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My Theory on Why America has the WORST Mental Health in the World

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My Theory on Why America has the WORST Mental Health in the World

Post by Winston » December 29th, 2014, 10:33 pm

In case you haven't heard, America has the HIGHEST rate of mental illness in the world and the biggest mental health industry. So no, the whole world is NOT as insane as America is. (For some reason, the conspiracy movement and the New Age movement often falsely associates America and "The World" as being the same, which is a huge fallacy.) This fact is documented by the World Health Organization, which reported that those living in America have nearly a 50 percent chance of developing a mental disorder. See below: ... staggering
June 1, 2004 -- A World Health Organization study released Tuesday shows that rates of most mental illness are far higher in the U.S. than in any other country in the world. ... se/246035/
Over one’s entire lifetime, the average American has a 47.4 percent chance of having any kind of mental health disorder. Yes, that’s almost one in two. The projected lifetime prevalence is even higher: for people who reach age 75 it is 55 percent.
In addition, America also has the biggest mental health industry and the highest rate of antidepressant use. These facts speak volumes about how insane, dysfunctional and toxic American culture really is.

Most Americans would be shocked to know that in other countries it is virtually unheard of to have to see a therapist or mental health professional. Even in Britain, seeing a shrink is less common than in America. So it's very unnatural and abnormal to have to see a shrink, unless you're in America of course. In other countries, people have friends and family to talk to about their problems. They do not generally struggle with mental health issues or with their "confidence and self-esteem" like in America.

Not surprisingly, a toxic, insane, inauthentic culture like America is going to have a high rate of mental illness. I (along with other researchers such as Michael Tsarion and Stefan Molyneux) would theorize that the main reason is this: In America, one has to develop an artificial fake self and personality in order to socially conform. Otherwise, one will be ostracized and become a social outcast.

But in developing this fake pseudo-self, one must suppress their true self and soul, which suffers in the process. This causes an inner SPLIT and psychosis within one's psyche, leading to a state of internal fragmentation rather than wholeness. Thus, understandably, having to "live a lie" everyday naturally results in psychological problems.

In contrast, foreign cultures are more authentic and genuine, and thus allow one to be oneself. As a result, one develops a more wholesome personality. This is why people in other countries do not have to see shrinks or struggle with mental health and problems with "confidence or self-esteem" like Americans do.

American culture is essentially a "psychological bully" in that it tears people down and makes them feel inadequate. Then it blames it on the victims by making them think that it's their fault because they lack "self-esteem" and "self-confidence", as though there was some defect in them that they have to repair. This is comparable to a school bully who bullies others and then blames it on his victims rather than himself. It's all very cruel and sadistic, and yet another reason why it makes perfect sense to get out of such a toxic crazy culture.

Being overly competitive and shark-like in nature, American culture and people have a way of tearing you down and making you feel insecure and inadequate, like you're never good enough and always have to prove yourself. No one feels accepted for who they are. To cope and compensate, Americans develop phony personalities and big egos, brag and BS a lot, act tough and arrogant, bully others, or lose it and go crazy.

Capitalizing on such insecurities and psychological problems, the biggest self-help industry was created in America, promising to help people work on issues such as "lack of confidence and self-esteem" (which people abroad do NOT deal with) which are constant struggles in the lives of Americans.

All of this speaks volumes. However, when you see that people abroad in saner, healthier, more authentic cultures do not deal with such issues, you realize that such problems are not natural or normal at all, and must be the consequence of a highly toxic, insane and inauthentic society.

This is why the American personality seems so fake and artificial, and why nearly everyone born after the 1960's in America seems to have mental issues and psychological baggage, as though they are somehow "messed up". It's all very dysfunctional for sure.

Fortunately, most other cultures are not like that. You see, the reason why foreigners are so much more authentic and down-to-earth is because their country is authentic and down-to-earth as well. Thus they did NOT have to develop fake personalities in order to fit in socially. They were allowed to be themselves, and thus develop a more wholesome personality.

That's the reason why people outside America are not as afflicted with mental problems, nor do they struggle with "confidence and self-esteem" the way Americans do. What this means is that YOU can be yourself too, in such foreign cultures that is. That's the GOOD NEWS here. This is highly significant, because being able to BE YOURSELF is the true definition of freedom, and hence why many expats report that they feel freer abroad than in America. After all, if you can't even be yourself, you can never truly be free.

As one of my forum members, Grunt, said:

"If anyone feels they "come out of their shell" when overseas, try to keep something in mind. That person you are overseas is the real you. The person you are in America is a prisoner, nothing more."
The KEY to understanding the truth about America is this: When it comes to bullshit, fakery, phoniness, hype, illusion, delusion and mental problems, America is the KING and matched by no other. Therefore, when you become contaminated by the poison of American culture, one of two things result:

1) Either you become very fake and artificial and full of bullshit and arrogance in order to adapt.
2) Or you remain authentic and suffer as a misfit with loneliness and alienation, thus torturing your soul and invalidating you.

It's a terrible choice in a highly toxic, insane, inauthentic, fake culture. If you opt out of both choices and become a longer, you will be lonely and bored with nothing to do but work and shop.

Basically, the more genuine and authentic you are, the more of a misfit you will be in America for sure. Those who are completely authentic suffer the most in America, the land of bullshit and fakeness. You see, in a fake culture, only those who are fake can express themselves, have fun and fit in. But those who are truly authentic will be suppressed and not allowed to express themselves freely.

These key points are obvious and can be felt. But they are taboo and go against the hype and fake image that is propagandized about America.

The best and most logical SOLUTION is to go abroad to another culture that's more sane, healthy and genuine. That's the only way you can be free to be yourself and be happy.

Significance and Benefit to You:

The significance of all this is that if you suffer from any mental health issues, then by going overseas to cultures that are saner, you will greatly ALLEVIATE if not cure them. It's the greatest mental health SECRET that the psychiatric industry and mental health profession in America doesn't want you to know, because there's no profit for them in it. After all, if everyone solved their mental health issues by getting out of America, the mental health profession would lose billions of dollars.
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Re: Why America has the WORST Mental Health - My Theory

Post by Moretorque » December 29th, 2014, 11:59 pm

Mr. Wu please, not everybody can have those perfect mathematically formed waves coming from their brain such as yourself.
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Re: Why America has the WORST Mental Health - My Theory

Post by johnnyderp » December 30th, 2014, 11:57 am

It's designed to be this way by TPTB - big pharma make gazillions from a physically and mentally ill population. It's the great American irony - have a system that creates unhealthy and unhappy people, then create a multi-trillion dollar 'health' industry. A 'health' industry which makes people even more sick and unhealthy. All the while, the media feeds an endless stream of death and destruction, fear and propaganda.

And if you don't smile widely, and tell everyone you're feeling super duper happy and life is awesome thanks for asking and how's your day going and please don't answer me honestly or i'll feel so awkward and uncomfortable which is the worst feeling in the whole wide world and even worse than dying, then you're clearly a lunatic.

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