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Re: Would you stay in America if you...

July 23rd, 2016, 12:38 am

Tsar wrote:
Adama wrote:In any case though, many of those things come to us from Russian communism. They were in the Soviet Union first, and many of the laws are translated and codified into Federal law word for word.

Actually, anyone who knows the truth about history and the Russian Revolution knows it was sponsored by anti-Russian, Zionist Jews, supported and funded by the Rothschilds and key prominent American Jewish Families, the Bolsheviks were mainly Jews, and communism was spread by Karl Marx who was also a Jew. Their goal was to destroy the Russian Empire set to expand near central Europe, retake Constantinople from the Muslim Ottoman Empire, expand and overtake America int he future, and they did it at a time when their scientific and cultural achievements were growing and it was the most Christian nation in the world. The people that died the most were mainly Orthodox Christians, ethnic Russians, and the prominent and greatest minds and cultural figures in the Russian Empire.

So no, it is Zionist Communism, not Russian Communism.

Most people in the West are brainwashed to believe the Russian Revolution was a real revolution. It was a Zionist-sponsored coup. The allies won WWI, Russia under their monarchy was an ally and once the Zionist coup was completed the Bolsheviks pulled out of the war, seceded territory to Germany to get out of the war, and as a result missed out on the expansion they would have had under their Christian monarchy..

Every white nation that was for whites with leaders that loved their people and nation was destroyed by the Zionists in WWI and WWII. Now there's only a few remaining that offer any hope for the white race and some traditional values. (And those nations are being subject to sanctions by the many major powers now controlled by Zionists).

Known and acknowledged. Zionist, Bolshevik, not ethnic Russian. Pardon me.

Re: Would you stay in America if you...

July 23rd, 2016, 1:52 am

See, deprogramming someone is actually getting them to repent of their false beliefs onto the truth. It is easy because most people want the truth. However, there are those who hate the truth so much that the truth also has rejected them in return. These people think repentance of unbelief by itself is impossible. When they see repent, it has to be repent through works / by works or whatever. That's proof they can't separate faith/belief from works. To them these are inseparable, but really they are very distinct although they go together.

If you show someone how feminism is wrong by showing them the truth, you have deprogrammed them. That person will probably stop being a feminist after that, if they're not a reprobate. Feminism is a belief, a philosophy. It does make sense that when a person stops believing in feminism that they'll stop being a feminist. But that's only true because it is a belief system.

Could you deprogram someone from being a garbage man or a factory worker? No, because neither of those two things are beliefs.

If I had a wife and told her that she shouldn't wear pants, and I proved it to her from God's word, I have deprogrammed her of the belief that women should wear pants. However, it is still her choice whether or not she wants to wear dresses or pants. Simply because I have deprogrammed her from believing that women and men should wear the same clothing, it doesn't mean that she will follow that. That's because this is not an ideology. This is not about deprogramming. This is simply a matter of, does she agree to do it or not, not whether she believes it or not. She can believe it and still not do it because she has free will.

A man can show his woman that being a career women is wrong and that being a housewife is the best path in life. She might even believe it. That would be deprogramming. However, that doesn't mean she will do as requested. One doesn't imply the other. She can know the proper thing to do and still refuse to do it. That comes down to obedience in that case, how much she wants to be with that man, and how much she respects him.

That's why, you win when you choose.
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Re: Would you stay in America if you...

July 23rd, 2016, 2:20 am

In answer to the topic question, I don’t know why it would be an either/or proposition. ‘The perfect girl’ for me would probably not be set on remaining in the U.S. anyway. Even if you as adults can live in this decadent, depraved culture without it corrupting you, can the same be said for any kids you might have? It’s becoming harder and more dangerous to raise children here, with the government trying to increasingly butt into matters of parenthood. Kids are taught garbage, brainwashed, instilled with an inferior (and borderline nonexistent) moral structure, told to trust the government over their family (even given guides on what to do if their family doesn’t believe the right things) and very often don’t even come out of the whole thing with basic practical skills as a consolation. If you have a boy, society thinks he’s a piece of shit automatically and wants to turn him into an honorary girl. If you have a girl, society wants to stoke her narcissism until she has a literally unsatisfiable sense of entitlement, then make her into a shitty dude with an attitude problem, and it will apply huge amounts pressure from every vector in order to accomplish this. So the answer is probably ‘No,’ but it should really be ‘Why would it be an exclusive choice?’

