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3 reasons to boycott the American job market

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Re: 3 reasons to boycott the American job market

Postby Moretorque » Sun May 10, 2015 2:05 pm

This is all prescripted, when Obama was elected in 2008 the plan was to have him become permanent dictator after martial law is declared. If we have a new president that is how you know the elite have had to make changes to the main template for whatever reason.

Democratic societies never last because the herd, you have to give our rulers some credit because they know this so they are attempting to set up a world wide dictatorship and dupe the dumb herd into believing they have a choice.

All these wars and the historical repeats are because the herd never learns so please nobody blame our rulers. I know it is hard and 2 wrongs do not make a right.

Ghost is correct the West is no longer self sufficient.
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Re: 3 reasons to boycott the American job market

Postby Ghost » Sun May 10, 2015 7:02 pm

MattHanson1990 wrote:
Ghost wrote:
Moretorque wrote: Ghost you know as well you are not running from this and the debt multiplier is taking the planet over, good news however the world is waking up to this con job. The US won't wake up because they have benefitted from the petro $ and all the free toy's and gadgets it has provided. It goes to show people have no real moral compass and will sell their souls for a gadget or 3.

you are right about the planet turning into a chit hole and it will even be uninhabitabal for a Ghost!

Since I am not physically able to leave the planet, I can't argue with that. However, I am still certain that America (and the West in general) will be ground zero for "it."

A lot of third world countries don't have so far to fall. And they aren't socially isolated. And they make and grow things locally often-times. If you live in a country where unemployment is over 50%, it's already in a sort of post-apocalyptic way of life. So this is the time to take whatever Western wealth you have, hopefully find a good foreign woman, and GTFO of dodge. It's having some chance of survival vs. having virtually no chance of survival. There are no ideal options.

America is sinking fast; it's only a matter of time before getting trapped on board. If Hillary becomes president in 2017, there will be scores of millennial men who are trapped on board the sinking ship (just like there were a lot of third class passengers who were trapped on the lower decks when the Titanic sank). There won't be jobs or any money-making opportunities left for men, at least in the white collar sector. Almost all blue collar jobs will be off-shored. And there definitely will be barriers to making money online or self-employment.

Hillary will just be another stooge/puppet for the elites, just like those before her. It's not so much about her; she's just going to be the bitchiest puppet we've had so far.

What will really be the death-knell of America's jobs and economy will be the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP.) It's going to be like NAFTA on steroids. And most it isn't even about the economy - although it will certainly f**k Americans over even more by stealing more jobs. I've read it will also include aspects to deeply erode national sovereignty (not that we really have any...) and even include a gun grab...

Once TPP is here, I think it will be the end of hope altogether. At least now we still have some hope of making it out in time. But TPP is going to be like being raped in the ass with a cactus covered in ghost pepper sauce.
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