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Do you find that most people lack empathy for others?

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Do you find that most people lack empathy for others?

Post by Temprano26 » October 4th, 2014, 5:55 pm

When I lived in Costa Rica, I was in a rural pineapple farm area in Rio Celeste. Beautiful place that I recommend warmly. Once I was hitchhiking in the RAIN and seriously every single vehicle slowed down as not to splash me. Once in Guatuso, a lady invited me to eat with her family. People smiled at me all the time. Even a doctor who charged me $100 returned it because there was not much he could do for me. That is right, returned it.

I returned to the US and what I have found is that nobody empathizes with anyone else if they can afford not to. If someone has a good job then they cannot possibly understand why it is hard for a twenty-something to find a job in this market. If they are married, they cannot understand why I don't have a girlfriend. They just tell me there are plenty of women out there with no regard that I have been looking and that is NOT TRUE! But again, they are married so they are not looking. My grandmother lives on a pension due to my grandfather being a part of a union and now she is against unions because why the hell should she be concerned about the next generation? And don't get me started on the dating scene because we all know how out of touch old people are now. When I get to be up there in years I'll tell young people to expatriate out of America but by then we might even be in the mainstream.

I write in a journal all the damn time and people assume it is a hobby but it is a NECESSITY. I spend so much time alone that writing is my way of communication. People have shown me at every turn that I cannot depend on them so I have only myself. Now I get angry when people tell me to leave the journal at home because it shows me they don't ****ing get it. Actually most people would rather look down on people on top of their moral high horse than to listen or relate to anyone else.

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