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Happy Bachelors Forum was taken down by Outcastsuperstar

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Happy Bachelors Forum was taken down by Outcastsuperstar

Post by Evergreen » January 28th, 2009, 8:47 am

Well you can read it here. Btw, a dude named GGJake made a new Happy Bachelors Forum here
I guess he won't be participating here or any MRA or MGTOW sites as he wants to go Ghosting as he wrote below. Oh well, I wish Outcastsuperstar well finding his own way and perhaps abroad as he always likes to mention he wants to take bachelor vacations.

I'm now a full time ghost
After giving it a lot of thought I have decided to end the blog and pull the plug on Happy Bachelors Forum.

Over time managing a forum and a blog has become more of a burden than an enjoyment.

When it comes to being a Happy Bachelor I realized I need to focus more on walking the walk rather than talking the talk. I am responsible for the culture set at the forum. Lately I’ve noticed the winds have changed and that the forum has become more about bashing other people rather than living life to your fullest. Even with having more moderators, I still find myself needing to check the forum. Not because I can’t wait to read a cool bachelor story regarding fun hobbies or exciting bachelor vacations, but because I have to inspect the threads making sure the anger towards women doesn’t turn into advocating or condoning violence against them. Being the person who created the Forum I can be held liable for what other members post on the Forum. If there are members condoning violent crimes, and one psycho read these threads and committed a serious crime there would serious legal issues. One of the first things investigative authorities will do is confiscate the alleged violent offender’s computer and check out the sites the offender visited. If this forum was linked to the sites he visited where he read threads condoning committing violent crimes, I could face jail time as well, or be the target of some major lawsuits and have bad publicity where my working career would be destroyed. This is NOT what being a Happy Bachelor is about. Over time it has taken a toll.

Going forward I decided it would be best for me not to be absorbed with reading tons of negativity, but rather focus on things in life which will bring me peace and happiness in life rather than being absorbed in anger and hatred.

There is no doubt about the injustices which happen to men in the legal system. There are no doubt young women snub young men who are trying to get ahead in life. It’s very easy to get caught up in anger and hatred about the current situation. When men have no rights is when true freedom begins. For those who aren’t tied down to a wife and kids, can opt out of the current situation and enjoy ultimate freedom.

The choice comes down to whether or not I want to enjoy my freedom and do things I enjoy doing because I’m a free man or take it for granted and constantly be absorbed with all the negativity (lots of it just). The best revenge is a life well lived. I have come to realized spewing anger, or spending time reading angry posts every day is not a life well lived. Many times young men including me take for granted the freedoms we have as a result of not being tied down to a woman through marriage.

As a free man I get to decide where I want and when I want to eat without asking for any ones permission.

As a free man I get to freely sleep in during the weekends.

As a free man I can spend my hard earned money as I see fit.

As a free man I’m free to take Bachelor Vacations worldwide.

As a free man I can spend as much time on any hobbies as I like (when not working) without needing to ask any ones permission.

The list goes on and on.

The bottom line is I’m free to do fun activities or I’m free to be stuck on anger and reading lots of more anger. It’s time for me to focus strictly on the positive aspects of being a bachelor while cutting out the negative which means letting go of the anger and no longer visiting sites or running blogs or forums where I would have view angry material.

My time of talking the talk of being a Happy Bachelor has come to an end. My time of quietly walking the walk of being a Happy Bachelor has only begun. The days of me being vocal are over as today moving forward I will strictly be a full time ghost.

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Post by jamesbond » January 28th, 2009, 12:10 pm

Thanks for the info! I am a member of that forum but have not checked it in a couple of weeks. I know the moderator has been busy with an internship I believe.


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