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Foreign women are Paranoid of American Men in America

Posted: December 12th, 2010, 11:17 pm
by ssjparris
okay so dudes and dudettes,

I have to say this. I was really excited because foreign women are here in my area for the holidays. Los Angeles area that is. man o man i was wrong about my excitement. so here are my experiences with them here.

1. I saw a foreign woman she was either from mexico or south america. i came up to her because she kept walking around me and getting close to me alot. I spoke to her and said, " hi, are you from mexico. " her reply IN A HEAVY SPANISH ACCENT, " no i am from here, i am from los angeles." so i looked at her in the eyes and in my mind i was thinking she can't come from los angeles her accent is too hespanic. so i told her, " you can't come from here, because all the mexicans and south american women that grew up here in america have an american accent. your accent is not from here. you can't come from this area at all. you came from somewhere else. "

dudes and dudettes she was so baffled and frustrated and angry. as if she was mad that i found out she was lying. she was clearly paranoid. and did not want me to know where she came from.

2. another time a foreign woman from either again south america or mexico was wearing super tight leotard, it showed every curve and butt crack, with high heels. she locked eyes with me and gave a big smile three times before i came up to her. she was with a masculine female that looked like a man. HA. anyways, i came up and said hi to her. her female manly friend interfered and said, " your making her feel uncomfortable." i will decode what she was really saying here , " i am jealous my hot sexy female friend is getting attention, i want you away from her so she doesn't get male attention. i want the male attention.".

i totally ignored the manly bitch. and asked the hot female friend where she was from. she said, " el salvador " but the expression on her face looked like she was lying about where she came from. then the hot " salvadorian " said, " your making me feel uncomfortable. " she repeated what her manly friend said to me earlier.

her manly friend interfered again and said, " she does not want to talk to you." guess what miss hot salvadorian friend said, " i don't want to talk to you. " so i was fed up and said to miss hot salvadorian, " then don't flirt with me across the room if you don't want me to come and talk to you. "

so all in all winston put it correctly about foreign women in america in one of his videos like this, " ....IF you can get them FRESH OFF THE BOAT."

I caught these foreign women either a week to late or more. i did not catch them fresh off the boat. they are getting bombarded by alot of guys in america and don't like it. I can't have an easy conversation with them because of this. they have shields up here. and you can't ask them where they come from. because then they think your some predator.

I would have thought foreign women would now better. but alas, they are falling for the " ALL MEN ARE PREDATORS" TRAP. maybe its the area of l.a. i am in.

some foreign women do drop their guard when i talk to them. and they actually chat with me. they enjoy the flirting too. ultimately it is very hard to get a date with them here in the states. because again, they get bombarded with men.

they are totally totally different in their own country though that is for sure. the foreign women here in the states are very social, friendly, open people by nature. i can tell. but they want to make sure your "SAFE" before proceeding. again depending on how good the area is.

Posted: December 13th, 2010, 12:22 am
by BellaRuth
I saw a documentary about America (by an American) not long ago comparing the news shown there to other countries. The news in America is apparently very focused on America alone as a country and encourages fear above all else. It whips up paranoia about crime in the area, crazy people, etc. If this is true, do you think, this might be a factor?

Here the news is mostly about other countries, any disasters that have gone on such as earthquakes, gas explosions, and, embarrassingly enough, the weather. It was snowing here recently and it was like 24 hour snow report and pictures of dogs falling in icy lakes and people getting them out. So even out of Western countries I think American news is pretty fearmongering.

Major news stories right now off top of my head- a popular television series, the cold weather, student protests against rising university costs... nothing too scary really.

The scariest people covered are 'the youth' in big cities in gangs with knives. The nice chap next door is still a nice chap- he's not seen as a potential psycho. But if the news was constantly feeding you the message that he could be, wouldn't you be wary of others?

Perhaps there's something to be gained by breaking people up socially...

