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Gender ratio dictates politics

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Gender ratio dictates politics

Post by Nailer » January 23rd, 2017, 11:18 pm

I believe that liberalism and conservatism is dictated to a large part by gender ratios.

When good men are scarce women compete against one another and seek commitment. Society's focus is on controlling male vices, hence all the religion and emphasis on family. The message to men is "don't drink too much, stay away from drugs, don't cheat on your wife" and in return they are granted a wife and family, and explicitly given the superior role over the family. Women are afraid of not finding a good man, so they act much nicer and pair off with the first good-enough man they find. This is conservative America, where man are valued and respected.

She loves Jesus, America, and her boyfriend too.

Cities with lot of high-paying jobs attract a surplus of men. Not only is the ratio of men to women skewed, but the availability of good men is so high that they are taken for granted. The women are outnumbered and have their pick of the litter, so there is no competition between women, and no need to seek commitment or even a monogamous relationship. Society's whole focus becomes about supplicating female whims. Men are expected to work hard, much harder than their blue-collar counterparts, and in return they only get denigrated and mocked. In this environment, a man's best reproductive strategy is to become 100% p***y whipped and make a big show of how much he supports social programs that benefit women. This is why you see all those pathetic male feminist types trying to virtue-signal to demonstrate their subservience. In liberal cities I have always noticed a subtle underlying belief that women are intrinsically more valuable, and that other men did not share the same self-respect and expectations I had.

If these guys had girlfriends they would not be out protesting.

Another male reproductive strategy is homosexuality. Notice that gays don't just have sex with their own gender, they mimic female behaviors and appearances. Something in the male brain must be wired so that if they lose all hope of competing with other men, they will adopt female mannerisms, in an effort to not get killed in hand-to-hand combat fighting over women. Adopting female mannerisms gets them access to be around women, and every once in a while a girl will get drunk and have sex with one of her gay "friends". This is really an unconscious "hail Mary" sexual reproductive strategy but it can occasionally work. Notice there's no American city with a sizable homosexual community that doesn't also have a severe shortage of women. This trend in American society goes back to the very beginning of the formation of many of its cities:

1000% non-threatening.

The first scenario describes the south and midwest, as well as maybe San Diego.

The second scenario describes San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, Chicago, and New York. Texas is an interesting case because it is the one place in the south with a good economy. Guess what, the three big cities are turning liberal while the surrounding rural areas are still conservative. Houston even has a lesbian mayor.

This begs the question, is a good economy something we actually want? A good economy with plenty of high-paying jobs makes for angry mean-spirited women and societal collapse. A map of the wealthiest parts of the country largely overlaps with a map of the angriest women and most miserable men.
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