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In America, crying/feeling sad will get you in trouble.

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In America, crying/feeling sad will get you in trouble.

Post by Mercury » December 12th, 2017, 6:32 pm

Another way America's toxic and cruel culture tramples people; if you are sad, depressed, or crying because a close friend is moving away, you got divorced or dumped, or even because your favorite uncle passed away, you get in trouble, big trouble even. And I mean even as severe as fired from your job, banned from your favorite bar, even as severe as police involvement and institutionalization. It's become literally like crying and feeling sad is a felony under Federal law in the United States. To Americans, crying is a sign that the person belongs immediately in a mental hospital. And in fact, I am sure a rapidly growing number of Americans would even shoot and kill a crying person on sight. In America, people expect you to be tougher, both physically and mentally, than Superman, and be happy and laughing with your nose up in the air 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

When a friend in America is moving away, everyone expects you to be happy for that person; yes, happy that you will never, ever see that person for the rest of your entire life. You are literally expected, in America, to cut that friend permanently out of your life, close the door, and never expect or even want that person back in your life ever again. As in, pretend you never knew that "friend."

Which of course brings us again to the fact that, in America, friendships are fake, superficial, and fleeting, really only a façade. And I mean literally as in only a front wall that is built for show. No side walls, no back wall, no roof; as in you stand in front of it and you would see a wall (façade), but if you stand to the side so that the façade is edge on, you would see what looks like a narrow, vertical column.

And if you are a guy who is in tears, it's a much bigger taboo, especially as guys in America are expected to stay away from everyone, especially all females and mind their own business.

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