Posted: December 13th, 2010, 12:38 am
by ssjparris

yes yes yes exactly. i was thinking that maybe these ladies are listening to the american news when they get here. they have negative stories about how some man that feel in love with a lady and then killed her. or male stalkers are on the loose. or an abusive father beat his wife and kids. you get the point. it is all paranoia. just like you said. plus i think the foreign women are listening to paranoid american women. they believe what their american family is telling them about men in the area. so when american family members tell their foreign female cousin that " if a man asks you were you live then he is out to hurt you...or...if he asks you for your number be wary."

yes there most definitely is something to gain out of breaking people up socially. it is easy to control people if they are divided among each other.

if i did not know any better i probably would be scared. although that is being gullible to believe every guy on the street is a potential attacker. but i am aware NOT to watch the news here in america. it is just fear mongering just like you said.

in fact i warned a facebook friend from italy that if she comes here to the states she won't like it. some things she will like but mostly the men approaching her and the fear crap going about in america.

yeesh. i can't wait to get out of the country. bellaruth you amaze me. your very intelligent, easy going, and you don't take anything i said personally. can't wait to go to britian. i have good views about you gals now. oh and yes the bad boy image is okay. what is important is that you gals like nice guys really. HA.

Posted: December 13th, 2010, 12:47 am
by BellaRuth
ssjparris wrote: so when american family members tell their foreign female cousin that " if a man asks you were you live then he is out to hurt you...or...if he asks you for your number be wary."
As a girl you do feel quite vulnerable, naturally. If I went to America and someone told me to be wary of men talking to me I'd think, 'what the hell?' I'd be really concerned about the new social laws there, even as a Westerner! So maybe you can't blame them. In most other countries people don't say things like that to you. I was always told to not walk around by myself in dark alleys at 3am, to get into marked taxis, etc., but never 'be scared of men talking to you'. Men are just people, and a lot of the ones I know are just out to be friendly and even help me out.

Regarding men in the news- we get the odd man killing his wife and kids for instance, but mostly people are shocked and saddened and often cover what might have caused the tragedy rather than just saying 'evil bastard'. And we get coverage of women too, there's been some women killing their children or harming them, and if anything I'd say they attract the most outrage. They certainly don't get ignored or watered-down.
yeesh. i can't wait to get out of the country. bellaruth you amaze me. your very intelligent, easy going, and you don't take anything i said personally. can't wait to go to britian. i have good views about you gals now. oh and yes the bad boy image is okay. what is important is that you gals like nice guys really. HA.
I dunno. I'm reluctant to have inspired you to come here as men moan about Britain too. We have a big drinking culture, problems wih obesity and lack of femininity. But I still think the problems are mostly confined to the very lower classes and aren't as extreme as in the States. And we do have major differences, obviously, as we are different cultures with different histories, so I just point out the differences I see. And it is a great place to go on holiday to. If you ever come here, write about it!

As for me- you haven't offended me yet so how could I take anything you say personally? ;) thanks for the compliments though.

Posted: December 13th, 2010, 12:55 am
by ssjparris
yes it is very clever mind control. i don't know if you believe it. but women need men to protect them it is natural part of life. so when you here crazy stories of men (protectors ) harming women. it will make the females feel vulnerable because all the men that are supposed to protect them are out to attack them. :shock:

i will go to britian and really see what it is all about. i know i can't meet you gals in public i would have to do that in clubs. thank you for sharing. people do moan about it. so maybe i should go or shouldn't go. HA.

Posted: December 13th, 2010, 2:12 am
by globetrotter
Why stay in America?

Posted: December 13th, 2010, 2:27 am
by aozora13
Globetrotter, I am in the same boat as ssjparis. Currently, even when having some job experience and studying to get certifications in IT, it is hard to think of the options of actually being able to work in another country for decent pay beyond teaching. I know that I am not a good teacher (from past experience) and the fact that that other than teaching there seems to be very little I can do right right now to get ahead.

I believe that you were into teaching correct?

Posted: December 13th, 2010, 3:08 am
by ladislav
How do you know that they were 'foreigners' and not US citizens?

