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In fairness, America does have some well-meaning people.

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In fairness, America does have some well-meaning people.

Post by Temprano26 » November 15th, 2013, 4:57 pm

I am not saying our complaints against America are invalid. They are totally spot-on and I know them through personal experience. I am in massage class to better my life so I can find a place where it is not hard to find love as it is here. Where people are not so blind that they cannot see the good in me. When I came back from Costa Rica, I faced six months of Americans treating me like shit because the economy in 2009-2010 was lousy and they were showing me their true colors. We have had it good for so long that we cannot face adversity and we turn on each other when the chips are down. People in Costa Rica don't have the same obscene wealth that we have but their strong sense of unity keeps them happy and fulfilled. They are happy to be surviving and to have food for their children. They don't covet the way we do.

But I would also be doing myself a disservice if I was blind to the good people that make it a better place. There are individuals out there that cannot change how messed up things are but can make people around them happier. There is a guy on the train that says good morning to everyone with a smile on his face. He is totally in touch with the fact that riding the train can be monotonous and that most people would rather be sleeping in than going to work. He tells everyone "don't work too hard now". He is nobody powerful but he lives a life of goodwill towards other people. Massage therapy is full of well-meaning people too that want to be happy making other people feel better and yes to make money doing it. I worked at a hostel when I lived in Austin, Texas cooking dinners in the kitchen so that x amount of people could enjoy pizza and cheeseburgers. People from Australia, Europe, the US, everyone was awesome to me because of my goodwill.

It doesn't change the fact that America is a wretched place for dating and that most people go through life with disappointment on their faces. All I am saying is the little things people do matter and that the world does not have to be full of bitterness because of forced celibacy.

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Post by zboy1 » November 15th, 2013, 6:23 pm

Yeah, there are still some good Americans and some pockets of sanity left throughout the country...although it is becoming increasingly rare...

Not everyone is cut-out for traveling or living overseas...

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Post by Grunt » November 18th, 2013, 9:49 pm

America has devolved into full-blown "Crab Mentality". A nation of haters. There are a few kind souls, but the vast majority of Americans barely qualify as human.
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Cool story, bro.

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Post by In2dadark » November 18th, 2013, 9:59 pm

My thoughts wax & wane on this. I might feel one way or another depending on the day. AFA 'forced celibacy' goes. I guess that's the case when one considers much of the options are risky at best. Hard to find real truthers among Americans. I'm pleasantly surprised at how many Filipinas I meet who are well aware of what is going on & knew that recent storm was HAARP modified; but that's for another thread. I just don't see them as dumb as they're sometimes portrayed here. Maybe in everyday life, living there it feels (or is) that way..?

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