In terms of what Adama’s saying, I don’t know what is particularly controversial about saying ‘someone who is receptive to truth can be saved.’ Everyone on this forum is at least a modest example of this. I don’t know if anyone considers themselves saved (in either the religious or practical sense), but absolutely everybody here, at one point, believed the lies society told them about their lives and how they were supposed to be. It may not necessarily be actionable advice (as there is no list of such people, or concrete place to find them, it still seems to necessitate basically sifting through all the grains of sand on the beach, which was already the problem), but it seems perfectly sensible to say.

Re: Would you stay in America if you...

July 23rd, 2016, 2:50 am

If they would legalize prostitution in the US, that would go a long way to making me stay in America.

Re: Would you stay in America if you...

July 23rd, 2016, 5:55 am

So...that's still a "no." You have never deprogrammed a woman. You just pulled that out of your ass.
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Re: Would you stay in America if you...

July 23rd, 2016, 11:12 am

Ghost wrote:
Adama wrote:
Ghost wrote: and she's a pinay, should be among the easiest women to deprogram!

The sad thing though is when you go to the gold mine and come back with tungsten.

Oh, you think the Philippines is a gold mine? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

So...that's still a "no." You have never deprogrammed a woman. You just pulled that out of your a**. Whereas I am in the process of doing it.

See this is just proof you're a reprobate. You should know that mind control doesnt exist that can change your career woman into a housewife. Deprogramming is about correcting false beliefs, you reprobate sociopath, not about mind control or removing someone's free will. The fact that you can't distinguish the difference shows that you're just an evil person.

As for the gold mine, you are the fool who says that Filipino women should be the easiest to deprogram.

July 23rd, 2016, 11:40 am

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July 23rd, 2016, 11:53 am

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Re: Would you stay in America if you...

July 23rd, 2016, 11:56 am

Ghost wrote:To you, everything "proves" I'm a reprobate. You bandy about that word so much it has no meaning.

I never said anything about "mind control" or removing someone's free will. What are you smoking? I am correcting her false beliefs. She's intelligent, so I can reason with her.

No country is a goldmine for finding women. Philippines is easier than most (I think) but to me, no country qualifies as a goldmine to me.

No, you're just an idiot. You want to convert her from being a career woman to being a housewife. Since she has obviously refused you and you're too stupid to move on, you want to brainwash her into complying with your wishes. Well life doesnt work that way, neither does the mind.

As you just admitted, deprogramming is about correcting beliefs. Then you should know that there is no belief that makes a person a career woman. It isn't like feminism. It is a personal choice, not a belief. You can only deprogram beliefs. Just like you can't deprogram a person from being a football player into a babysitter, you can't deprogram a woman into being a housewife. Any idiot knows that there is a thing called free will. There is no deprogramming that overrides free will.

Why then are you asking me if I have deprogramed someone of a false belief when obviously anyone can do that by showing the truth? why is it that you can't believe I can show someone the truth and that they will believe it? That is not a stretch, unless you either misunderstand the definition of deprogram (assuming it means programing, which is obviously what you believe) or you're just being hostile, as usual.

You're screwed. You're hostile and clueless with women, and you waste your time on hate and women who obviously don't like you. You're not a builder but a destroyer. Neither do you cooperate. You'll have a hard time finding a woman with good qualities because you can't identify them.

Filipinas aren't in a gold mine, but you're the very smart man who said they should be the easiest to deprogram, yet you fail at it despite its ease. I never made any such statement. You did, while calling me a dummy who talks out of my buttocks. You're a fool, and you know it, but this problem that you have is impossible to fix, because it goes all the way to your soul, which is corrupt and irredeemable.

July 23rd, 2016, 12:12 pm

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Re: Would you stay in America if you...

July 23rd, 2016, 12:32 pm

Ghost wrote:I am pulling her back from being a career woman. It's difficult and progress is gradual, but I'm getting there. It could all crash and burn, but so far I'm convincing her of the traditional life. She isn't fully gone yet.

I never mentioned mind control and trying to remove free will. You mentioned that - not me - and then you started having an argument with yourself. You're so blinded by your own ignorance that you can't even hold up your part of a discussion.

I asked a simple question: HAVE YOU EVER "DEPROGRAMMED" A WOMAN BEFORE? And then you started in about mind control and some other bullshit that no one else even mentioned.

It's a YES OR NO question, dumbass.

I'm currently working on doing this very thing. I was just wondering if you've ever done it, or if it's yet another substance-less opinion of yours.

My dog is more intelligent than you are. Sheesh.

