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Update from PeterAndrewNolan

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Update from PeterAndrewNolan

Postby PeterAndrewNolan » November 12th, 2017, 1:50 pm

Hey Guys,

as Winston noted on the facebook group I should be over here contributing more rather than just on fascist book.

So, the news from me is that I am now settled in a non western country.

I arrived at Christmas 2015 and I am coming up for my second year here.

I had quite some issues with residency visa and work permit. Even with friends in the government here that was an issue that took some time to sort out.

Even so. I now have a residency permit and a work permit.

I have a new name and new identity, only a handful of people here know me by this name.

I have a new Business Intelligence Company up and running.

My biz partner and I have hired 2 young guns and we are looking for our 3rd hire to join us.

The two current hires are apprenticed to my biz partner who is a high level in our front end tools.

The third guy is going to apprentice to me on back end data warehouse development.

For each of these 3 guys this is the opportunity of a lifetime.

After a 5 years apprenticeship they will be set for life in the BI area.

Many of the men I have trained have gone on to do very well for themselves.

I did hire an MRA in to my new company. A bit older than me. His role was to be the front man for me so I did not have to go do client calls.

If you can believe this? He did not perform well. Did not spend enough time learning. And when we let him go he stole money on the way out!!

I had to sit down with my biz partner and discuss my desire to hire more men from the west.

We discussed and agreed we would never hire another guy from the west. In this case, we were able to get over the trouble this man caused us. But if he had been here long term and decided to cause this trouble it would have been a real problem for us. I was so frustrated that he would steal on the way out. I sent him a long email describing my frustrations and he did not have the courtesy to answer.

I rescued him from unemployment in his own country as an unemployed man 50+ and gave him a job and he bit the hand that fed him. Very disappointed that happened. I had thought such a man would be so thankful for the opportunity he would study his arse off to learn our business and be a great front man for our business. The right amount of experience, grey hair, and well presented. He could have pulled off the role if he just worked harder and I really wanted him to pull off the role. Now I am having to do face to face calls with customers and that means my name might come out.

We agreed to only hire people from the local country we live in because there is a far stronger culture here of never biting the hand that feeds you.

So we are looking for my apprentice to take over from me in 10 years time when I retire. We are looking in the 25-30 range with a masters in hard sciences, not necessarily IT because that is too feminised nowadays. That young lad, when we find him, is going to have the opportunity of a lifetime.

If he works hard he will naturally take over from me when I retire and that would place him as owning all back end development for our company.

Those who follow my know I am also selling in internet marketing but I don't want to promote that here on HA.

As far as women go. They are far nicer here of course...not so much feminism. But I have not been bothered with dating over the last 2 years. I have been more bothered with getting my BI biz up and running and the internet marketing biz up and running.

Just so you know up front I do not tell anyone where I live as my ex brother in law, Michael Toal, is stalking me and is mad as hell he does not know where I live. Those who have been around for 3 years or more know Michael Toal caused some problems here on HA even for me just talking here. He is a psycho that someone needs to deal with. The NSW police will not deal with him as he is ex ASIO and they have told the police to leave him alone. Such is life.

In other news MGTOW is YUGE and growing fast and that is making a BIG difference in the world.

So I am both a HAer, being that I am living happily abroad and have been for 17 years, and a MGTOW in that I am going my own I am guessing there is going to be a lot of cross over between the new influx of men who identify as MGTOW and the HA community.

And guys?? Even though it was a bit of a struggle to get my work permit etc here? It is lovely to be out of the west.

Germany has become unsafe to even walk the streets at night. I keep in touch with a lot of my german pals and they are not very happy campers.

Feel free to make comments or ask questions guys!
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Re: Update from PeterAndrewNolan

Postby gsjackson » November 12th, 2017, 8:57 pm

Attention, Cornfed. He's a little north of the age range, but has a hard science background and is eager to demonstrate his merit. I believe you two know each other.

Congrats on successfully locating outside the West, Peter.
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Re: Update from PeterAndrewNolan

Postby Cornfed » November 13th, 2017, 12:59 am

PeterAndrewNolan wrote:I did hire an MRA in to my new company. A bit older than me. His role was to be the front man for me so I did not have to go do client calls.

If you can believe this? He did not perform well. Did not spend enough time learning. And when we let him go he stole money on the way out!!

It is not really surprising it didn’t work out. Careers are a hard thing and generally only work when people are inducted into them as a developmental process. If you give someone a career as a favour because he is a good guy or whatever, you should expect a high attrition rate, and you shouldn’t necessarily blame the person if it fails (although you possibly could blame him for stealing money on the way out lol). My current telecommuting job kinda sorta works because it happened to be doing something I was previously inadvertently trained in and I am a bit more self-motivated than the average person, but in general people need induction and management, and that is not their fault.
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