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Did you try it or not?

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Did you try global dating? And, if so, how was it?

I tried global dating (or I'm trying it now) and it proves successful
I never tried it.
I tried it but it proved unsuccessful
Total votes : 10

Did you try it or not?

Postby skeptic » Sun Jul 25, 2010 4:56 am

With so much bashing of American women and socieity in general, as opposed to praising foreign women and society in general, the first question that comes to mind is: did you really try both?

Naturally, those who are successful with American women (you might deny the existence of such men, but they do exist) are extremely unlikely to look for women abroad.

Now, those of you who, for one reason or another, are lacking the success with women in America, did you already try global dating or not? And, if you did, did you like it or not?
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Postby Linc4Love » Sun Jul 25, 2010 4:03 pm

Define success?

For example, I know someone close to me who decided to get involved with a gold digging single mom. She had a kid from a previous relationship and was pregnant with another child that she claimed was his. He won't even get a paternity test to confirm, instead he takes her in because he feels sorry for her and wants to raise both children as his own. He works 15 hours a day while his mother is actually the one taking care of the kids but she desperately wanted to be a grandmother, meanwhile this whore lays around on her ass all day or goes out shopping, on his dime of course. And yet if you talked to him about it, he would insist that he was in a great relationship. Uh huh.

And what about the guy who bounces around from one fling to the next, would he be considered successful? Or the guy who is dating a hottie with the personality of a brain damaged rattlesnake, would he be considered successful? Or the guy who had no choice but to lower his standards to include the most uggo types of girls so mannishly grotesque that he might as well be gay?

I haven't tried foreign dating yet myself, but I have met foreign women before. The difference between them and American women is night and day. I would suspect many guys don't consider dating foreign women because they've never traveled abroad and figure what's true here is true everywhere else in the world. But if they expose themselves to different cultures and see how women behave towards men in other countries, I'm convinced that they'll then realize what a raw deal they're getting in America.
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