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Help!!! Winston... Anybody... fitting in with the locals?

Discuss and talk about any general topic.

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Post by Master » January 4th, 2010, 12:18 pm

Racism is a very sensitive and disturbing subject because of idiots and fagots like you. You need to be taught a lesson and if only punching your lights out would do it but a brute like you it would only strengthen your ideas. From the pride and racisism you display I can see that you’re nothing but an ignorant, lonely, stupid, pathetic little man that knows nothing and I do mean NOTHING of the world.

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Good you replied, I have been waiting.

Post by Master » January 5th, 2010, 8:25 am

As I said before If only bashing your brains in would do you any good. An ant like you doesn’t even deserve to be stepped on because your world is small, pathetic. It’s misery. Why would I put you out of it if I am having too much fun?

No only stupid fagots are racist. What you might want to say is that people have an attraction to some race over others but to say that everyone hates people from other races is ignorant. Like yourself. The only thing between you and me are many. I am nothing like you and will never be.

Like I would give you the joy of stating what race I am so you can criticize, as you like. Keep wishing white supremacist.

Asian tendencies, white cocksucker tendencies, and you’re mothers. I am not confine by typical beliefs such as ideas, color, language, or writings. I know your small brains can only think in a box but maybe if you got your head out of your ass you’ll see the world in a different color rather than black shit.

Racism is only a natural phenomenon among stupid people, which you are a part of. I don’t associate myself with any lower class being.

I don’t want to “name call�. You are right, I submit myself to your stupidity. You are to be ignored because you are not worthy of my time. I don’t mean to turn you on like your racist fags do. I mean to help you but that is obviously not possible. Thank you for your time. You’re a reminder of how small some people are.

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There! Happy?

Post by Master » January 10th, 2010, 3:14 pm

What can I say, I like you. You’re fun. I find your ideas and comments amusing. I say thank you for constantly following me around like my girlfriend. I didn’t get the reply for this message and I haven’t had time to reply. I have a life. If it wasn’t for your messages I would’ve never gotten this message. The forum botched. Nonetheless I don’t know where you get off saying I’m a p***y. I had already said I wasn’t going to reply but what can I say. You beat it out of me. So here I go.

If you don’t want to be held responsible then stop responding. Otherwise SHUT THE f**k UP!

You’ve stood low enough. I don’t know where you get off stating you’re above anyone. The way you speak leaves no room to show no one respects you. You’re above no one.

I don’t want to admit it because I’m above you’re pathetic ploys. If only I was ashamed of any race. You’re funny to think I would be ashamed of anything. But if makes you feel better I considered telling you to shut you the hell up. But again you’re not worth my time. I won’t give you the satisfaction to try to bring me to your level by nonsensically ridiculing my race, beliefs, and life. You’re not the type of person to shine me in the right light. So why would I get personal with you at all? Keep dreaming fantasy boy.

By stating you put other any race in their place you are advocating you’re above everyone and you categories race. Making you a racist, someone stupid enough to see the human limits in a box. The only one in a box is you but you’re too much of a sad case to realize that. If you only you had a better upbringing up, education, intelligence, and class you would see above all that and be a better person. That is truly the sad part.

Nothing bothers me coming from an idiot like you. Do your stupid friends know that you secretly hate them? Does society? If you are prideful as you say you are. You’re blind hate would be stated openly and known. Is this the case? You stupid piece of shit.

Ok, I can see how Philippians can be racist just as many cultures and people around the world are. But does that mean that I have to be? Or that everyone is? Because people eat shit doesn’t mean I will too.

People discriminate, kill, cheat, lie, steal, and rape. Does that mean I have to be? Because people have discriminate against you, you feel that you have to do the same to them? Stupid.

You’re not the object of my hatred. Your thoughts are. You’re too much fun for me to hate you.

I know that they are misconception mass-produced propaganda. Even black people are racist which is supposed to be the least of them. I don’t advocate lies. If you tell me Asians are racist, nasty, pieces of shit I believe you. That doesn’t mean that I hate individual Asian people. Because I am above that. I am above race hate, ignorance, and stereotypes.