This is the point I was making. Actually two points:

1) Do not confuse foreigners with immigrants/ permanent US residents. Foreigners are visitors or expat workers. Immigrants came to live. Those who have accepted US citizenship are Americans according to the US Constitution and factually.
2) Many are scared sh1tless of strangers, the way Americans are supposed to be, and/or get hit on by them all the time.
3) Many already have boyfriends and/or may not find you attractive compared to oodles of guys who hit on them in LA all the time. I mean like thousands of would be actors and models of whom there are dime a dozen.

You were lucky she did not call the cops and have you arrested.

Another peculiarity about the US culture that I have noticed is:

The "where are you from" question. In most countries it refers to your place of residence and what nationality you hold. Say, that woman with an accent. Let's say she immigrated to Los Angeles decades ago, she bought a house and she accepted the US citizenship. She has a Ca driver license and an address in Ca. She no longer lives in her old country. All ties with her old country have been abolished except for the accent. So, logically, would not you say that she is from Los Angeles now?

For example I was born in Ukraine, but I am not "from" there. I left, or my family was basically ethnically cleansed out of there when I was 4. I do not have citizenship, passport, address, or any kind of documents from there. Gee, I do not even have a birth certificate from there. I tried to get some kind of residency there but they said I need to apply for a visa first. I do not speak the language there well, either, so I would have to take classes and go through the same procedures as African students do. So, in Ukraine they say that I am" from" America. That I was born there means jack sh1t. They call me a foreigner and ask me to fill out cards as a foreigner when I arrive. So, what am I going to say when people ask me "where I am from"?

When I was in the Philippines now I applied for a driver license and an alien registration card and they put in big letters: "nationality USA" on both of them.

That lady you talked to, she may have been as American as you, may have sworn in for US citizenship at a big ceremony in LA, held a US flag in her hand, was told that she is an American now and she left her past behind. To all people in her old country she is an American now, too. She will arrive on a US passport when she goes there. She has a US address and is a US citizen. So, why would people still treat her as if she is not from here? Just because of an accent? Nothing in the US Constitution says anything about that. All people born or naturalized in the US are US citizens, am I right? Such is the law of the land. So, see how disappointing this can be when after all the study for citizenship and all the ceremonies and all the pride, you again have someone walk up to you with the well meaning "Where are you from?" meaning you are still a "foreigner".

Let us read our Constitution again:

U.S. Constitution: Fourteenth Amendment

Section. 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.

So, see, she may have been another American, as American as you and she may have wanted to be treated as such.

At what time in life does the "where are you from" begin to refer to your legal nationality and where you make your home rather than some distant origin?

This is one of the reasons why US culture does not really allow people to assimilate and then there are complaints that it is the immigrants do not want to assimilate.

Posted: December 13th, 2010, 4:11 am
by ssjparris
@ ladislav those points are good but super duper exaggerated. i have lived here in LA for a long long time. i can tell if they are foreign or not. Most hespanic ladies hthat live here for decades are older if they come from mexico or south america. i was talking to young hot south american / mexican women whom were visiting for the holidays. there aren't any young women here from other hespanic countries with a heavy accent that have been living here forever. and are drop dead gorgeous to boot.

the pretty attractive women of hespanic countries just are nowhere to be found here in LA. only ugly unattractive hispanic women from other countries live here.

the women i refer too in my first post where young gorgeous with no bitchiness about them. they were definitely paranoid i can tell they just recently got here because of their accent and their youthfulness too.

the first one just could not tell me where she came from she kept insisting LA. even though her accent was heavy and hespanic. so she definitely does come from another country. otherwise she would have had an american accent like all the others. she is paranoid if she can't tell you.

I doubt they would call the police. they have not been here long enough to know they can take advantage of the laws here to stop a predator :lol:

Posted: December 13th, 2010, 6:40 am
by ladislav
Sorry, I overreacted. Well, I guess they may already have contacts with other men.

Posted: December 14th, 2010, 9:08 pm
by tradcom
I believe you can get Ukrainian citizenship based on the fact that you were resided there prior to the collapse of the Soviet Union, although proving it would be quite difficult without documents.

Even immigrants without an obviously non-American accent (such as Canadians) can be treated as foreigners, since they have different experiences due to previously living in different countries.