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PUA jackassery

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PUA jackassery

Post by lasttry » December 6th, 2014, 1:17 am

I found the following piece of jackassery at That page was complied by Steve55, who is a member here, but was original written by a twit named Matthew Fitzgerald, author of Sex-Ploytation.
Men who are not sexually confident:
 Seek approval from women
 Cater or pander to women
 Call women every day or worse, many times a day (clingy, needy)
 Try to buy their time and attention with meals, gifts, etc.
 Are nervous, insecure or overly nice around women
 Act like women's friends instead of their lovers
 Are available at the drop of a hat
 Tolerate without protest rude behavior, cancelled dates, etc.
 Go out of their way to please women in the hope of getting laid
 Let women control the relationship
 Are afraid that if they do "something wrong," she'll leave
 Grovel, beg, or are desperate for sex
 Obsess about and over-analyze everything women say and do
 Feel shameful or guilty about their natural sexuality
 Let women manipulate them or treat them like "walking wallets"
 Are lousy lovers

Sexually confident men:
 not feet-kissing doormats
 Don't make excuses for who they are -- they exude sexuality and they're comfortable with their natural masculinity
 Aren't afraid of being who they are
 Have no interest in being PC, morphing their true selves to gain female approval, or being overly nice
 Don't have to trade money or gifts for sex (a.k.a. "dating")
 Always control the relationship
 Never tolerate any female BS
 Radiate sexually-charged body language
 Flirt easily and well
 Are natural leaders, not followers
 Unabashedly look at women's bodies
 Don't care if they score with a particular woman, because they know that there are many others waiting in line. They want sex, but they don't need it -- they aren't
desperate and groveling for it
 Never apologize for who they are
 Act like men around women, not wusses.
Stereotypical hardhats, oil-field roughnecks, lumberjacks, miners, all sorts of tradesmen, etc meet most of the criteria for "sexually confident" men, other than knowing "there are many others waiting in line". Some of these guys grow enormous pot-bellies as they age, but others, especially those in their 20's, are often in great phyiscal shape and also have good money. I've talked to a lot of these guys, and they typically complain of a shortage of women interested in blue-collar men. The only women they can find to have sex with look like this:


Meanwhile, guys who go overseas, whether to date, find a wife or simply whoremonger, meet many of the criteria for "sexual unconfident". Not all the criteria, but certainly they: (a) go out of their way to please women, unless they are whoremongers, since women overseas prefer to be treated nicely; (b) buy women's time and attention; (c) are treated like "walking wallets" by women, though the women try not to rub in the fact that they are motivated by money; (d) are desperate enough for sex that they are going overseas to get it. And guess what, these supposedly wimpy guys are often getting a LOT more sex that those supposedly sexual confident hardhats, at least the single hardhats. The whoremongers, in particular, get sex whenever they want it.

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