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Men in America Face an Epidemic of Loneliness

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Post by Ghost » June 17th, 2019, 6:31 pm

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Re: Men in America Face an Epidemic of Loneliness

Post by MarcosZeitola » June 17th, 2019, 6:45 pm

Ghost wrote:
June 17th, 2019, 6:31 pm
I've been keeping up with this thread, and so far the options I get out of it are:

1. Be a millennial, and go abroad to marry and reproduce. Never mind that with the way modernity is killing us all, Happier Abroad is a dying way of life. You might have escaped the worst of it, but your children or grandchildren will eventually have to face what you ran away from.

2. Be a myopic boomer that doesn't give a shit about anything except his little bubble. After all, you'll be dead before the real shit-show happens. Disparage all traditional institutions and way of life even as ideas because, after all, you have gibs. And those gibs definitely just came into your hands because you were so deserving.

3. Dream about overcoming the system and restoring balance to the world. But conditions are still too comfortable for that, and perhaps this time there be no 'correction' or true backlash to the corruption. You can at least be a voice of reason even though no one listens who doesn't already get it.

Is it any wonder things are so bleak? This goes beyond loneliness for a mate - this is full on existential loneliness.
To be fair, in your first option you wouldn't be as lonely as one would be for the second and third options. Numbers one and three are also not mutually exclusive; you can go abroad, marry and raise a family there and still dream about overcoming the system and restoring balance to the world. However you would do so as a married man with a family rather than as a single entity, you would at least have some companionship in life even as you dream the dreams you dream and take the steps you take... and you can hope to see some of the things you have figured out in life passed on to your children. The lessons you learned, the things you have observed, you get to share those with your children.

There's options in between the 'myopic boomer' of option number two and the 'idealistic perpetually single dreamer' who rages impotently against a system he has no power to ever change in any meaningful way. It may just be a drop in the ocean, sure, but at least the men who went abroad did something, like what the pioneers who explored the frontier of the new world did. They just do it in a time where it's a lot less viable, and a lot less impactful... but just because it's less impactful does not mean it has zero impact.

I am under no illusion that my children will throw over evil Western (or Eastern) regimes, nor do I expect any of them to find the cure for cancer or anything else majorly impactful. But for now they give me a sense of joy and purpose. It's kind of like a hobby... you go through life, try to experience things, try to find enjoyment, build something up you get joy out of. You develop yourself, your partner develops herself, your children grow up and if you're doing a good job at raising them to not be little weak shits, you'll probably have a good relationship with them in the future as you grow older, especially if they grow up in a more traditional society.

And I do think, speaking of number three, that people are still capable of standing up to tyranny. The protests in Hong Kong right now are inspirational. Imagine 2 million people taking the streets in a city state of seven million, it's an insane turnout. Never saw anything like it in the West, but it does show... it is possible. And there is a lot of opportunity to organize nowadays through social media. You just need that perfect storm, and to strike soon while the iron's hot and before global lethargy sets in completely.

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