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British Mom To Leave Children for U.S. Prisoner

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E Irizarry R&B Singer
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Post by E Irizarry R&B Singer » July 13th, 2014, 8:16 pm

djfourmoney wrote:
The wrote:
djfourmoney wrote:
E Irizarry R&B Singer wrote:I saw the "phewwwwtiful bean footage".
This is even why fat country stateside White women are better stewards of good men than Black American women are.

Sidenote: I hope that if Tommy Sotomayor moves to the NYC, that he moves to the Bronx. I have a funny feeling he's going to move to either Brooklyn or Harlem, but I hope he doesn't make a bad choice. #IJS
Tommy doesn't like ratchet behavior, so I doubt it will be the Bronx and for sure not any messed up parts of Queens either. He has a car, so if he's going to spend six months or so in the Big Apple, he'll have to leave his car in LA (another location he mentioned moving too) or Atlanta and use public transport/taxis or he'll have to find parking, which will automatically put him in a upper middle class part of NYC; those neighborhoods do exist.

Since people like to regularly threaten his life, my guess is no Harlem, no Bronx, no Queens near the projects. Manhattan for even a hole in the wall is expensive and I doubt he wants to spend 50% of his internet income on rent in Manhattan.

I would agree that most White women are better stewards of children because the majority of them are not single mothers (34% vs 70%). Their children are usually the product of a failed marriage.
Tommy is a big time bitch though....If you go on his facebook page he bitches at everyone and threatens to block anyone who disagrees....kinda like how the 800 lb gorilla in the room with whom you expose who he really is calls people names and threatens to ban them if they disagree... Now i like some of Tommy's videos and all that bec his message is valid, but the messenger the same type of bitch raised by a single mother that he himself talks about....
He is the first to admit he is a product of a single mother.

He blocks dumb comments. What example do you have of somebody disagreeing with them for a valid reason and he blocked them.

For my example, there are several times he has referred too mixed raced people to being half-breeds and this term is especially popular with dark skinned Blacks as they are most impacted by their preferential treatment by Anglo culture.

Now if you react negatively to that, he'll say something like "don't visit my Facebook page". But people tend to keep repeating they don't like what he said and will try coming at it from different angles but end up at the same point of being offended by something he said.

Who is he really exactly in your estimation?

He's has said some powerful things I tend to agree. The Black Community has not shown me much love or respect. They have called me White washed before and women have called me corny.

I agree that the Black Community is in bad need of a civil war or something. Because there is segment of the community who don't listen to reason, constantly came victim status and take out their aggression on other Blacks, not examples of the oppressive class.

You are welcome to not like what Tommy says, but there's no need to post his personal information, threaten his life, threaten his child, his girlfriend or anything else.

Like I said the people that have done this are apart of the community claiming victim status while simultaneously are amazingly silent about drug dealers, rape, incest, unemployment, teenage pregnancy and all the violence in many Black enclaves.

The only other seemingly controversial things he has said are about Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman and he understands why Whites have guns and clutch their purses.

I also agree that despite all the negative stuff and uphill climb most Blacks need to make to get to respectability; they should be model citizens otherwise and we know that's not the case.

He didn't throw Tommy under the water. He's just explaining about the feminine-raised side of him that gets the best of Tommy. Everything else I'd agree with, and if Tommy were to read The's post, he just might wholeheartedly agree with him too.

Your post too is a great augmentation too.
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