Yes I know it is money that mainly draws people to western countries but that’s not all true. There is also freedom, comfort, and an overall better lifestyle. And who is to say to prevent that?

I am not here to convince you that Asians in general are noble or that even Buddhist are noble. God knows Buddha’s and religion people are stupid. What I think you should do is look at life and people in a better light. We are all imperfect but to let this hate of how stupid people are run your life is your biggest life’s mistake. You should embrace life and see that no matter what you have hope. Hope for humanity. Hope that things will be become better and that the world will be a better place. Otherwise you’re just an idiot.

Yes I live in English country but I never said I don’t depend on other people or that I hate anyone. Because I live in a country doesn’t mean that I live off a class or a country. I work my own way. In a normalistic way I do depend on people to do what they’ve always done to get my own way. Where do you get these idiotic ideas from? Are you again, trying to prove that a race is better than another one? By putting a comic put down? Just like you didn’t create you’re country and that you have depend on other race classes on a daily basis. What are you trying to prove? You’re very foolish and immature. Anyone can see through your racism, immature, and juvenile ideas. I never said I don’t want to be with my own people, that I don’t love my language or culture. That’s like saying that because I visit a country it means that I want to disown my country. That’s ridiculous. I love to speak my language and can speak several languages. I am in an English website, should I speak another language? What’s wrong with you? I am not a slave. You are trying to make it seem because I live a life that requires a basis of chains that I am a slave. Not more than you are to race, politics, history, and you’re countrymen. This whole claim was dubious, juvenile, and unnecessary. Next time use more realistic material. I mean to come on! A slave is a term used for people that were slaved down by whites and other races. What does that have to do with anyone’s daily life today?! Please……..

Why do you hate people for being materialistic? I don’t get it. If you know anything about anything you’d figure out that material things are not the end off all. People here would tell you that. And if you know things long enough you’d find out that the best things about life has nothing to do with material things. Get over it. People are bad. Move on and enjoy yourself.

I do consider myself a Master. But not perfect. I do have things to learn and I am not the end of all. I never said I was. I hope you understand that I was just trying to make you a better person.


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Post by Master » January 11th, 2010, 9:00 am

You’ve reached your lowest ever! I tried to reason with you but I think it is more then obvious that you have serious mental issues and that a forum is beyond your help. I cant talk to you anymore. Don’t think I am p***y for not responding to you youre just not worth my time.

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Post by Coldwatchingyou » July 26th, 2010, 4:34 am

gordan wrote: Why is it that so-called intelligent or educated (whiny rant snipped)

Hello Gordan.

You do have a tendency to whine bitterly -- like a woman. Are you one?

No, I don't think so. But you are something else.

Face the fact, Gordan: you are a white male loser. That is not an insult, by the way. That is a FACT.

That's right, Gordan. Your posts reveal a white male without a shred of self-respect. Without a shred of male dignity. Without any balls.

You do know something about losing, don't you. After all, that's the story of your pitiful, dago wop life.

You are talked about in condescending terms as an object of pity. Like a helpless, tragic child. After all, how can one help but pity a 40+ year old dago wop like you still living with his parents?

Yes, Gordan. You know you are an embarrassment. A normal man would feel shame at the way you've conducted yourself on this forum.

Now, Gordan, repeat after me: "I. AM. A. WHITE. MALE. LOSER."

Never forget this basic fact. And don't you worry if you do forget -- because I'll be there to remind you when you do! :D

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Post by In2dadark » July 30th, 2010, 6:59 pm

Grunt wrote:The locals were putting small amounts of commercial grade rat poison in our food when we ordered out or got fast food (McDonalds Taco Johns and Pizza Hut etc). My wife got pregnant, but the fetus developed something called anencephaly, or the failure to develop a brain. Extremely extremely rare condition, and the out of town doctor we went to said it was the worst case he had seen in 15 odd years.

I did some research and anencephaly mostly results from organophosphate (rat poison) exposure early in the pregnancy. The local doctors, and most of the towns 3000 residents I suspect, all knew the fetus was dead. The only ones that didnt know was my wife and I. She had ultrasounds done at least twice, but the hospital scum said everything was fine, they wanted their money from our insurance company of course.

