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Website designed to fight IMBRA

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Website designed to fight IMBRA

Post by Winston » August 3rd, 2008, 8:17 pm

Hi all,
The owner of this site contacted me to see if I'd be willing to serve as a plaintiff against IMBRA, that Congressional Act barring American men from contacting foreign women without a background clearance to the woman first, since I have no professional reputation to lose. What do you think?

Here is their site dedicated to fighting IMBRA, composed mostly of veterans it seems.
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Post by DelphiPro » August 9th, 2008, 12:07 pm

I am also an advocate of fighting this unfair and discriminatory law, IMBRA (International Marriage Broker Regulation Act), which basically lets government police the personals ads. Under this law:

1. You cannot obtain the address, phone number or email of a lady outside the U.S. unless you complete a personal history questionnaire and submit to a background check. The results of these are sent to each individual personals advertiser whom you wish to contact, for her consent, before you’re allowed to introduce yourself. The report, which she must sign, also contains warnings about the immigrant spouse abuse rate and instructions on how to get out of her marriage and stay in the United States FOR FREE.

2. Personal introduction services (i.e. personals ads) have been re-classified as "marriage brokers" if more than 50% of the female advertisers come from outside the U.S.

3. You are limited to a LIFETIME limit of two (2) fiancé visas, regardless of the conditions of the termination of your immigrant marriage. So, if you met a hot babe in France when you were 20, got a fiancé visa for her and then decided not to marry within the 90-day period, and then years later married a foreigner who got struck by lightning, you're out. You have to obtain a waiver to marry another foreigner, which could take years and has no guarantee of approval.

Advocates for this law have not stopped there. Additional provisions are proposed which will ban men with any kind of criminal histories from marrying foreigners PERIOD. Also, many states are passing their own state-level laws with even harsher restrictions. So far Minnesota, Maryland and Texas have laws on the table, and there may be other states. Like anti-tobacco legislation, these restrictions will spread and proliferate if they are not stopped!

The law is based on claims that American men who marry foreign women abuse them at a higher than normal rate, and have based these flimsy claims on three media-sensationalized stories of murdered "mail order" brides over a 10-year period. False claims that the "mail order bride" abuse rate is 3 times the national average are based on a study of inner-city immigrant Hispanic couples, many of them illegal. None of the women in the study met their husbands through introduction services, yet IMBRA advocates falsely used this study to taint foreign personals ad services.

The scholars and advocates behind these laws have made no bones that they are against Americans marrying foreigners PERIOD. They believe that U.S. men who marry foreign women are exploiters, sex traffickers and sex tourists. They classify men who "prey on" "poor, helpless, desperate" foreign women as "heterosexists", "serial abusers" and "pedophiles" (even though the women are consenting adults!). According to them, foreign women who marry American men are desperate to escape dire poverty and would otherwise have no interest in the men who seek them. These people are out of control and will stop at nothing to limit your dating and marrying options. If they had their way, there would be an all-out ban on U.S. citizens marrying foreigners.

We in the Men’s Rights movement believe this law violates your Constitutional rights of free speech, free association and due process. We also believe the law violates implied Constitutional privacy rights. We believe that government has no business sticking its nose in your personal address book and dictating your love life.

To fight this law in court, we need someone who is single, dating, and has been denied access to foreign women or had a visa application delayed or denied because of IMBRA. We believe that such an individual has the right to sue the government to have this ridiculous law repealed.
Get Government out of the Personals and out of our personal lives.

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IMBRA is Feminist Fascism

Post by DallasTexan » August 17th, 2008, 7:25 pm

The Executive Presiding Judge of the Nuremburg War Crimes Tribunal was Judge Curtis Shake. A Supreme Court Justice of the State on Indiana and an Ancestor of mine. I never thought that Fascism would be embraced by America. And would be directed against its Male citizenry. But that is what is happening with the increasingly Male Hostile Laws and Family Court system.

Dr. Stephen Baskerville has outlined that in his book about our Family Courts. It is clear that IMBRA is an attempt to end the rights of US Men to even communicate with Foreign Women over the Internet. As this powerful medium promises the opportunity to communicate with Foreign Women who are seeking quality life Mates. US Men are for the most part, reasonable, Realistic, faithful, hard working and Loyal.

But US Women in the last couple of decades especially. Have chosen Bad Boys, Players, Thugs, Pick Up Artists over decent Men. And the data of the Divorce Rates in the US has caused US Men to re evaluate their choice in Wives. This has given rise to the Marriage Strike, Delayers of Marriage, and Men now looking overseas for a Wife.

American Feminists must stop this growing trend. As it threatens to seriously erode their movement. If enough American Men refuse to marry, and especially if the high quality American Men choose Foreign Women. Feminism will be hated and reviled by American Women. Their movement will lose its base of support and collapse.

This is what is behind IMBRA in truth. You can see this transparently. This last year two Rutgers Gender Feminists wrote an Advocacy Research Piece they published about How Feminists Make Better Lovers. Non peer reviewed, utter trash. Nevertheless the media immediately published this. Its intent was clear a disinformation campaign is underway. To try to convince Men that Feminists are good choices in Mates and as Spouses.

Its like taking your Pet to a Taxidermist. Its insane to think that US Feminists are great companions. This last year California NOW began a "I Like Consensual Sex Campaign". To promote a similar theme. Then inserted a new term for Rape. Guilt Rape. Yes Guilt Rape is when a Man begs or pleads for Sex. "If You loved me you would..., I thought you really cared for me, If you do really care for me you would...".

Dating a Feminist is as productive as taking an Accordion Deer Hunting. IMBRA must be opposed and defeated.

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Post by jamesbond » August 18th, 2008, 11:20 am

"Dating a Feminist is as productive as taking an Accordion Deer Hunting." I love that line! :D So now they are trying to say feminist can be great lovers and companions for men! That's news to me and all my male friends! I try to avoid feminist like the plague! :o

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Re: Website designed to fight IMBRA

Post by Voyager1 » July 27th, 2016, 5:00 pm

Please note that "IMBRA" as it's called only applies to US citizens. One agency (advertised on this site) tried to impose IMBRA regulations on me (non US citizen). I promptly told them to f**k off.

They were just trying to use the regulation to make money but I think they will lose a whole lot of customers from this. I urge everyone here not to do business with any company that pushes the IMBRA agenda.

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Re: Website designed to fight IMBRA

Post by retiredfrank » July 27th, 2016, 5:14 pm

I'm all in favour of outlawing fiance visas.

What we really need is legalized prostitution, then temporary visas for foreign prostitutes. Get rid of marriage altogether, along with child support and alimony. Turn every woman into a whore, though in practice mostly whores with a single client known as their "husband", since that word will no longer have legal meaning. That's the way forwards.

Various ways to sugar this pill: get rid of child support, alimony and welfare for single mothers as punishment for poor minorities with too many babies: prostitution gets legalized as a libertarian measure to reduce burden on criminal justice system; marriage gets watered down to nothingness to accommodate people who want to marry their dog or sex doll; prostitute visas part of a general liberalisation of work visas; etc.

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