found that a lot of Nigerians are living in denial. Some genuinely make silly decisions they regret 10 years later. My uncle is a Doctor and so is his wife. They are both Igbo. He migrated here and married his "naija american wife" when he met her in med school, and probably for papers. They live in one of the MOST expensive neighborhoods in NC YET, they do not have a life. His wife works from 5am to 2am the next day and she's home for about 2 hours and she's out. My uncle is burned out and keeps telling me how he wants to relocate to Nigeria. he has established a clinic in abuja and one in Lagos, he hopes to generate enough income there to MOVE. Mind you he went to a PRESTIGIOUS medical school, he and his wife. He OWNS a clinic in America, as does his wife. You would think, wow they achieved the AMERICAN dream. Yet he says all the money he makes goes to his mortgage, payroll, children's fees, and of course every Nigerian back in Nigeria ASSUMES he must be LIVING LARGE and have EXTRA MONEY every where. You know what he does PART TIME TO EARN MONEY He does things like GNLD, Mary Kay!! YES , A DOCTOR !!! FROM A VERY PRESTIGIOUS SCHOOL (AN IVY). I know of Attorneys too begging people back in Nigeria to give them positions so they can MOVE BACK. They are all tired of America. My mum refuses to live here. She just comes, shops and goes back to Nigeria.

Boy was she surprised when she came here and met all the people "DOING WELL IN AMERICA". She realized they all BORROWED money to Buy their homes and were still PAYING back (with HUGE INTEREST RATES) . In America when you want to buy a house they make you borrow from the bank and give you a mortgage you pay for 30 YEARS!!!!! 30 Years! That's a nice mortgage. Can you imagine owing someone and paying for 30 years! When will that debt end? Are you not paying 10x the value of the house? And if you don't pay up they come and reclaim your house and put you OUT. Yes, MANY people are HOMELESS simply because they can't pay.

She realized people with "nice cars" you get to see on Facebook and stupidly envy ARE ALL LIVING OFF BORROWED cars. I.e they finance the cars (same method as mortgage). The NICE CLOTHES they "sent you" from America? ALL ON THEIR CREDIT CARDS. THey don't have the MONEY. They are simply BORROWING to survive and paying back penny by penny

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