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Filipinocupid: is this for real?

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Post by Tezcatlipoca » June 22nd, 2014, 10:40 pm

If this woman was the biggest bitch alive would you still cum in her? That is the question you must ask yourself. Most women are not worth the risk. I think American women are so bitchy in part because America is going down hill fast and now there is a mad scramble for upper class disk because people are trying to ensure their survival
Stop being angry at the stuff you don't have (yet) in life and instead focus on how to get it.

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Post by targetguy » June 23rd, 2014, 2:14 am

8) After 2 of these text mate relationships I have about had it. The talk is endless so are the health problems etc. I went there wanting to get married only to find out the so called brother was not the brother but the boyfriend. Unfortunately it took years to find this out and until the truth is known about these gals I would recommend a thourgh detective criminal background check before getting serious.
no scammers

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Post by newlifeinphilippines » June 23rd, 2014, 3:30 am

publicduende wrote:
newlifeinphilippines wrote:good advice.

I heard dating sites take awhile to really filter out hte uglies and scammers and dengerates so at this point i can't be bothered signing up for filipinocupid and she is with me anyways. Maybe in future trips but I think im giving up for awhile now the philippines is not the dating paradise people say. Even finding 3 or 4 that will talk regularly that are attractive etc. The nurse girl was like the only qualiy girl (sort of) out of hundredsof contacts that was always making an effort to talk to me etc but that was DIA but this was over like 2 months. Even if filipinocupid is better it will take a while to filter out on cam.

even im confused by her she says one thing but does another in regards to me and then also with her boyfriend before she wants serious but then he runs all over and sees other women but yet she misses him and wants to be with him? Anyways its definitely opened my eyes that a educated nurse can also be a scammer, but in a different way (not love she i slooking for but a easy ticket out or expensive vacations LOL) she sort of admitted it to me even saying she loved money also. She said i was chinese when i said im simple and not materialistic So much for love :( Im now convinced more than ever that there isn't many qulaity women going for foreigners specifically.
The very best option would be to spend several months in the Philippines. The obvious problem is, can you afford it? Perhaps if you give up completely on P4P and live frugally in a second-tier city like Iloilo, Cagayan de Oro, Roxas, Tacloban etc. you should be able to get by with less than $500 a month. If the girl is really good, she won't mind you not being able to go on a dinner date with her more than once a week :)

I have heard good things about Roxas City. http://realestateroxascityphilippines.c ... roxas-city
It's cheap, safe, it has excellent water quality and good infrastructure, low pollution and arguably the best seafood in the country.
I live cheaply in cebu city actually and i only go out once or twice a week. I fixed her teeth but(my choice) and no vacations. That was my way of keeping costs down. This nurse girl seemed focus on money and going on tons of vacations which sounded like bad news for me so i guess my current girlfriend isn't so bad afterall not even my bargirl before cared about lavish vacations or eating out etc she just wanted to get paid (wasn't that much overall she cos me the same as my current girlfriend).

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Post by Bao3niang » July 2nd, 2014, 3:42 pm

Out of all the girls I've talked to on, only 2-3 are decent and one (Thi Hua) is good. At least this is from what I know about them now. Some other ones seem okay but they are hurt from past relationships with local guys and are not looking for a new relationship. A Vietnamese guy who has an equally intense struggle as me with his family has promised to introduce me to a female once I get my feet in Ho Chi Minh City.

And by the way, why do so many report bad luck with Thai women?

Hearing you guys tell these stories is making me more and more scared..... If human civilization is so "advanced" and "progressive" in the 21st century, why do so many still have a survivalist mentality even when materially they can sustain themselves for a decent quality of life? Are we really civilized intellectually?

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Post by ntm1972 » July 2nd, 2014, 4:31 pm

Bao3niang wrote:Hearing you guys tell these stories is making me more and more scared..... If human civilization is so "advanced" and "progressive" in the 21st century, why do so many still have a survivalist mentality even when materially they can sustain themselves for a decent quality of life? Are we really civilized intellectually?
Allow me to trot out the following, found in the 1965 foreword to Erich Fromm's book Escape From Freedom:
It becomes ever increasingly clear to many students of man and of the contemporary scene that the crucial difficulty with which we are confronted lies in the fact that the development of man's intellectual capacities has far outstripped the development of his emotions. Man's brain lives in the twentieth century; the heart of most men lives still in the Stone Age. The majority of men have not yet acquired the maturity to be independent, to be rational, to be objective. They needs myths and idols to endure the fact that man is all by himself, that there is no authority which gives meaning to life except man himself. Man represses the irrational passions of destructiveness, hate, envy, revenge; he worships power, money, the sovereign state, the nation; while he pays lip service to the teachings of the great spiritual leaders of the human race, those of Buddha, the prophets, Socrates, Jesus, Mohammed -- he has transformed these teachings into a jungle of superstition and idol-worship. How can mankind save itself from destroying itself by this discrepancy between intellectual-technical over-maturity and emotional backwardness?
I'm pessimistic (realistic?) in asserting that the human race will not resolve this discrepancy before disaster strikes.

The typical person has the mindset of a lower primate. He or she lives in a concrete jungle, but his or her heart remains in the actual jungle.

The typical human being operates according to a zero-sum mentality, and likes to hurt others for the hell of it. (See for some excellent expositions on this matter.)

The typical human is hopeless.

No one is coming to save you. You must save yourself.

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