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An Observation On American Unsocial Trends

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An Observation On American Unsocial Trends

Post by Wolfeye » May 23rd, 2015, 4:51 pm

Hey, everyone. Something I've noticed is that any expression of sociability is frowned-upon. Like if someone wanted to know the name of someone they had a good conversation with, it's seen as lower-quality by being "clingy." Maybe it's just positively valuing anything? It's a subject we've touched on before & it seems that in older times (and in smaller towns, for a contemporary exception) it wasn't like that- but I feel it bears specifically referencing that anything that in any way says "I like you" is wrong according to the unwritten rules of the society.

Then again, they're not always so "unwritten." Look at schools: they more or less have an issue with any social interaction between the kids & it's at the point where that educational environment can actually be quite damaging to their social & personal development. If the cops are called if two students kiss in the hallway, what is that saying? That they feel this degree of hostility toward that. That anything this can result in is something they're willing to see happen. Seeing as young people sometimes have a tendancy to look at these people as something of a guidepost, that can have serious implications.

Now that I notice it "out loud," I realize that this trend can & does continue well into adulthood. Even into old age, there's a presumption of them basically being smarter in terms of accumulated information & being better thinkers in terms of cognitive abilities. No concept of them being stupid, incompetant, or an enemy. So many people blame the kids as an immediate reaction & like everything they do is such a huge problem. Maybe it's because their money gets diverted to the staff at the school & they see it in a positive light because of that. Not too sensible, as they can always buy things that don't work well or simply get scammed- but sometimes those things are forgotten.

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