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have you noticed that most women "online" are weird and hard

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Re: have you noticed that most women "online" are weird and

Postby Zambales » September 9th, 2017, 12:30 am

I've been dating online on and off for over ten years and while most of the women I met were forgettable, I wouldn't describe them as weird - except for the last few I dated in my home country. That was the cue to look abroad.

But don't be fooled in thinking women who don't use dating sites aren't weird. I can assure you they can be even if they initially come across quite normal - but I do agree online dating is basically a waste of energy. Since I first used them in 2005 they certainly have declined.

There's only one real viable option left and that is to meet someone in the traditional manner - overseas. Either that or stay single.
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Re: have you noticed that most women "online" are weird and

Postby xiongmao » September 20th, 2017, 5:05 pm

Yeah I've kind of quit FB as got weirded out by female "friends".

One keeps posting vegan stuff even though her strict diet has caused her major health problems and she had to quit her job (female logic).

One posts slutty photos and now has 2990 friends.

A family member ended their life. I think they were a high achiever and their good life went bad. That kind of sucks but I've been in this game for years, life has sucky periods at time but then it goes good again. You just gotta ride out the troughs.

One FB friend has actually died irl, but her FB is still active. I'm not sure the backstory but I think a man was involved.
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