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A witty Brit's observations about American women

Posted: November 4th, 2009, 11:23 pm
by Winston ... 958AAfrIwb

I am British and I live in England and I must say that American women generally have a pretty negative reputation over here....they often appear as far too manipulative, far too self obsessed, far too materialistic, far too feminist and far too anti male if guys don't always fall in line with their demands and needs while not giving a hoot about the feelings of the male. And far too loud!!!! Sadly more British women are becoming like that now...not good.

I was in London recently and in one of the "What to Do" guides to the city, uner the heading "Things to avoid in London" was listed "American girls". And on a TV blind date program this English guy, looking for a date, said that he would consider any girl of any nationality so long as she wasn't American - "they are just awful!" was what he said.

Definition of Heaven:

Living in an English house, with a Japanese wife, living on an American salary and eating Chinese food.

Definition of Hell:

Living in a Japanese house, with an American wife,,, living on a Chinese salary get this! - eating English food!

What a cheek! English food is much better than you's just a wicked slur and very, very outdated. Of the world's top ten restaurants three are here in the UK!

The bit about the American wife just has to be true, though, from what I see of them when they come over here. ;-)