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Welcome to the United Paranoid States of America!

Discuss and talk about any general topic.

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Post by DelphiPro » September 6th, 2008, 5:23 pm

Russia and Eastern Europe are not at all like the Philippines. There is so much opportunity here that no young woman is going to go out with an old man no matter what unless it really is his personality and looks.

I think this is an over-generalization. There are, of course, Russian and Eastern European women in dating columns that will accept much older men, as well as some Filipinas in Philippine-based columns that seek guys their own age. It really depends more on the person and their own tastes than it does where they come from. There are even young women in the United States who prefer older men, rare though they may be.

And no, I don't think IMBRA should have "targeted" any country! What are you talking about??

What we're talking about here is FREEDOM... Freedom to seek your own happiness regardless of what age, ethnic group, country or type of person you're seeking. As long as you follow the COMMON LAW, and don't do anything that is UNETHICAL or MALICIOUS to another person, then no government, church, civic organization, activist group ("Tahirah Justice Center", "N.O.W") has the right to dictate your personal life. It is YOUR life, YOU have the right to live it without interference... whether you're old and want someone young, young and want someone old, or anywhere in between!
Get Government out of the Personals and out of our personal lives.

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Post by DelphiPro » September 7th, 2008, 9:43 am

I'd like to re-iterate something that MoscowSummerNights said that is inaccurate.

Before I do, I want to say that Moscow is a fine patriot who is one of the more vocal supporters of our cause to overturn this ridiculous law. He has done more work than anyone I know in getting the word out and arguing for our side.

However, we're all human, and we all err from time to time.

He said:
"I understand better now.

Russia and Eastern Europe are not at all like the Philippines. There is so much opportunity here that no young woman is going to go out with an old man no matter what unless it really is his personality and looks.

Now I understand what got the evangelist Christians to ally with the feminists on IMBRA. IMBRA should have only targeted the Philippines and Thailand, but it would of course still be an outrageous interference in human interaction.

This statement is totally bogus and out of character for Moscow. Let me clarify some of the misconceptions here:

1. While women in the Philippines have a reputation for marrying older men, it is not because of poverty of desperation to escape their circumstances. There is a culture of reverence for elders in most oriental countries, and many marriage eligible women see older men as wise, mature, stable and able to provide for a family emotionally as well as financially. Consider this: Cuba is far more impoverished than the Philippines, with an oppressive dictatorial regime. People from Cuba are so desperate to leave that some have attempted to cross the Florida straights on inner tubes! However, most Cuban young women will only accept a man to age 35, even from the Untied States! This is also true for most countries of Central and South America, which are also far more politically unstable and economically challenged than the Philippines.

2. Nor is it accurate to say that all Christian Evangelicals are against age difference. Robert Schuler, world renowned evangelist, invited a guest on his internationally televised "Hour of Power" whose husband was 44 years her senior whom she married when she was 22.

It is a dangerous thing to say that IMBRA should have "targeted" any country. By saying that, you are playing right into feminist propaganda that American men are "exploiting" women from "developing" (aka third world) countries and "trafficking" them as "bride-slaves", and that IMBRA is justified in some cases.

A law that calls a singles column a "marriage broker" only if it "targets" the Philippines is even more ridiculous than exempting from IMBRA. That would clearly be seen as racist and called on unconstitutionality. It is also demeaning to women of the Philippines, who would suddenly be singled out as weaker and less competent to decide their own security than women from everywhere else in the world.

Moscow is a fine anti-IMBRA patriot. We all make mistakes.
Get Government out of the Personals and out of our personal lives.

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Post by Winston » April 5th, 2014, 4:59 am

Check out this great comment in our Facebook group about sexual paranoia in America. It's so true isn't it?
The problem is that American society relates everything to something sexual. For example, if you hug someone elses kid because you consider there kid like your son or nephew, they will think you are a PEDOPHILE. If you invite other guys to your house as STRAIGHT GUY, sick-minded dumbfuck dudes will think you're some closet-FAGGOT that wants to rape them in the ass. Same with women, they think the only reason you're inviting them to your house it too f**k them. Unless you dress like f***ing fruitcake metrosexual sissy boy it's hard to make American women comfortable in talking to you, because very manly looking straight guy wants to get in there pants, is what they assumed.
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Re: Welcome to the United Paranoid States of America!

Post by nicho12 » April 5th, 2014, 6:26 am

jamesbond wrote:As Winston has stated many times, women in America do appear to be paranoid of men and of strangers in general. If you just observe how people interact with each other in America there is no eye contact made and people avoid others as much as possible. Winston stated it like this; "People are generally anti-social, don’t talk to strangers, don’t know their neighbors, and have an isolation mentality that makes them PREFER being alone. Thus, it is hard, unnatural and “against the grain� to try to meet people in America." How true, there is this "isolationist" mentality in America where being anti-social is the norm! Most people in America only meet people through their friends, which is very restricting to say the least!

Also, women in America are the most unfriendly and anti-social of all Americans! As Winston has stated American women are "the most anti-social, unapproachable and paranoid women in the world!" How true! If you approach a woman in America, you feel as if you are doing something wrong and violating some sort of unwritten rule. That unwritten rule is, in America we don't talk to strangers! I have noticed and so has a lot of other men that when you do strike up a conversation with a woman in America, she tends to get a paranoid look on her face and seems to get very uncomfortable with the idea of talking to a stranger. How strange, this is NOT common in other countries (like the Philippines, Russia, the Ukraine, Mexico and Latin American countries). Only in America do you meet women who are scared to death of a stranger starting a conversation with them! Welcome to the United Parnoid States of America! :D
The reason why women in America are paranoid is because they know their house of cards(40 Plus years of feminism) is about to come down anytime and since they've treated men so badly, they know that there will be hell to pay once their daddy gov't is gone and can't protect them, where will they get their next meal once the system explodes, where can they hide where the lynch mobs wouldn't find them especially the top policy making feminists. They know that they're living on borrowed time with today's economic instability

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