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I can’t even get fat ugly chicks in America anymore!

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I can’t even get fat ugly chicks in America anymore!

Post by Winston » October 6th, 2007, 4:35 pm

Logical reasons why my standards are not “too high� in America

Let me tell you something else. The dating scene in America is so bad for men now, that I can’t even get fat ugly chicks anymore. You see, even they have their tastes and sense of entitlement. A lot of them, it seems, want the country western rugged cowboy type. They don’t just want any man that’s nice to them, for they’ve been taught by their culture not to settle until they get what they want, the best for them. And of course, I don’t look like the rugged country western cowboy type.

Likewise, they are not my type or taste either, as I am attracted to tall thin women.

What’s strange and irrational though, is that critics of my dating rants often claim that I am reaching too far out of “my league�, and ought to settle for women that I’m unattracted to who are more in “my league�. There are some core problems with that. First, I can’t force myself to be attracted to someone I’m not. It would make me unhappy, and it wouldn’t be right, nor even possible. Second, even if American dating culture put me in the same “league� as fat ugly women, it still wouldn’t matter, because simply put, I’m not their type and they aren’t my type. So it could never work, even if I’m in their “league� by cultural standards.

But in spite of that, technically I should not be in the same “league� as fat ugly women because I am NOT fat or ugly. Sure I may be a few pounds overweight, but I am not obese. So there is no logical reason why I would be in the same “league� or category as them. Thus, these critics are not making any sense, nor are they being realistic.

The only thing I have in common with fat ugly chicks is that we are both considered unattractive by US cultural standards. However, everyone who is unattractive in US culture should not automatically be put in the same category, especially since I don’t look anything like them, and even more so, since attractive women abroad consider me in their “league� or sometimes even above their “league� (as the case is in the Philippines). Therefore, there is no logical reason why we should be in the same “league�.

Also, my standards are not that high, so I beg to differ on that too. Here’s why. I simply like thin and cute girls. They may be harder to find in America. But in foreign countries, thin and cute girls are the standard norm, they are the “average� so to speak. Thus, by international standards, my standards are “normal�, not high.

Therefore, technically there should be nothing wrong with me or my standards. That is not the problem. I am simply a mismatch in US dating culture. The logical solution then, would be to go abroad where my “standards� are not considered “too high�, but are normal and attainable. And of course, to where my dating opportunities and likability are higher and vastly greater. So far, that solution has proven to be the correct endeavor.
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Post by momopi » October 7th, 2007, 12:13 am

The cowboy thing does work with some women. Back in early 1990s I had a buddy who was attending Cal Poly (SLO) and he had a "cowboy" roommate. The guy would dress in his cowboy outfit and even had a saddle in the dorm room. One time we came back and accidentally walked in on him with a girl on the saddle, that was quite funny. He didn't shower much and smelled, but I guess that male pheromone scent was appealing to some women, while other girls would take a sniff and go "eww".

There's a lot of different looks other than "cowboy". Some women (and gay men) are attracted to the metro-sexual look. However, just as Gap doesn't stock a lot of clothing for "average" sized American women, stores like Club Monaco and even Express for Men doesn't stock pants for the "average" American male waistline. In order for men and women to fit in these fashionable clothing, your body has to be sized to "fit" and not the other way around.

Fortunately, for most of us having a good body is a simple matter of working out and losing some lbs, unless if you have some medical condition that prevents you from doing so. In America we value appearance over substance on initial meeting, so it helps to dress better from time to time. Ok time to hit the gym for me...

P.S. We took Mr. Cowboy to Renaissance Fair (I had several buddies who were staff), and discovered that he didn't know how to ride a horse. :shock:

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How true!

Post by jamesbond » October 7th, 2007, 7:46 am

Even some of the fatties here in America seem to think they deserve the best males around! America is the fattest country in the WORLD! Even some fat girls here in the US don't settle, they want the exciting bad boy or frat boy! They should be lucky to get ANY guy, let alone a good looking guy! How picky some American women are, it's incredible!

- Paul

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