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American Empire Strikes Again

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American Empire Strikes Again

Post by Tsar » July 22nd, 2016, 1:42 am

The American Empire just destroyed another section of the internet which helped American (and non-American) peasants get free entertainment on the internet. ... wn-160721/

Solarmovie shutdown right in time to go with the shutdown of Kickass torrents (KAT) following the arrest of KAT's owner a 30 year old Ukrainian man who was arrested when he traveled to Poland.

I am getting tired of seeing that Image that "This site was seized by DHS, DOJ, and IRS, and this time the two of their international puppet agencies."

I probably watched 500-1,000 movies and 1,000 total TV Show Episodes on Solarmovie over a period of 6? years since MegaVideo was shutdown the same way. I've been using Solarmovie a lot longer than MegaVideo but I think there was a site in-between the two that also got shutdown and seized also. So at least several years on Solarmovie. Solarmovie was like one of the Hydra's of the internet, constantly changing it's domain name at several times to avoid being seized and shutdown. But it went "white" but it wasn't t seized since when a site is seized the Government likes to leave it's "Totalitarian" logos. Solarmovie was more like collateral damage.

Solarmovie was on my Top 20 most visited sites. Another one of my favorite sites just bit the dust, unless it has a miraculous Resurrection which is looking a little unlikely if this is Day 2 with tomorrow Day 3.

I didn't use Torrent Sites as much since 2010, because the Draconian Corporatocracy and Government started monitoring many popular torrent sites over the years (and they easily catch IP addresses). As a general rule, any major popular movie or TV show should be avoided on torrent sites, along with the songs of very popular artists and well-known artists.

Solarmovie only linked to websites for streaming. They even changed to only post a link instead of embedding the video, so just last week I thought that was smart of them and would help them avoid being shutdown, but last night I thought something was up with their site and today I find out it went "white" or is gone as just a blank page (collateral damage in the shutdown of KAT).

Does the government and the corporations really think shutting down those streaming or torrent websites will increase the profits and wealth of the elites, corporations, and Hollywood? Most people watching those websites do so because they wouldn't be spending the money and won't spend the money, and after they watch a good movie online they might buy it if they really like it. The American government isn't really intelligent. They are probably doing that to try to strip away anything that people can get for free just because profits and money matter.

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Re: American Empire Strikes Again

Post by Tsar » July 22nd, 2016, 2:03 am ... ment.shtml

So, you see, once again, the government is creating a form of secondary liability for copyright infringement that does not exist in the law. That's a problem. Because that's not how criminal copyright law works. At all.


Furthermore, the complaint goes on about how KAT, as it calls Kickass Torrents, rejected DMCA takedown notices for a variety of reasons, but leaves out the fact that KAT is not an American company and is not under the jurisdiction of US laws. So I'm not entirely clear why US copyright laws apply here. The best they can do is note that they found a few servers that were apparently in Chicago.
The American Empire doesn't respect most sovereign nations. Most sovereign nations are too weak and bow to America, too afraid and bow to America, are Vassal states of America, are protectorates of America, are American occupied nations, are American proxies, or are suzerain states of the American Empire. Some are combinations of the above.

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Re: American Empire Strikes Again

Post by abcdavid01 » July 22nd, 2016, 2:28 am


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Re: American Empire Strikes Again

Post by starchild5 » July 22nd, 2016, 3:03 am

No worries Tsar....Its a drama...

The Feds and the CIA are incredibly smart .....

They already controlled Kat because of its algorithm, it does not allow content to come on top, which the elites does not want it published or seen....Torrent has become a tool for elites and they understand humanity more than we do...For example, Point Break 2 movie which was more into adventure and human spirit was seeded down deliberately and pushed it to 50 to 100 position..I remember when i started had over 1000 seeds and within few hours...only 50 and pushed down into 3rd page....They had bashed this movie more than anything this year...

I was amazed how they control KAT ...Its just a propaganda tool now...they know people are not going to theaters push propaganda,.....they are using torrent and internet...

there is 90% probability that...Kat would be back, because its already under CIA..and so much media attention reeks of a controlled Drama...

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