You pretend as if you use deprogram for beliefs. It is obvious the answer is yes, that I have deprogrammed people from false beliefs, unless you are a reprobate. Anyone can show anyone a true thing and correct the mistaken belief. This is not a marvelous feat. It happens everyday to millions of people. You're a complete fool to think otherwise.

You are even more of an idiot to admit that you are deprogramming your woman. Yet you keep asking me if I have done it, because you know nothing.

I am correcting her false beliefs.

Then why is it you must ask me about it? If you're doing it, and you know it can be done, why are you harassing me about what I have done? You've done it and you know it is possible. Why do you ask questions which make it seem like you're a clueless moron who doesn't know that showing someone the truth and correcting them can be done by anyone? So you kept repeating the same question over and over, asking if me I had done it, while you were able to deprogram her yourself? That doesnt make sense.

If deprogramming someone is just showing them the truth, is it a stretch for anyone to accept that anyone can do this and that it isn't hard? Anyone can deprogram anyone else, provided the person will listen. The problem is you don't seek deprogramming. You seek to completely change a person, which is not deprogramming, but mind control.

Re: Would you stay in America if you...

July 23rd, 2016, 12:49 pm

Ghost wrote:No country is a goldmine for finding women. Philippines is easier than most (I think) but to me, no country qualifies as a goldmine.

Oh that's interesting, because when you insulted me and apologized in the same breath (as if that is genuine) you wrote this:

Ghost wrote: I'm currently trying to do this - deprogram a career woman into a family woman - (and she's a pinay, should be among the easiest women to deprogram!) and yet it isn't working very well.

But if you've really done this before, my apologies, and I'd be interested to hear how you deprogrammed her.

In your mind, you were pushing this off onto me. She should be easy to deprogram, as if you can just push a few buttons and turn her from career woman into housewife. That's cause you don't even recognize she's a person and not just a thing.

You deprogram a person of false beliefs, not of an activity. Those are two vastly different things which don't occur to you, because of your dysfunction mind, which is defiled.

And tell me, how is that that Pinays are the easiest to deprogram (really brainwash to your way) but you are unsuccessful? If they should be the easiest, why do you fail?

Is this another dumbism of yours? That you can deprogram women, that Filipinas are among the easiest to deprogram, yet you also admit that you are failing.

You also plead for help, while insulting the person who would help you. You're a total fool. How is it that you can do anything right?

You also keep repeating the same stupid question because you don't know the answer:

I'd be interested to hear how you deprogrammed her.

Because you're an idiot, you do not see, the question was answered before it was even asked. You merely have to show them the truth.

The reason why it isn't working for you is because deprogramming someone of a false belief can't accomplish the goal you seek after. You are using the wrong tool.

The only thing which can give you want you want is mind control, you reprobate. That's what you seek, and it is impossible. Any moral person with a living soul knows that you can't do such things. You can't see it because you've been twice blinded.

That's also why you have such uncontrollable inner rage and feel the need to insult anyone who writes back to you, while having the nerve to ask them for advice. You're truly sick.

July 23rd, 2016, 6:53 pm

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Re: Would you stay in America if you...

July 23rd, 2016, 7:24 pm

USA_luxury_prison wrote:found your dream girl(or perfect match for you) right here in the states? I know everyone has different preferences when it comes to choosing a partner but lets say you managed to find that perfect person(according to your preferences), would you stay here in America?

Many years ago, my answer would have been yes.
Knowing what I know, now, no. There's nothing to stop her from becoming (or revealing) a complete head case 1, 5, or even 15 years down the line, and she has all backing of DaddyGov to wreck your life at that point. Especially if kids are in the picture.

The perfection is just an act, anyway.
When they're trying to seal the deal, they'll agree with damned near anything you say. :evil:


Re: Would you stay in America if you...

July 23rd, 2016, 7:25 pm

Ghost wrote:I am in process of doing it. First time I have tried it, which is why I asked you the question. Things are going well with it now. They weren't going well before. So I thought if you've actually, you know, tried it before, you'd have something valuable to add. But of course, you take a simple question and proceed to unload paragraph upon paragraph of bullshit.

All I f***ing asked, you cocksucker, is whether or not you had ever tried this. I never mentioned mind control or trying to take away free will. You pulled those out of your overstuffed asshole because this is the same stupid bullshit you always pull.

So again ,you motherf***ing cocksucker, I'll take that as a motherf***ing NO. You haven't done this, you haven't tried it. You don't know what the ever-loving f**k that you're even talking about.

When someone asks a simple question, either answer, or decline and shut the f**k up. You know how incredibly stupid you are, (by choice) yet you love to dig your hole deeper.

That's a gentleman if there ever was one.
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