Anyhow, the out of town doctor that performed the abortion (cost me an extra $4000) said there was no f***ing way in hell that the ultrasound techs or doctors could NOT have seen that something was tragically wrong with the fetus. After the poisoning we left the town we were in, Cut Bank, and moved the the "richest" town in Montana. A town called Kalispell. Everyone I talked to about the incident told me I was batshit insane and that people dont just go around poisoning other people for no reason.

Shortly after that we left Cut Bank, a U.S. Border Patrol Officer that had just transferred into the area was poisoned at the very same McDonalds we used to go to. Just google "border patrol cut bank poisoned" to see the story. Oddly enough, people stopped saying I was a paranoid lunatic after the Border Guard got poisoned. He actually died a couple times when they were flying him to Great Falls in the helicopter. Its now two years later, with no arrests and no real investigation. The population of Cut Bank is 3000 people. There were 3 people working at the McDonalds the day of the poisoning.
Every mcdonalds serves poison.
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Post by ladislav » July 30th, 2010, 11:59 pm

What upsets me the most about all this discussion is the waste of time. Can we just move on to concrete ways to get jobs, ladies overseas, living in the global economies, visas, etc? So much time and energy is being wasted here. Can we just put it to more productive use?
A brain is a terrible thing to wash!

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Post by momopi » July 31st, 2010, 12:48 am

ladislav wrote:What upsets me the most about all this discussion is the waste of time. Can we just move on to concrete ways to get jobs, ladies overseas, living in the global economies, visas, etc? So much time and energy is being wasted here. Can we just put it to more productive use?
Naw, some people have no life and just like to argue.


Think Different
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Post by Think Different » July 31st, 2010, 2:25 am

There is clearly a big demarcation on this forum between those with an inquisitive/intellectual/rational/informed bent and those who just come on here to stir up trouble and waste everyone's time.

Maybe we should create a new section called "mental masturbation" and all those who just want to waste time and not say anything productive can go in there and have at it.

There are some on this forum on the other hand that are true bastions of knowledge that could be incredibly beneficial to those truly looking to go abroad to improve their lives (again, NOT EVERYONE CARES TO GO ABROAD, WE GET IT...)

My favorite is the blog that is a repository of Ladislav's best works. Now, I could personally benefit from such a collection of wisdom, containing information about offshoring money, setting up accounts, getting second citizenships, etc.

Until then, I'll continue to hunt and peck at the good morsels....oh well.

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Post by globetrotter » August 1st, 2010, 8:15 am

ladislav wrote:What upsets me the most about all this discussion is the waste of time. Can we just move on to concrete ways to get jobs, ladies overseas, living in the global economies, visas, etc? So much time and energy is being wasted here. Can we just put it to more productive use?
This is why I don't post to MGTOW/MRA sites anymore.

Almost every single poster is stuck at stage 2 of culture shock, within the USA. They realise and try to adapt and then every day they walk out their front door and the country is the same mess, and getting worse by the hour. They are in arrested stages of CS.

We have already established the flaws of the social scene in the USA. We know the flaws of AW. There is no reason to repost over and over and over another story about how horrific they are.

We all know this and acknowledge this.

It's better to move on to action steps, tasks, goals, plans to take the steps necessary to make our lives happier.


In China it seems that learning the language is of utmost importance to be able to socialise with the women. They seem a bit standoffish, in that they are not sure that I will be here for longer than a year. In Shanghai this is different as it is a modern cosmopolitan city and single girls serial date there.

Not in rural China.

They don't 'date'. Dating is a prelude to marriage, which follows quickly. This is a rural value common all over the planet.

Casual dating just does not exist. Especially for a laowai.

If I were to be a long term resident, I think that getting a longterm young gf would be easy.

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Post by Winston » August 13th, 2010, 11:38 am

I just deleted gordan's new profile and all his posts. I think I'm going to delete all his posts from his original user name too, to clean up the trash and not let any newbies run into it.
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sick bastards

Post by starkeep » August 13th, 2010, 6:15 pm

8) I really feel sorrry for someone to poison someones wife like that. And bordor guard also? My solution to that is go vegetarian and stay away from fast food places. Sounds like the police are not good at finding who would do that kind of thing?
fed up

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