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Greyhound vs. Mexican bus companies

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Greyhound vs. Mexican bus companies

Postby MattHanson1990 » Mon Oct 17, 2016 9:43 pm

The women being friendlier and easier to connect with is just one of several reasons I love living in Mexico. But this is not what I'm going to post on this thread. Another reason I love Mexico is its intercity bus system. And every time I travel between cities by bus here, I always wish that the USA would learn from Mexico.

Here in Mexico, there's an extensive intercity bus system with many different regional companies rather than one big "national" company, and different bus "classes" depending on a person's price range and budget - executive, first class, and second class. There is a "national" bus company, Omnibus de México, that covers most of the country but doesn't cover the Baja Peninsula and the area south of Mexico City. But as previously mentioned there are bus companies that serve certain regions, although most of them connect to Mexico City. For example, ETN and Primera Plus connect Mexico City with Bajío region and some Pacific Coast destinations, and the former even serves a few northern cities such as Durango, Zacatecas, and Monterrey. ADO serves southeastern Mexico. And the list goes on.

Mexican intercity buses, especially executive and first class ones, easily blow Greyhound out of the water. The buses are very comfortable, offer more leg room, and they even have on-board entertainment (they usually show a movie during the ride but there's also WiFi). Depending on your destination and the company you want to take, buses arrive more frequently like every hour to every four hours. And the buses almost always arrive on time. Prices are about the same as when you take Greyhound but you get a far better value of what you pay for when traveling by bus in Mexico. Last but not least, you are given a sandwich and drink when you board.

In contrast, Greyhound is pretty much the only intercity bus company in the USA. And it's nowhere near as efficient as taking an executive or first class bus in Mexico. Many Greyhound buses are fairly old (dating back to the late 90s and 2000s) and only offer WiFi on board. And even their newer buses aren't as nice as Mexican intercity buses are. Oftentimes they are late like a half hour or even up to four hours. It's mostly poor Americans who take Greyhound because middle class Americans only fly or travel by car (after all, if you don't have a car in America you're seen as low class).

There are smaller regional bus companies but only a handful, and even they're nothing comparable to intercity buses in Mexico. For instance, where I come from, there's New Mexico Park and Ride. But that's mainly for people commuting to and from work, and it doesn't cover very long distances (the longest bus ride would be two hours). The buses are nicer than Greyhound, but they only make them that way for commuters. Additionally, they only operate during rush our and only on weekdays.

Again, I'd wish the USA would have an intercity bus system similar to the one in Mexico, having different regional companies serving various parts of the country to complement Greyhound. But given its live-to-work automobile-centric way of life, America will never learn from other countries, even its southern neighbor. That's why I'm happier living in Mexico.
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