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Its just girls...Don't let it take over your mind

Discuss and talk about any general topic.

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Postby S_Parc » April 29th, 2014, 6:03 pm

publicduende wrote:
Luc Furr wrote:The fact that you don't know that advanced sexbots already exist shows you are out of the loop. The fact I have seen them and been pleasured by them shows I am in the loop.

What are these 'advanced sexbots'? Sorry, I am into real sex, you can keep your loop :)

Perhaps Luc's a time traveler. I don't think they'll be so advanced until starting 2025. But after that, watch out :shock: we're talking Star Trek Voyager's Seven of Nine level android :D by mid 2030s.

Here's a link to the Outer Limit's episode, Valerie 23, from the 90s ...

16 years ago, the Best Picture of 1999, "American Beauty", telegraphed the message of Happier Abroad to the world.

Beware of long term engagements with AWs, you may find yourself in a coffin.

AB discussion thread

BTW, despite settling down with an AW, myself, the warning is still in effect.
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Re: Its just girls...Don't let it take over your mind

Postby starchild5 » May 1st, 2014, 2:27 pm

Luc Furr wrote:So how did the great awaking go, Starchild5? Oh, it didn’t. Bet your Gaia charlatans so disgusted the Messiah that in his despair he was forced to look to a world reset (1000 years of barbarism) as humanities only hope. Then, Gaian’s, the masters of false love, probably tried to kill the Messiah. Poisoned him with alkaline ph 12 water, dissolved his mushroom, burned his digestive tract, poisoned his food, changed the brew people buy to pot belly forming and BP increasing poison. That’s your modus operandi for killing people who don’t agree with you, isn’t it?
Gaian’s and starchildren are evil, true evil masquerading as good.
Btw the "great spiritual" knowledge your group is pedaling is known to and used by Brazilian Indians and North American Indians... what did they have? NOTHING! They were in a darkness so black that there was never a way out. That is what you offer the world. You and people like you would have everyone on earth descend into that same eternal darkness, death heaped upon death. Why? So, there is more for you. Yeah, I hear your kind talking in Organic stores, “Shhhh don’t tell the others, more for us.â€￾

starchild5 wrote:The suffering & misery that humanity is going through is really due to this incredible power they have inside of them.....This power is so much suppressed by this darkness that everything that our fellow humans do look incredibly stupid..If only they wake up to this force inside them...everything will change in a second.

yeah....We have heard and read all this talk about human beings are special etc by new age...but that does not cover it at all...You are not special...You are incredible...I mean special does not cut it...that is the problem.... ..All new age superlatives does not cover what you truly are, what you are really meant to be.....that is why so much pain and misery humanity is going through.....We are still relating humanities potential to the basics of being special if we were free...BUT your purpose goes way beyond it...

Humanity is suppressed not because if they were free...they could fly away, walk on the water, live for ever, spread bliss and love, end poverty, make world a better place etc etc ...NO NO NO.....The real reason is way way way beyond it....that is why so much pain and misery.....because once you become what you were meant to be....That is IT for the known universe itself....You would reach where no one ever has...Guaranteed...This is how much is at stake here....Now, you will understand the real reason why your life is made a living hell...

Think in universal terms..This sounds more super hero, cartoon network type story line but thats a trick by the darkness to suppress what human beings are meant to be....There true destiny is beyond known universe itself...

Human beings really are the KEY to the unknown universe that no one has ever explored.

LOL....I have nothing whatsoever to do with gaia, new age, old age, gods, christ, islams, south American shamans, americans indians, east indians, hinduism, yoga, science etc etc etc...

I'm not sure why are you relating all these above to my posts, when I have not mentioned them even ONCE....

If only you took time to understand what I wrote....I'm not talking about anything you know thats for sure....because you are trying to debunk what I'm saying and Im categorically saying that it has nothing to do what you are thinking about it is :)

Good Luck...
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Postby ringspun » May 3rd, 2014, 6:17 pm

I think many men should secure their finances and not just marry any p***y they meet, as someone else mentioned Chase Money and then Women Chase you, this is true, however you do get a certain type of woman who will do that, and thats not the sort I like.

I am still looking for the innocent non feminist bitchy type, which I have found in Thailand and P.I but guess what they are in abundance there so its hard to choose and stay faithful lol!
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