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I would say being overweight is also disrespectful to the op

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I would say being overweight is also disrespectful to the op

Postby Zionosis » Thu Dec 03, 2015 1:27 am

Well in the west (mostly USA, Australia, UK, NZ, Canada) Many of the women are overweight.

Now I would say that whether it be a woman or man. That being overweight is sort of disrespectful to the opposite sex (especially if the fat person expects a non fat partner).

A woman being fat is basically lazy and not putting in any effort and lets her body get to a revolting state and then still think that's good enough for men and that there is no use trying to get healthy and make it look less obese. When you see women say crap like "I'm fat, get over it". To me I translate that to "I am lazy and don't really care to look good and men should still like me". lol

To me personally fat is one of the main problems with English speaking western white women. It takes up literally at least 60% of the women, if they actually were normal then there would be a lot more women to date. Especially when I see some fat women who have pretty faces and they could easily be a hot woman but for some reason they just don't give a crap and turn into Jabba the Hutt. lol

I have heard retarded idiots on the news and similar stuff claim it's just what happens in 1st world countries. But that is total BS and the mainstream media are such liars it is annoying. Last time I checked, Japan, HK, Singapore, Taiwan, SK, France, Italy, Netherlands etc are all 1st world (more first world than English countries lol).

I think the stupid media in English countries is the problem. It's literally like our media is driven by a corrupt bunch if liars who are trying to turn the country into crap. How it keeps pushing this big is beautiful and keeps pushing many other things that clearly are destructive. I am convinced that the people who own the mainstream media in at least the USA are not normal white Americans.

But that's another issue I guess.
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Re: I would say being overweight is also disrespectful to th

Postby Ghost » Thu Dec 03, 2015 5:09 am

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Re: I would say being overweight is also disrespectful to th

Postby droid » Thu Dec 03, 2015 4:36 pm

Those numbers are staggering, Ghost.
Also, have you lost any weight while in China? I'm sure there's a lot of walking involved.
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