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Is everything in life a scam?

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Post by Ghost » August 16th, 2016, 9:02 am

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Re: Is everything in life a scam?

Post by droid » August 16th, 2016, 9:07 am

Tsar wrote:For most of history people didn't need to go to college. They are taught through apprenticeships, learned how to read and right
1)Too much of one thing defeats the purpose.
2)Everybody is full of it. What's your hypocrisy?

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Re: Is everything in life a scam?

Post by Winston » August 16th, 2016, 1:00 pm

yick wrote:
Working out - Work your a** off in the gym, eating like a monk while taking years to see decent results. Then you have some guy with good genes who barely lifts twice a week and eats junk food all day long who has a six pack abs. Women also don´t give a flying f**k about your body if your face isn´t handsome. If you´re shredded guys will just think you´re on roids.
You whiny candy arsed wanker. :roll:

You are going to look far better fit than not, you are going to feel far better than not if you engage in an exercise programme. My internal dialogue takes over a lot more when I am out of action physically than when I am engaged in a running programme. If you read about a lot of world class athletes, they get depressed when they are injured and unable to train.

This is the main reason why Winston is raging about his childhood - he is unable to block the negative narrative from the past, it comes whenever it wants and mentally overwhelms him because he is not empowering himself physically and the negative 'chattering monkey' that lives within all our consciousnesses takes over - I know that because it does that with me when I am out of action. That is why depression is at an all time high even though we are wealthier and more at peace than at any time in history, because people don't move their arse enough.

He doesn't need a woman at this moment in time, he needs a running programme - and it wouldn't take years to transform him - it would take six months.

So being fit and in shape may or may not get you the woman of you dreams - but it does fend off a lot of unwanted mental trauma
Yes this is true. I notice that exercise improves your mood and mental state. If you don't exercise, or at least walk a lot and do constant physical activity, it's easy to get depressed. Then it become a vicious cycle. People tend to deal with depression by escaping into TV/movies, eating junk food or pizza or drinking alcohol. After you do that, it just makes it worse, because you get stimulation from those things, but your body doesn't get exercise, and then you feel even more deflated afterward. Some also have to pump themselves up with positivity from New Age teachings or religion too, to keep from getting depressed. Once you are depressed, there is this inner demon that tries to tell you bad things like 'You're worthless. You're not good enough. All the bullies that bullied you were right. You suck." etc.

But I think being in a more positive friendly environment helps too. In Russia or Philippines, I'm not depressed very often, cause I have things to do. I go out and meet people and feel comfortable. Not so in Taiwan or America. There I see hot girls everywhere but they don't want to talk to me or feel creeped if I try to talk to them, so that gets me depressed and makes me avoid going out, which in turn makes me even more depressed. I may be too sensitive and too easily affected by environment, yeah, but I'm a sensitive guy. Some guys are. You can't lower your sensitivity unless you take weird psychiatric drugs with unknown side effects.

You also need more hobbies too, besides chasing girls. A guy has to diversify his interests or he will be depressed if he focuses on one thing and it's not going well.

Do all men harbor a secret deep inner pain? Or only some men do?

I think the OP made a lot of good points, even though it sounds negative and pessimistic. He spoke a lot of truths. Yes a lot of things in life are misrepresented and exaggerated and there is too much bullshit in modern society in regard to materialistic goals. A lot of lies are told to get people to conform to the system too. I wonder though, how Asian people are able to happily conform in America without problems. But MarcosZeitola made good points too, in that you can "make lemonade out of lemons" in life. You can also move abroad too, to a country that's more real and has less bullshit too.
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Re: Is everything in life a scam?

Post by Adama » August 16th, 2016, 1:38 pm

gsjackson wrote:Marcos, WuFan was here a couple years before you came. He had a very simple project that was obvious in every one of his posts -- to make everybody on this site feel like sh*t about themselves. One of his main schticks was to trot out pictures of male models and let everyone know they had no chance of getting laid unless they looked like that. Towards the end, he was trying to get people to mutilate themselves -- e.g. cutting scars in their faces -- in order to look like a suitable bad boy.
Many people want to kill your hopes and dreams because theirs are dead and without chance.

AWwarning has a similar strategy.

Most of MGTOW is based on this too.
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A good man is above pettiness. He is better than that.

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Re: Is everything in life a scam?

Post by yick » August 16th, 2016, 1:38 pm

In my early 20s I used to work out 6 days a week. Even took steroids to get that male model fitness look. I used to think body mattered. I had a great body, but working out made me even more depressed. When I went to a public place I would see skinny fat guys with good looking faces who never touched a weight in their lives with hot girls. Meanwhile I was still completely invisible even to fat girls. I eventually completely stopped working out because women didn´t care and I´d rather spend the time doing something I enjoy and eating food that I like.
The steroids are a massive depressant, so it wasn't the exercise that was making you depressed because exercise - especially running - is a great mood lifter. That is scientific fact. When it comes to me and exercise, I don't think of women or having a 'Men's Health' body anymore, I just think if I do a four mile run, I can manage my inner dialogue a lot better, if you run regulary - your inner dialogue is kept in check for a good 24 or so hours. It does with me anyway. Steroids are really bad for mental wellbeing, that and you really need to know what you are doing when taking them.
Do all men harbor a secret deep inner pain? Or only some men do?
Everyone has it - that is why alcoholism, drug taking and comfort eating are common societal ailments - these things shut the inner voice up for a period of time - people take their lives because they cannot deal with their inner voice.

The only real way of combating it for me, is a regular exercise programme, running is the best one for me, but I also box at the local wushu gym on campus where all the local martial arts champions train - I punch the bags and skip and do floor exercises. It is not about getting a sexy body or women, it is a way of keeping the inner voices at bay, I am going for a four mile run tonight and I know tomorrow I will have a peaceful day in my mind. You know in China and Taiwan - they take their physical jerks seriously - there is a lot for exercise and the link to mental wellbeing.

If I was you - I would start up the martial arts again, get a heavy bag and start throwing 10 punches a round, up it to 12,15,20 punches a round until you are good to go for three minutes a round, rin from one lamp post to another, then two lamp posts, then three until you can run a mile, you don't have to do a lot of running, a mile there and back and you'll feel massive benefits.

But if I don't train - it doesn't take long before the inner voices come along to play havoc.

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