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For those of you serious about polygamy

Posted: December 8th, 2013, 7:32 am
by Teal Lantern
Rich Kazakhs Revive Polygamy as Women Seek Poverty Escape
Given the choice between love and money, Samal, a tall, curly-haired 23-year-old woman from a village in southern Kazakhstan, would take the cash.
Struggling to pay rent and tuition on her salary as a waitress in Almaty, the Kazakh commercial capital, Samal says she’d drop her boyfriend in a heartbeat if a wealthy older man offered to make her his second wife. ... scape.html

How'd you like to be the boyfriend a "heartbeat" away from no longer dating her?
I don't suppose some tradcon can point to when western "Feminists" held a mass bra burning in downtown Almaty and caused this attitude? No? Female instinct, then?

Oh well, carry on, Poindexter. Just be sure to keep the cash coming in.