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Are Yemen, Ethiopia, and Tajikistan welcoming?

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Re: Good point

Post by TopSpruce » May 5th, 2014, 4:58 pm

Jester wrote:
TopSpruce wrote: You are completely right, no point in talking about it anymore. I'm already starting to prepare for my next trip this fall. I guess I just need to narrow down the country. Tajikistan is not bad, but Yemen and Ethiopia are looking better and more traditional and welcoming. Certainly, some more careful research is in order. This time I'll pay more attention to statistics instead of anecdotal data. I'll also try to get some penpals to have some friends as contacts in place before I arrive. Getting there is the easy part, narrowing down the final choice is the difficult part, but thats the way life goes. Last time I spent 4 months researching before I moved to the FSU for 3 years. This time I hope to find the right place and start a family.
Why Tajikistan as opposed to Kirghizsran? Farsi culture as opposed to Mongol or what? Just curious.

I wholeheartedly concur with Ethiopia. It would be on my list if I thought I could make a living there. BTW NAughtyNomad has a blog where he describes romantic adventures abroad. Check out his post about Ethiopia. He's a young fit Irish guy who looks like a Viking, he had a blast there.

Also don't know if you're a history buff like me, but the "Ark of the Covenant" ( a box holding the original Ten Commandments) is in Ethiopia, in Aksum. The same one that Indiana Jones was looking for in "Raiders of the Lost Ark".

Re Yemen - how do you plan to pull off bridehunting there? I think of them as all believing Moslems. I guess there used to be a lot of Jews there, but regardless, same problem. Hard to penetrate where tribal cockblocking is strong. I suppose Aden would be more cosmopolitan? Great idea if you can get in, girls raised in a conservative culture, no feminism, obedience etc.... And not much competition from outsiders I would guess, except military types heading for brothels...
Well, I'm not just planning on finding a wife there. I also plan on living permanently in the country I find a wife in. I tried to do this in the FSU, but found it lacking.

I know of several women who converted to Islam and moved to Turkey or Yemen, there must be some men who do the same too. I'm sure an arranged marriage type deal is what happens in countries like Yemen, or at the very least a very strictly controlled courtship in the big cities. I think paying a bride price and being a devout muslim with a good job and temperate personality would be enough to find a match.

I don't think all muslims are radical terrorists as people in the west thing they are. A lot of the muslims I have met are good people. I think Islam is the only religion that is withstanding the corruption of modernity, at least to the degree that is possible. I like the idea muslims have that "the purpose of existence is to worship god." Life is pretty dull without a purpose to it.

Obviously, these are just some initial leads I have going. I don't want to make too hasty a decision, following the multi-year mistake of my FSU trip. But, for the first time in a while, I have some hope.

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Post by Jester » May 6th, 2014, 12:29 am


Sobering stuff.

Not just "happier abroad".

Happier MOSLEM??!!!

I do agree with you about Moslems, its like Mormonism, if you can ignore the pure baloney, its a working system.

I DO hope you try Ethiopia first.

God speed in any case. You do have a right to a woman and a family.
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